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I have an announcement.

Ladies and gents, I have made quiche that could rival Gracia Hughes’.

Also, consider this:

Maes absolutely asked Gracia to learn how to make quiche for the sole purpose of inviting Roy over and then jokingly taking his plate. It turned out really well, and became a Hughes family staple.

colors [jungkook&you]

Summary: Jungkook is blind and you really don’t mind.

a/n: this was supposed to be awesome after i saw this gif, but somehow it turned out to be something else. exdrftgyhuji still hope that you’ll all enjoy it!

It’s one of those blind date conventions whereas you were told to attend because your family dislikes seeing single, though it’s not like you’re going to die forever alone. Nevertheless, no one cares for what you think as they just want themselves to be happy with you off and married at least.


“Cho Minguk.”


“Twenty six.”

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(A/N): I am quite sorry for two things! One: I posted this late. Two:This isn’t an Altair x Reader one-shot,like I promised. But I really think that you guys will like this. Well,I hope so! *fingers crossed*

Title: Welcome Home
Pairing: Ezio x Reader
Kind of Story: One-shot
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Death welcomes her,and soon she welcomes him.
Authoress: Nuts


“Assassino!” You grinned,jogging and jumping from roof to roof with the guards chasing your tail. Heavy footsteps were almost far away,and you chuckled loudly as the guards’ pantings could be heard. You leaped towards the next roof,almost slipping and stumbling towards the brick wall that could almost be your death. Hanging on the edge,you reached out toward the stray brick behind you and climbed up. The long hood hid the devious gleam beneath your (e/c) eyes,and you lips were quirked into a smirk that stated the fun you’ve experienced in the past 14 minutes.

You went to the lower ground,finding the nearest lone haystack and hopped in it. Your actions were almost portrayed like a child,and you giggled as you waited for them to come. You were patient as the footsteps of the guards come near your hiding spot,proving that they’re searching really hard for you. ‘And here they come.’

“Merda! Where is that assassino?!” You assumed the leader of the pathetic pack growled,hearing multiple harsh brushing of fabrics and heavy steps backward. He shoved people away,and they gasped as he ignored their profanties at him. His others fellos follow behind him as they went toward a random direction.

‘Finally!’ You cheered,hopping out of the haystack and brushed strays of hay out of your white outfit. You ignored the weird stares and strangled gasps behind you,weaving your way towards your destination and meeting up with your mentor,also known as your lover,Ezio Auditore da Firenze. You smirked,glancing at the sky and had the thought that he might have been worried at your tardiness for a while. He just sent you a simple assignment—which is killing a rogue in the city of Firenze.

He is quite hard to spot,because of his sparkling jewelery that might’ve been to harsh to your eyes. You did the air assassination method,since he’s just near the catedral. It was easy,you admitted,but it might have caused a bit of attention to you.

You silently went towards the meeting spot,tearing down posters of your own bounty and smirked to see him near a post. He was clean from any blood,which is a good sign to you. And you,however,is a different case.

“Hey there,stranger.” You greeted,pulling down your hood and weavinv out your (h/c) hair. “Hello,il mio amore.” He gave you a small smile,and you gave him a big,fat smirk. “I’ve done it,Ezio.” You boasted. “In a range of 15 minutes or so.” His arm snaked towards your shoulder,and Ezio gave you a sloppy kiss on the cheek,which made you giggle. “So (y/n) could beat me already?” He smirked,nuzzling his nose on your hair and smelled the fresh scent of sweat and roses,the smell he loved the most about you. “Why so much blood?” He asked,lifting a shredded piece of clothing from your robes,and you slapped his hand away and muttered,“That’s nothing,really.”

“I bet I could beat you in a race,then?” You winked,watching as he gave you a devious and all-knowing smile. “Oh amore…You don’t know where you are stepping into.” He crossed his arms,towering your small figure and leaned towards you. “If I win,what is the prize then,amore?”

“Anything.” You whispered,leaning near his face as well,focusing on his lips that quirked into a smirk. “And if you win,(y/n)?”

“I shall do whatever I want.” You smiled,showing your pearly whites and added,“With you,amore.”

“Bring it on then.” He held out his hand,and that wasn’t even the last time you ever held his hand.


“I win,Ezio!”

“I just let you win,amore.”

“Oh really? And you didn’t even bother to cheat?” Your hands settled on your hips,raising a brow as he approached towards your hunched frame. “Oh amore,you really don’t understand.” He shook his head,giving you a kiss on your forehead and hugged you tight. You returned his gesture,humming while rubbing his back.

You watched the sunset in front of you,and you didn’t even realize that Ezio just stared at your eyes that twinkled from the sun’s gleam. His hand grabbed your shoulder,bumping it to his side and watched the sunset with you,together.

It was peaceful,everything became such a fairytale,a dream-like state as Ezio has caught your attention. The orange background in front of both of you was ignored as each stared into each other’s eyes. You touched the stubble on his chin,brushing his cheeks and went towards his thick hair. You massaged his scalp,loving the way he relaxed and leaned into your touch. His eyes became half-lidded as his lips almost hovered over yours,waiting for your submission. Your lips touched his,a touch of spark and you could feel–

Pain. A lot of pain.

