mini skein

This vanilla sock is practically knitting itself! The gorgeous self-striping yarn is #sutherlandsock by @caledoniadyeworks I really liked having the option to add a mini skein for toes and heels. Because I’m a little bit sad, I started tagging my sock projects on Ravelry this morning (every now and again, my internal administrator breaks free and categorises stuff). It’s 16 months since I cast on my first pair of socks. I have completed 37 pairs and have 2 pairs on the go. The first 5 pairs were cuff down, using the excellent tutorials by @winwickmum Since I started knitting toe-up socks I have used the #fishlipskissheel 15 times, and #sockmaticianstoeups by @sockmatician 15 times. 29 pairs were vanilla socks, but I’m starting to experiment more with patterned socks. I have knitted 24 pairs for me, 6 for Jamie, 5 for Himself, and 2 pairs as gifts. On average, I complete a pair of socks every 2 weeks. I don’t know if I should be impressed 👏👏👏 or horrified 😱😱😱 #knittersofinstagram #knitting #operationsockdrawer

tomorrow alfie:

  • ellen is going to wakeup call you at ass oclock
    • please try not to be awful about it and actually do get up. please don’t be a shithead about this.
  • put teen vogue, deo, flask, in your backpack
    • maybe also flipflops ?
    • TAKE THAT CAN OF TUNA OUT OF YOUR BACKPACK you won’t eat it and it’ll
    • doublecheck that purse you wore for purim to see if there’s anything crucial in there i know it’s where the flask is but jic
    • bring 1 glasses case and your glasses and sunglasses
    • don’t forget to pack your water bottle bitch!! hydrate!
  • look @ your knitting box and see what you can easily and effectively pack
    • take down a couple of the mini skeins, maybe one or two of the bigger circ needles and dpns - do you want to make another hat?
    • plan: all your white and red marled threat in a bag, your 24″ dpns (8 & 10), your 8&10 size dpns. possibly also your LITTLE bag with the miniskein projects and sock dpns and notions in it?
  • you can probably drop by mail services @ 8ish?  if the shuttle’s running? maybe the blue room is open with union workers?
  • get a coffee you will NEED one
  • maybe try to last-minute find your phone recharger and a microusb wire
  • YOUR CANE HAS YOUR WALLET ON IT AND ALSO YOU’RE GOING TO GO EXPLORING? you’re going to need it. don’t forget your cane.