mini rapper

Inexpensive Taste [Part 1]

A Min Yoongi Mini Series - struggling rapper AU. 

Warning: Contains heavy smut/ sex. 

A/N: Miyeokguk is a seaweed soup that Koreans eat on their birthdays. 

You scan the lines of your textbook again, a shiver slipping through your skin as you hug the only blanket in your house closer around your body. The highlighter in your hand is tucked against your lip, brow furrowing as you try and get your eyes to focus on the words that you were struggling to absorb.  Although your body is attempting to read, it’s like your brain isn’t an active participant in the activity - the distraction of Yoongi’s lateness home too much stress for you to handle. You allow yourself another glance at the clock next to the couch, it’s digits glowing dimly in the darkness of the trailer you called home. 9:57. An exact 4 minutes since you’d last checked. He was usually home hours before this…  

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baekhyun will have a solo next year…i can feel it in my bones

“I am not famous, or rather, I don’t really want to be famous in the way American media defines a “celebrity” as someone so untouchable that you can’t even “earn” his or her attention—as if that would be moral by anyone’s standards. I just want to make music. I just want to be myself.”


To the girl who thought Mike Brown deserved it…

To the person who thinks all Black people look and act the same

To the white guy who thought All women had more privilege than him because he happened to identify as a homosexual.

To the Man who thinks Iggy Azealia is the greatest rapper ever.

ok so when i was like 8 or 9 my mum had some ferrero rochers lying around on the table and she was in the kitchen at one point and couldn’t see what i was doing so i thought to myself ‘hey, i’m gonna try one of these gold circles that look tasty and hope to god she doesn’t notice’

so i take one of these goddamn ferrero rochers behind my poor mothers back and take a bite out of it and my immediate reaction is Nope Nope Nope, and instead of doing the right thing and coming clean about my criminal ferrero rocher theft, no no, i instead thought to myself

‘i can fix this’

SO THEN THERE’S ME, just going into our goddamn bathroom with some goddamn superglue and the half eaten fererro rocher and the part i spat out, the wrapper crumpled and the little brown mini cupcake thing IN my hands, and i go to TOWN literally SUPERGLUING this freaking fererro rocher mess back together, gluing the sweet together, gluing the wrapper back together, gluing the mini brown rapper to the goddamn bottom of the GODDAMN FERRERO ROCHER (!!!) not even considering that this may end up with my mum accidentally eating spit covered superglue, and i’m like ‘ok. ok this is gonna work this is fine, th’

‘this is not fine’ 

I GOT SUPERGLUE ALL OVER MY FREAKING FINGERS!!!! and i was in PANIC MODE and i spent at least like an hour in the bathroom with a nail scrubber brush and hot water desperately trying to get it off my hands, AND THAT MY FRIENDS is why, at nearly 20 YEARS OLD, i am terrified of using superglue, and why i NEVER told my mum about until this ripe age of 19 YEARS OLD. NINETEEN!! LIKE 10 YEARS LATER!! I DIDNT EVEN PUT THE FERRERO ROCHER BACK I JUST THREW IT IN THE BIN IN MY PANIC