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Koganegawa: the Noob

Honestly. This kid.

Koganegawa is a weird case in the Haikyuu universe since he’s like, the greenest of young bloods. You don’t get that many guys who are new to the game and it’s especially striking since he’s a setter. Most setters function as the control tower, the one that usually formulates the strategies, that makes the plays.

Think of the other notable setters in the series: Akaashi, Suga, Kags, Oikawa, Kenma. They’re all super thoughtful, or at the very least skilled people. They know what they’re doing. And then you have this guy, who has the personality of an overexcited puppy and only a basic grasp of how to play the game.

It really doesn’t help that we meet him at his very first tournament. He’s super nervous, he’s overwhelmed. It’s so bad that half of what Futakuchi tells him doesn’t even register. He’s kindof flailing about and babbling, all while being up against friggin Seijoh, which is the most stable team in the prefecture. Poor boy is screwed but he’s trying, ok?

The great thing about Koganegawa is that what he needs to learn, specifically, is skill. Haikyuu is filled with people who want to grow just a little taller. Hinata, obviously, gets told time and again that his physical appearance is lacking. Yaku has some height issues and even Iwaizumi want to just.. grow (so he can be taller than Oikawa). Koganegawa already has that height, it’s why he’s a starter on the Datekou team in the first place. But at the moment it’s all he has and that is the reason why he sucks. What he needs is to realize height is not everything, which makes it a great move to pair him with someone like Sakunami. Because that kid is the exact opposite of Koganegawa. He’s the calm, stoic, skilled and utterly tiny libero.  He’s Koganegawa’s handler, and I like to imagine that Aone isn’t *just* talking about Hinata when he utters those lines.

One time in Spanish 2 we had to make a mini profile for ourselves (favorite animal, movie, desire, etc) and then our teacher would give it to another student and that student would have to draw something relating to at least two things on the profile. On my profile I mentioned wanting a cure for diabetes and liking Disney and this is what I got:

It’s quite possibly one of the most thoughtful gifts someone’s ever given me to date

mrescorpion360  asked:

Hello, can you please translate Taji's profile from the fourth databook? Page: 210. Thx a lot! Greetings

Oh, the coincidences. I had already translated Taji on my own because of reasons (I liked Hiruzen’s wife like, immediately, so I had to translate Taji as well). Usually I complete requests in the order they were asked, but since it’s already done…

Here, have also a Biwako-san.



nayoung - follow

roa - mystery

yuha - cool

eunwoo - unique

rena - hot

kyulkyung - little lady

yehana - natural

sungyeon - melody

xiyeon - fly

kyla - play!

Being Rossi’s niece and on the team would involve:

  • So much over-protectiveness from pretty much everyone, but mostly Rossi
  • You’re the closest thing he has to a kid, so he will definitely feel responsible for you
  • This involves both keeping you safe from physical harm, and trying to shield from the emotional and mental toll the job takes on people
  • But he’s so proud that you made it onto the team
  • You both partner up a fair amount of the time. You’re a good team
  • At first, Rossi might not trust your judgement. He’d deem you too inexperienced to be able to make good calls. But in time, I have no doubt that he’d trust you with his life
  • The team becomes your family
  • “Rossi Junior”
  • “Mini Rossi”
  • Rossi calls you “mini me”

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Preview of Lara’s redesign, accompanied by a mini profile ♥

All the others are coming during this week!

Saeed Adyani / Netflix

By virtue of his pre-internet fame, and the projects he has chosen over the years, Timothy Olyphant’s fanbase does not immediately reveal itself — we have not traditionally congregated in large numbers on Twitter or Tumblr, though that is slowly changing thanks to his turn on Santa Clarita Diet – but that doesn’t mean we don’t exist. Starting from his beginnings as a savvy and media-literate killer in Scream 2 to his latest work as the absurdly considerate husband of a newly minted zombie wife, Olyphant has been showing us what he’s capable of all along. In a 2012 mini-profile, the New York Times described him as “an actor of rangy grace and wolfish good looks” who had carved out “the career of a man Hollywood isn’t quite sure how to use.” In Santa Clarita Diet, he finally opens up a 10-episode door: Despite more than a decade of playing grim-faced cops and crooks, comedy is truly his natural home, and we shouldn’t let that jawline fool us any longer. The campaign for Timothy Olyphant as comedy actor begins here.

—Bim Adewunmi, “It’s Time To Stop Typecasting Timothy Olyphant,”


as promised here it is an exclusive preview of our mini profile! as you can see there’s five fields relative to the character and only one rectangular gif that resizes, so as long as you choose a rectangular gif you’ll be fine. the avatar size is 200x370. we hope you like it!

IT’S BEEN AWHILE so i decided to give y’all some quick updates!! this skin is nearly done, i just need to finish the rest of the profile + mini profile and do the info bar under the header, but other than that it’s pretty much ready to sell?? i know it’s been a bit but i just wanted to let you guys know that i’m still here <3