mini sharks

The Mini Paper Doll Commission for Azir! Its his Sharksona, Azir in his adorable paper doll glory :’D I did something very special for his mouth and the bottom jaw can move! I’ll be touching him up a bit more along with making some accessories for him. I hope you love how he came out Azir! I bet Blue Hawaii is excited to have a paper doll friend to be around

It only took a million years but since Machete already has his own custom blanket we thought it was high time to get Knives one of her own. Back in like…the beginning of the year.😛 So OK, production takes an eternity and there is no customer service to speak of but damn if this isn’t an amazing and soft-as-hell blanket! I kinda want it for myself!😂 But they did an amazing job capturing the ladybaby at her finest. The detail is amazing and it is so soft I want to roll on it forever. Knives seems pleased, too. #PrincessSpoiledBun #knivesthecorgi