mini skein

This vanilla sock is practically knitting itself! The gorgeous self-striping yarn is #sutherlandsock by @caledoniadyeworks I really liked having the option to add a mini skein for toes and heels. Because I’m a little bit sad, I started tagging my sock projects on Ravelry this morning (every now and again, my internal administrator breaks free and categorises stuff). It’s 16 months since I cast on my first pair of socks. I have completed 37 pairs and have 2 pairs on the go. The first 5 pairs were cuff down, using the excellent tutorials by @winwickmum Since I started knitting toe-up socks I have used the #fishlipskissheel 15 times, and #sockmaticianstoeups by @sockmatician 15 times. 29 pairs were vanilla socks, but I’m starting to experiment more with patterned socks. I have knitted 24 pairs for me, 6 for Jamie, 5 for Himself, and 2 pairs as gifts. On average, I complete a pair of socks every 2 weeks. I don’t know if I should be impressed 👏👏👏 or horrified 😱😱😱 #knittersofinstagram #knitting #operationsockdrawer


Trying out some mini skeins from Unplanned Peacock Studio.

The darker blue-gray is merino/silk; the bright blue, red, pale yellow-green, and pastel rainbow skeins are merino/silk/stellina. (The sparkle of the stellina is more obvious in the lighter colors.) These were shipped randomly, so the colors were a surprise to me, too. ^^

The lavender-pink-gray skein was a freebie (!!) and is alpaca/silk/cashmere. Obviously, it’s beyond luxurious. Colorwise, it’s similar to my earlier Rainy English Garden socks. This time I’ll probably do an SD size, and maybe make them a giveaway/drawing pair, if that would interest anyone…