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(Request) Heaven in Hell

Title: Heaven in Hell

Characters: Negan x You/Reader

Requested by: Anon

Could I request a oneshot where during the lineup, Negan says that he’ll spare Glenn & Abe if reader becomes his wife. She agrees wanting to do this for her friends. Once at the Sanctuary and in Negan’s room, reader starts to cry because she is a virgin and afraid. Negan feels bad that he scared her so badly and reassures her that he won’t force her to do anything that night and goes out of his way to make her first time enjoyable?

Warnings: NSFW

Note: So sorry for taking this long to post this! But here’s a smutty yet sweet Negan for you, anon! Hope this won’t disappoint you omg.

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Your mind remained blank during the whole ordeal with the Saviors. As these men captured your people and forced everyone on their knees, you kept calm and obeyed without even retaliating. There was something about the situation that stripped you off of your emotions, of your ability to feel. Or maybe you were just overwhelmed by the fact that this time, there was no escaping the bad guys. Seeing Rick like that for the first time— terrified and just…helpless, spoke volumes. He had always been a fearless leader but now the tables have turned and there was nothing he can do.

Everyone’s cries and gasps from fear grew louder when Negan chose an agonizing way of picking his victim. What used to be such an innocent rhyme turned into a traumatic sound that snapped you out of your reverie. As Negan continued to point his bat at each one of you, you couldn’t help but notice the frightened expressions on your friends’ faces. Tears stained their cheeks, their lips quivered and their bodies shook in fear. They were all afraid of Negan.

And then there was you who had been calm the entire time. You didn’t understand why, but you couldn’t feel anything.

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