mini rock garden


Euphorbia obesa, Astrophytum asterias (left), 9 months.
Lophophora williamsii (right), 11 months.

My window sill was getting pretty crowded with little pots in different shapes and sizes, so I decided to save a little space by making a succulent desert landscape in an old bonsai pot. All of the seedlings and bigger plants in the pot have fairly similar needs, so everything should be fine for the next couple of years.

Overwatch shared house Headcanons

so I was inspired by @inspector-starfish to do massive post about all of the over watch charters living in a house together. so with out further a due here we go

first off all of the charters rooms 

  • Tracer:  her room is probably moderately messes with just cloths and maybe a few comics books spread around everywhere. SO MUCH ENGLISH JACK STUFF EVERYWHERE. like the bed sheets, the pillows, the wall paper all English jack. she also probs has a poster by Amelia Earhart on her wall.
  • Genji: he has a very simplistic bedroom with swords hung on the wall and Japanese sayings hung all over the walls. probably burns incense too and most likely has a big ass dragon panting above his bed. his room is spot less.
  • pharra: kinda mess but not to bad more of organized clutter. she has mission reports over every surface of her desk also a bunch of tools so she can work on her armor when needed. she refuse to work on it in the garage because torbjorn or junkrat might try and make “improvements to it
  • solider 76: you would expect a nice clean military room and you would bee right if he was about 20 years younger. no his room has pulse rifle rounds scattered around the room. the bed is probably never made. probably has a captain america poster on his wall and picture of him and reaper before everything went to shit. 
  • mcree:  his room is filed with western movie memorabilia. like a broke back mountain poster, or like 10 posters of Owen Wilson from any movie he was a cowboy in. probably throws his clothes everywhere and probably practices his aim in his room to so there is like a dozen soda cans with bullet holes on his floor. 
  • bastion: dosent technically need a room but he gets one any way because why not. the windows are always open and their are so many bird feeders and potted plants. there is always at any given time like 6 birds in his room.
  • she has a mini box tv in her room with a game cube, ps1 and sega that she alternates through. she has posters of anime all over her room . so many chip bags and soda bottles cover the floor you cant walk in there with out making noise.
  • hanzo: probably has dragons and wolves painted all over the walls. has a bunch of bows hung on the wall like genjis swords. he probably has a dragonnite and garydose plushie got for him laying on his bed. he also has a incenses burner in his room
  • junkrat and roadhog: so they originally had rooms right next to each other until the broke the wall down, destroying that security deposit.they are used to sleeping where they can see each other out in the outback and cant sleep well otherwise. their room is covered with empty bomb canisters and scrap metal. it smells like gasoline at all times. it probably has at least on poster of crocodile Dundee in it.
  • lucio: full sound board and dj set. has posters of every famous band or artist from journey to vaporwave. has pet frog that me loves named mc rabbit or something equally cheesy. the actual folds his cloths nicely but the never get put away
  • mei: a very nice light blue room with a huge polar bear stuffed animal by the side of her bed.  lots of clutter every were most of it just soft blankets and notes. has a cute little bed for snowball her weather changing drone.
  • mercy: the prettiest most immaculate room in the house. its painted a pretty light yellow and has pictuers of everyone on the team hung up on the walls. she has a little window herb garden that she takes care of and a Russian blue cat  who only loves her. 
  • reaper: think of the most edgy emo bedroom you can think of. now times that by like 100 thats reapers room. there are shotguns all over the floor and he painted his only window black. he a metalic poster and blasts their music to annoy 76
  • reinhart: so many suites of armor and swords. probably has a record player that he only has one album he listens to. its a rush album. probably has a lion plushie thought he would like. he loves it . pretty tidy actually 
  • symmetra: so much order. everything has a place and it must be in that place. her room is really clean except her desk which is covered with schematics.
  • trobjorn: his has a blue prints everywhere. even the walls are blue prints. only Ikea products   his in his room . nothing else
  • winston: his room is probably has a mini lab in it and tire swing. peanut butter jars and day old banana peels are every where. also probably has every plant of the apes movie
  • zarya: weight her room is full of weights. she has medals from all her weight lifting contests. she has  posters of other strong females like Ronda rosey. 
  • zenyatta: has a mini rock garden and a bonzi tree. dosent need to sleep so he just has a mediation mat.
  • widowmaker:  very Victorian Gothic style of room. like it very nice but also cold as hell in there and for some reason smells like blood.

okay time for some additional random head canons that happen in this chaotic  house hold

  • every Saturday is movie night and each week they draw out of a hate to deiced who gets to choose the movie. everyone complains if its 76 or junkrat because they all know they are going to watch either a war movie or a mad max movie. 
  • reaper likes scare people at night by going wraith from and making ghost noises . it never works
  • mercy and bastion have a nice little garden they take care of together. it has flowers, herbs and blueberrys
  • roadhog and Reinhardt leave their weapons every where because they just forget about them.
  • symmtrera hiding all of junkrats explosives when roadhog is out on a mission because road hog is like all of that kids impulse control
  • 76 being a dad and makeing all they younger heros clean their rooms and do the dishes chores and stuff
  • 76 and reaper fighting over who mows the lanw
  • torbjorn just dose it
  • .pharra and widowmaker often fight over the last piece of cake while tracer is the one that eats it while watching them fight
  • zenyetta try to get the team to meditate with him it dosent work.
  • mcree smoking all the time zarya actually crushed all his cigars he had on him at one point.
  • hanzo genji and playing Pokemon together
  • mei and luico listing to music together

thats everything for now there is bound to be more maybe most likely