mini rant

Love how ant!s try to debunk reylo at all costs with no evidence on their side writing all these long ass posts. They try too hard I think that it’s laughable. Also, they’re calling out grown women who enjoy shipping by not having lives or not taking care of their families.. like bitch I’ve been shipping for years now and I do take care of my family, personal life, and professional life. Leave those bs stereotypes behind. Shipping is just for fun and there’s no age to police others on what to ship or not. Swear these people take it eveything too seriously 😒

Why can’t black girls have a happy teen movie for once? Something bad always happens whether it be depression, teen pregnancy, death, fighting, bullying, drug abuse, or heartbreak in the worst way. Teen black girl movies are always traumatizing.

When are we gonna get a Clueless, Bring it On, Mean Girls, High School Musical, Wild Child type movie where we are the main character? This goes for other girls of color too.

About social media:  “When you know that fans are not gonna like certain storylines…What’s hard… It hasn’t happened very much but it does happen when you have someone personally attacking your personal life choices, and the fact that I’m not really Nicole, the secret is out. I think sometimes it’s hard because you want people to be super invested… but at the same time, so much of it it’s not our decision…” - Kat Barrell

Remember guys, actors are not their characters! The fact that she needed to address this it’s sad. And please, don’t twist her awesome friendship with Dominique.


this scene right here is solid evidence as to why the new canon star wars films are so hard to grasp for diehard original trilogy fans like myself.

han, luke, and leia loved each other

look how happy they are. you can easily say, oh it’s just the time, they haven’t gone through trauma yet that makes them all depressed and broody in tfa and tlj.

no, no that’s not the point. these three have gone through a lot up to this point and only have more to lose in the future. luke lost his aunt and uncle, his best friend biggs, and his mentor all in the span of 24 hours. leia lost her entire planet. han risked his life for luke and leia and the rebellion despite barely knowing them and all his previous smuggling troubles.

this trio went through one of the most moving and heart-warming character arcs in cinematic history, each of them finding their way through tragedy and horror.

they did this through love and hope. the bond between these three was unbreakable and it lasted through all three films. especially when luke and leia found out they were siblings.

so, how can you take characters that are willing to die for each other, to do everything for each other at the drop of a dime, even when they had first met each other, and split them apart?

the characterization of the ot trio in the new star wars canon is brutal and basically disrespectful to the characters themselves. as if saying despite all the hardships these three went through, it took han and leia’s child to break them apart???

luke, han, and leia have lost family before. they’ve all suffered loss and pain worse than many can imagine and it takes a toll on them mentally. but one scenario is what makes them abandon each other? for han and leia to split and for han to return to smuggling?? for luke to go into exile and now be threatened with a rumor of turning dark??? luke “i am a jedi like my father before me” skywalker???????

it makes no sense in the context of the characters. now, i understand that they’re “older and wiser” and what not, but that doesn’t change your entire personality. luke is still luke, han is still han, and leia is still leia. no matter what happens, they will always be there for each other. because they love each other. there’s nothing more to say than that.

so the next time you hear me or an ot fan complain about the sequels, just know that it’s because our cherished characters were chewed up and spit out to help evolve a new plot. a plot where the end goal is to kill off these “old” characters. these “unimportant” characters. these “sideplot” characters.

i encourage you to really look at the gifs above and tell me again how the sequel trilogy does our golden trio proper justice. cause it doesn’t. and that will always make these new movies uncanon in my heart.

“Why doesn’t my favourite writer post anything anymore?”

Hmm…I don’t know. Maybe it’s because we spend hours, days, sometimes months writing. And what feedback do we get?


Writing is hard. It’s slow, it’s lonely, and it feeds on author/reader communication. If people don’t comment, then why should we spend hours tucked away on our own just to shout into a void? We’re not being selfish, this is the same as artists on here asking for reblogs. If people don’t tell us they like our stuff, why are we going to keep making it?

What I find fun is that only 10% of my coursemates, in a highly regarded writing BA, are male. Yet 75% of our professors are male (you have to be widely published to apply for professorship for starters), over 90% of Nobel literature prize winners are male. Only 2 women have won the best original screenplay Oscar in the last 25 years. 4 have won best adapted screenplay in the same timeframe, 2 of which were co-wins with male writers. I mean fuck, look at Wonder Woman: all five credited writers are men. I’ve been told that if I get published as a novelist, I should consider using a pen name or my initials (like JK Rowling did), that way people aren’t scared off by a woman writing science fiction. I can improve my sales noticeably by tricking people into assuming I’m a man.
When I switched from Engineering into Writing, I was told by so many people that it was a shame because we need more women in engineering. That may be true, but we need more successful female writers too. We need more successful women full stop.

thoughts on fic writers.

as someone who’s been writing fanfiction for a while and who KNOWS that I wasn’t always a good writer, VALIDATE ALL WRITERS AND WRITING.

even if you read a fic that’s underdeveloped. if the writing is weak. if the dialogue is shaky. if maybe the characterization is just a bit off. if it feels rushed.

