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taking the team concept seriously😂 (every team into its own world)

You’ve heard of h20vanoss? Well prepare your anuses for; the entire banana bus crew being in a huge gay polyamorous relationship.


Introducing a new member of the mermaid squad: my lilac haired sparkler (everything about her sparkles subtly under lights ✧_✧)

She’s currently listed in my etsy shop along with her red-haired friend, and I’m working on a potential king neptune mini bottle for next week :)

One Shot Prompt List

These are the same prompts as my other tumblr so no I didn’t steal them. So if you wanna request a one shot within the BBS fandom, message me the # of the prompt and who is who. 😇

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1. Person A works in a coffee shop and Person B is lactose intolerant but comes in every day and orders coffee to talk to Person A.

2. Person A sketches when bored and on the subway home Person B falls asleep on their shoulder and they end up sketching them, Person B wakes up but doesn’t move as they watch Person A sketch them.

3. Person C’s POV watching Person A and B flirt everyday for a few years.

4. Person A is apart of a gang and runs into Person B in a club and buys them a drink, the opposite gang comes in and Person A blindly rescues Person B realizing now they were stuck with them.

5. Person B and C have to fake date because of Person B’s parents, cue Person A getting jealous and forcing Person D to fake date them, though Person D has no idea what’s going on.

6. Harry Potter AU. Person A is Slytherin, Person C is Hufflepuff, and Person B is Gryfindor. Person C has to help Person A ask B to the Yule Ball.

7. Person B is the professors art helper and Person A accidentally went to the wrong class (art class) but by God is this helper cute I’ll take the F in Physics to stay here.

8. Person A sleep talks and Person B can never get enough of what they have to say, having small conversations to black mail them with.

9. Person B makes flower crowns and Person A always wakes up from their Math class nap with one on their head and is the only one who doesn’t know who’s putting them there.

10. Person A is having a cookout with their younger cousins and Person B’s dog eats their food so now you have to take me and my family out for dinner to make it up.


11. Person A and B work together to get Person C dressed for a date, though they’re secretly jealous, but jokes on them because Person C is dressing up to take A and B out.

12. Person B falls asleep during movie night and wakes up cuddled between A and C and has no idea what to do.

13. Person C is in love with the cute couple that has a date in the cafè every Friday evening and is always their server, until one day they invite C to join them.

14. 1920’s AU, Person A and C run a speakeasy and Person B is the famous flapper that infatuated everyone - especially A and C.

15. Person A wants to surprise their date mates and adopts a dog, Person B wants to surprise their date mates and adopts a cat, Person C wants to surprise their date mates and adopts a bird. Chaos ensues.

16. Person A is sick and B is over the top mother hen while C will kick their leg and go “You dead yet?”

17. Person C is a famous makeup artist on YouTube, Person B is a famous YouTube gamer and A is their adorably awkward date mate who they do makeup and play games with on camera.

18. Halloween party - Person A goes as Wonder Woman because they love the movie and support strong female main characters - Person B and C dress up as Batman and Superman and can’t stop gawking.

19. Person A and B are on the soccer team and C has no idea about sports but goes all the way out to support their date mates.

20. Person C shaves their legs and keeps making people feel how soft, wearing shorts and skipping around while A and B are dying because of how beautiful C is.


21. Person A and B meet C and D at laser tag and B kisses D in the dark thinking they’re their s/os. Cue chaos and after resolving the tension all four go out for milkshakes after.

22. Person A writes, B paints, C designs and D bakes. They have enough money for a one bedroom apartment and have to work through a lot of hardships together.

23. Soul Mate AU. The last thing you hear your soul mate say is tattooed on you. Person A has three quotes. Person B’s quote, “I’m just running to the store.” Person C’s quote, “We’ll be alright.” Person D’s quote, “If someone kicked and their foot flew off that would be beyond alarming.”

24. Vampire AU. Person A, C and D are vampires and tell B after years of dating. Cue non-stop Twilight jokes.

25. Pride Parade, A wears gay pride, B wears bi pride, C wears trans and pan pride, D wears ace pride while hitting drunk haters with their sign that reads “Viva La Love, Fuck You”.

26. Person D is sad and slightly drunk so A, B and C watch Harry Potter with them and listen as Person D rambles about the differences between the books and the movies.

27. Person C goes shopping for clothes to wear to the annual ball and accidentally spend all their spending money on cute couples merch, cue A, B and D having to figure out how to get C to look like they didn’t just roll out of Hot Topic.

28. Child AU. Person A tries to eat the sand from the sandbox, Person B gets stuck on top of monkey bars, Person C somehow finds a liter of stray cats, Person D keeps stealing candy from the other parents, Person E wishes they got paid more to babysit these little demon children.

29. Person B is sad they can’t all legally get married, so A, C and D throw an in-prompt-to wedding with their friends and family.

30. Prom AU. Person C buys a really, really nice outfit they want to wear to prom but hasn’t been asked. A, B and D buy color coded outfits and surprise C with a limo, dinner and tickets to prom.

Thoughts On... A Baby on Mystreet

Garroth: I got a sun!

Kawaii~Chan: I got a cat!

Aphmau: I got a sea bunny!

