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The TFA Lost Light AU continues, with some things I took terrible phone photos of earlier and some new stuff! In order, tho;

Minimus is going to blow a fuse trying to keep this ship in order. Rodimus here isn’t quite as INCREDIBLY foolhardy and desperate as IDW Rodimus, but he’s still got a real snap-decision streak and a tendency to say “eat the rule off my aft”. Also, to be fair, he -tried- to get rid of Cyclonus but Cyclonus wouldn’t leave him alone so now they might as well keep him.

As for why Cyclonus is here? He needs Rodimus to survive if his future is to happen; even though history has already changed considerably and he’s slowly growing more and more unsettled because oh god what if he has no future to go home to. Still won’t talk about it, tho. Pisses Rodimus off.

TAILGATE. They found him in a closet! Kinda dusty. V. old. Needed new batteries, so to speak, but he’s the fuckin’ cutest little trashbot ever! Not 100% on his design yet, but I’ll mess with that a little later- there’s a lot to tinker with. He’s confused, old, and charming tho. Also take a look at that young Ultra Magnus. DREAMBOAT.

Perceptor is basically Decepticon Catnip”. Nobody’s sure what it is but damn, that scientist just attracts Decepticons like nobody’s business! Drift and Brainstorm (still unsure what to do with Brainstorm, or how to work in his Decepticon past/whatever/ugh) sometimes make him wonder if he should’ve deleted all his ability to feel emotions, as opposed to most of it. He can certainly still get irritated when they insist on monopolizing his time when he’s trying to work.

HEY if you wanna do anythign in this AU or using these designs go ahead! I’d love it if you tagged it #TFA Lost Light AU or shoot me a message, tho, because I’m so thirsty for this thing I’ve made. So thirsty.

In honor of Daisy's birthday: what do the agents get Daisy for a present?

Mack: bakes a cake- chocolate, and covered in frosting daisies. When his hand-frosted daisies turned out looking like winged potatoes, he has Jemma help…

May: since all she and Daisy wear are black leather jackets, she gets her a vintage-style brown one. With hidden pockets. And a long pocket in the sleeve that conceals knives. And a space in the collar for a strangling wire.

Hunter: since got stereotyped as the “Brit” on the team, he sends a stuffed corgi wearing a British flag. She doesn’t complain.

Bobbi: sends her a framed black and white photo of all of the agents on a day off when they were being dorks. It’s the only picture where everyone looks decent- Fitz didn’t get the memo that it was serious and is cross-eyed.

Fitz: makes her an impressively realistic robot mini poodle. It’s official name is M.A.B.B.I.C., acronym for Monkeys Are Better But I’m Cuter. Simmons insisted that Fitz should never be allowed to name things, but Daisy named him Mabbi anyway.

Simmons: gets her a pretty silver charm bracelet with symbols that represent everyone on the team. A Daisy for her, axe for Mack, skull for May, bird for Bobbi, British flag for Hunter, monkey for Fitz, teacup for Simmons, and a Cap Shield for Coulson. Daisy says it is the weirdest charm bracelet she’s ever seen, but wears it almost everywhere.

Coulson: gets her a necklace with a tiny daisy pendant. He was afraid she wouldn’t like it, and even considered just not giving it to her. Little did he know that she would never take it off.

And, after some serious talking down by May, he removes the parental lock on her Netflix.


Toyota has launched in the palm-sized Kirobo Mini companion robot at the CEATEC electronics show currently under way in Tokyo. The Kirobo Mini features anime-style design with a mouth and eyes that light up when it interacts with humans. It’s can mimic some of the expressions and motions of a human baby, as it’s able to bobble, blink, gesture, and move its head and arms. If the device is connected via Bluetooth to the accompanying smartphone app, the Kirobo Mini is also able to interpret standard spoken Japanese and converse with people. Over time, the robot learns about its owner’s preferences, and can remember where they’ve travelled to together. With the aid of a built-in camera, it can determine a person’s mood through their facial expressions, and tailors its interactions to suit. In an interview with Reuters, Fuminori Kataoka, the robot’s chief design engineer, said that Kirobo Mini “wobbles a bit, and this is meant to emulate a seated baby, which hasn’t fully developed the skills to balance itself — this vulnerability is meant to invoke an emotional connection”. The robot weighs 183 grams and is about 10cm tall when seated. It is designed to operate at home, on foot, and in the car, and is available with a tiny little seat that’s designed to fit inside a car’s cupholder slot.