SAY SOMETHING NICE ANYWAY. tell the author you loved the plot. tell them that one line they wrote was super sweet. tell them you loved the creative alternative approach they took to a prompt.

not everything you read is going to be the best writing you’ve ever read, and that is OKAY. every writer on the planet has room to improve. but publishing your work online, ESPECIALLY when you already know that you’re not the best writer? that takes GUTS. it’s scary.

on my early fics, i received some really sweet validating comments with people telling me what they liked about it, and those were what really encouraged me to keep writing and to keep getting better at writing. i’m far from the best at it still, but i am better than I was because people encouraged me to keep going.


Hamilton is important

It is, you can’t deny it. Lin-Manuel Miranda is a lyrical genius. His rap musical has influenced people even outside of the Broadway community.

But do you know what else is important?

Waitress- a beautiful story of friendship and female empowerment. It has incredible performances night after night.

School of Rock- which has 15 kids under the age of 12 blowing people’s socks off with not only their vocal and acting skills but also the fact that they are actually playing the instruments live each night!!

Bright Star- a bluegrass musical, something that has never happened before, thrilling audiences with its beautiful musical and vocal performances. (I’m so sad it’s closing)

Spring Awakening- which is not only beautifully performed and choreographed but also includes an ENTIRE FREAKING LANGUAGE in it’s performances. Not only that but it also includes the first woman in a wheelchair on Broadway.

Plus so many more; Allegiance, Amazing Grace, Shuffle Along, She Loves Me, Fiddler on the Roof, The Color Purple, Disaster, Tuck Everlasting, On Your Feet and Dames at Sea. (There are so many more I could list)

Hamilton deserved a Tony win what it didn’t deserve was 11 Tony awards.

Broadway this year celebrated so much diversity and love but that was blinded by the bright star that is Hamilton. None of these amazing shows got any (to very little) recognition because everyone was to absorbed with Hamilton.

Too many shows were closed too soon because of the fact that Hamilton’s star burns too brightly.

ALL of theses shows are important, NOT just Hamilton.

[I don’t understand why people are upset over Dr. Wong. She wasn’t trying to be smarter than Rick in any way (nor was that the purpose of her character), but rather she was pointing out valid aspects of Rick’s mindset.

It is important to remember that Rick is a flawed character and he won’t always be able to triumph everyone. He may be smart, but intelligence doesn’t make mistakes impossible! I thought it was essential to have an outside source (Dr. Wong) tell Rick that he isn’t a unsolvable puzzle. That despite all the knowledge Rick contains about the multiverse, he is still human.

This episode was not trying to make Rick look unintelligent by any means, it was meant to dig deeper into Rick’s emotional disconnect towards others.]

Don’t me wrong. I am a super nice person. But if you come at me mean, I’m gonna give what you gave me right back at you. I’m not letting people bully me anymore. It’s time I start sticking up for myself.

i just want to say, dan has a right not to share the whole “week in March” thing

we don’t know what it’s about and for all we know its could be something super duper personal and hard for him to talk about, or it couldn’t and he just is uncomfortable sharing it just yet

give him time, if he wants to put off telling us about it, we NEED to respect him

Do not give any artist grief because of their incomplete work. They have no obligation to finish when they haven’t been paid by you. They don’t owe you anything. Sometimes things end up incomplete, not because they want to spite you, but because artist grow as individuals and move on, temporary or not, from the drive or passion that started their piece. Artists give themselves enough shit for it and they don’t need you to add to that pressure. 

Not everything is for show, and not everything is for you. 

So you can make your own character in Forces.

-insert ‘edgy cringy original the character’ joke here- Cause those jokes are still funny and fresh right? right? Haha look how cool I am using a joke that’s been beaten to death by everyone and their mother, now plz give me lieks.

“Haha, original the cringe recolour is playable in Forces now! Aren’t I hilarious??? Coldsteel and Sonichu hahaa- I’m relevant!”

Can’t wait for people to do this because why bother using jokes that haven’t been beaten to death for the past eight or so years?

Seriously no one really gave a shit when Xenoverse had customizable characters so why should Forces be any different? Oh right, because it’s Sonic and that’s literally the only reason. I’m more than sure if Mario Odyssey announced that it was having character creation no one would even complain and say how amazing it is.

Guys, if Vernon starts getting dragged by people for having fun and being human Imma start snatching weaves. Now who’s with me?

Okay, okay… So I did one of these things on behalf of Elizabeth and Aaron but I decided to watch Kickass again last night because;
A.) My brother has been nagging me to download Kickass 1&2 on my laptop for him
B.)… Aaron Taylor-Johnson.


THESE TWO… Aaron Taylor-Johnson ((left)) AND Evan Peters ((Right)) 





Dude… I think Evan just wanted to be the hero for once and Aaron was like ‘’Nuh-uh bitch! That’s my thing you fucking nerd’’


one thing that I love about Riverdale is how you visibly see how much Veronica appreciates and adores and encourages Betty

Like in the comics Veronica is willing to overlook her friendship with Betty or take advantage of her or hurt her for the sake of a guy but with Riverdale every single episode we see that Betty is her #1 priority and her “forever” and ughh I love strong mutual female friendships