Zane: I got… a skull? Really? A skull decal on a baby onesie? I’m past my emo phase! Welp, I guess I’ll just roll with it.


June 5th: Sea/Stars

When Shiro had first run into Lance during his nightly check of the castle, he was honestly surprised. He’s run into the other three before, but never Lance, the Blue Paladin was almost always out cold when Shiro would check the rooms. He had gone to question why the younger paladin was awake when he had simply brushed past Shiro, a tired glint in his eyes. It had confused the Black Paladin and he had confronted Lance about it during breakfast, but he had just brushed it off as being tired and apologized.

The second time, he noticed the Blue Paladin heading for the hangers and curiosity got the best of him, leading Shiro to follow his friend. He was silent as he watched him enter Blue’s hanger. He heard movement, her the thunk her head made against the ground when the lions would lower their heads to let them in through their maw. Next thing he knew, he was looking in to find Lance taking off in Blue. The next morning, the Cuban seemed tired, but he kept up the cheerful persona he usually had around the others. Shiro hadn’t questioned him that time because he didn’t want to upset Lance by telling him he followed him.

The third time, he had actually convinced Lance to let him walk with him. The younger paladin had hesitated at first, an unsure look in his eyes, but Shiro had promised it would be fun and for some reason, he believed him. It actually did end up being fun in the end. The two had gone to the observation deck to look at the stars and Lance would point out star formations Coran had taught him about. By the end of the night, Lance was positively beaming and for some odd reason, it made Shiro feel all warm in fuzzy inside.

This ended up being a nightly routine, the two of them going to the observation deck and observing the stars. It was nice, but Shiro was still confused as to why exactly Lance was staying up every night. He ended up letting the question slip and the other had grown silent before simply stating he didn’t like the dreams about Earth being destroyed. After that, Shiro found himself worrying about Lance more than he had before and it actually managed to make the Blue Paladin laugh with how the leader would hover sometimes.

As the two grew closer, their conversations varied and often ended either on a serious note or a lighthearted one, never in between. Before either of them knew it, they’d be pressed close to each other, Lance’s head resting on Shiro’s every night as they spoke. On more than one occasion. the nineteen year old had fallen asleep on his friend’s shoulder and it made a fuzzy feeling bubble up in Shiro’s chest each time. He’d carry the other to his room and on one night, he had even leaned down and pressed his lips against Lance’s forehead softly before quickly leaving.

One night, Lance had grabbed Shiro’s hand and tugged him in the opposite direction of the observation deck. He had been confused at first, but didn’t question it, smiling softly at the excited glint in the other’s eyes. The teen had ended up leading him to Blue’s hanger, ushering him inside when her large maw dropped open to let them in. The flight had been all but silent except for the random burst of excitement that would leave the Blue Paladin that pulled soft chuckles from the older male.

“Okay, Shiro, I need you to close your eyes for me.” Lance looked back at the other, a small grin on his face. Shiro quirked a brow slightly, three words on the tip of his tongue, but he quickly swallowed them down.

“Alright?” He smiled slightly before letting his eyes slip shut, hands tightening on the back of the pilot’s seat. Lance leaned back and he could feel his hair against his flesh knuckles. He hadn’t really thought it through when he reached his hand out to gently play with his hair, though it seemed to pull a content noise from the Blue Paladin, so he didn’t stop. They rode in silence once more, the only sounds being Lance’s soft hums when Shiro played with his hair.

“Okay, step back for a moment.” The teen stood and moved so he was standing next to the Black Paladin. He gently took hold of his hand and tugged him closer before pretty much manhandling him until he was sitting in the pilot’s seat.

“Can I open my eyes yet?” Shiro snorted when he felt a finger boop his nose, leaning back in the seat slightly.

“Patience, Shiro. Can’t ruin the surprise.” Lance smiled at the other before looking forward, watching as he let Blue pilot herself. He waited until she was right where he wanted her, waiting until she landed on the small planet he had discovered that seemed almost abandoned, before turning to Shiro slightly. “Okay, open them.”

The Black Paladin slowly opened his eyes and froze at the sight. In front of him, the sky was a vibrant hues of violets and blues. The stars stood out like splatters of paint against a canvas, shining brilliantly. He was awed by the sight, the colors swirling together so beautifully. When he was finally able to tear his gaze away from the sky to look at Lance, grey eyes met blue. Lance had just been staring down at him, a soft, gentle smile on his face as he observed the different looks that flickered across the older male’s face.

“Lance, this is beautiful.” Shiro breathed out, a smile spreading across his face. Lance chuckled softly before looking away slightly, a hand coming up to rub the back of his neck.

“I, uh…found this place a while back when I couldn’t sleep. I thought it was beautiful and I thought that maybe you would like it?” There was a shy smile on his face now and it warmed the team leader’s heart. He raised his galra hand and gently took hold of Lance’s hand, intertwining their fingers.

“I love it, Lance.”


• Photography: fanored
• Cosplayer: maysakaali

Yuudachi ( 夕立 ) from “Kantai Collection” (艦隊これくしょん)

This was a last moment cosplay! I was going to the beach so I wanted some KanColle girl! Yuudachi is cute (and she has an easy clothing) so from my fabric collection, I found everything for her and I made all the cosplay in a few days ^__^