“(Y/n)?” You didn’t respond,and focused on the painful throbbing on your body. Your eyes trailed down,and you almost gasped as you saw an outline of an arrow planted on behind your chest,where your heart is. You felt warm…something warm that almost covered your upper body. You became weaker and weaker,your life slowly being sucked away by an invisible force.

“(Y/n)!” Ezio clutched your weak frame,your eyes still as wide as saucers and your right hand shaking as you see blood covering it entirely. “Stay with me,amore!” He gritted his teeth and gently placed you on the rooftop. He prepped his mini-gun and fired it at the guard,whom you assumed shot you from behind while you both were having a really spectacular moment.

Ezio yelled something at you,and you can’t seem to hear it. You could only hear your weak heartbeat,fading away slowly and peacefully. You just smiled and brought your shaky left hand towards his cheek,your index finger and thumb cupping it and rubbed it soothingly,as if your fingers were following a lullaby. “I love you,Ezio.” You croaked,tears brimming and heart nearly stopping. Your vision started blurring,your hearing fading away the noises that made your squirm. It was your final moment to be with Ezio,and you just let everything go once everything just faded away from your eyes. Everything being brushed through your fingertips,and your life as well went along with it.


You could see a figure on the darkness,wearing gold linen and some sparkly decorations on their outfit. You squinted,trying to comprehend the mysterious figure who is approaching you,the slapping of feet on the invisible floor made you shiver for a moment. You see a woman,a beautiful woman with long black hair and beautiful eyes. Your breath almost left out of your lips.

“Hello child.” She greeted warmly,her voice making you become fuzzy and sucked into a dimension of her own soothing voice. You greeted back silently,pursing your lips as curiousity bloomed within you,as well as questions your mind begging you to be answered.

“I am Minerva. One of the First Civilization people who guides stray people towards their glory.” She smiled,reaching out to touch your hand and ball your fists. Warmth rushed through you,streaming towards your upper body and once making you feel warm and human again. “I am the one who is guiding your…partner,Ezio Auditore.” She stated,leading you towards nowhere and began telling you many things that you were supposed to know. These things filled in the purpose of Ezio’s current position,and you now know why his own purpose is also for the world’s good.


“I beg of you,Minerva. I need to see him again!” You cried,pleading at her with such hope that showed beneath your (e/c) eyes. Minerva could only think,deciding whether to consider your request or maybe leaving you alone to watch Ezio thread his life until his has gone out. It was sad,really,but you need to assure him you are fine in the next world,where you could watch him through his adventures,and his later life with someone. You were tempted to just hustle out of the underworld and be with him again,as if nothing ever happened in the past year you were gone. You’ve been watching him then,and your heart was full of grief,just like his.

He always went towards your grave,speaking in a hushed tone,always having his waterworks ready and flowers ready to wither within time. His words always echo in your head whenever he left your own deathbed,and it brought you tears and another sharp pang of regret. Every day always swiveled by as you went towards your grave in the morning to greet you,do his assignments in the afternoon,then late at night coming towards you again to talk about his whole day.

It made you feel like you wanted to lock away those stray emotions that weren’t even wanted to repeat again. They’ve retired from the afterworld,and yet here they are.

“I shall consider it,(y/n),only in one condition.” Minerva sighed. You nodded,hope sparking inside you and listened to her instructions.

Even though you were impatient to see him,all you wanted is his own happiness again. And so you planned,trying to make everything fine for your next meeting with your amore.


You were invisible when his hand almost touched the Apple. A grim line adorning your worn features,but seeing him in the next moment made you brighten so suddenly. Everything was quiet,and you felt sad as you see the skeleton of the past Grand Assassin in Masyaf,clutching the Apple on his hand that almost fell off when his death arrived. You could almost see his phantom beside Ezio,and you shivered as Altair just smiled at you and disappeared in a wave. Ezio finally held the Apple on his hand,and it grow so bright that even you squinted from the abyss of white.

He looked around from the familiar white atmosphere,and you could see his eyes become more alarmed as he glanced around. You smiled,silently approaching his tall frame.

“Hey there,stranger.”

He suddenly looked behind him,and saw you grinning like an idiot to him. He noticed how much you have changed the past years;your eyes losing its bright glow,your hair becoming a bit dull,and your spirit dimming down slowly. His eyes became glassy,and your lips quivered as he approached you with outstretched arms. “Oh (y/n)…” You landed on his arms,bawling your eyes out as you held him close,never had the thought of letting go of him once you touched him. All of the things you have worried about,just went out of your fingertips,sliding everything out and just give yourself in to Ezio’s arms.

“How I have missed you,il mio amore.” He sobbed. “And how I am sorry for not being able to save you.”

“It’s okay,Ezio.” You held him on arm’s length,looking at his grey beard and his wrinkled features,his tired eyes examining your own. Your hands touched his tearstained cheeks with your two hands,leaning over with your noses touching. It was a heart-to-heart contact,and everything you shared came from the heart that was once shut became a pouring jar. Tears full of grief,pain,sorrow and loneliness were shared,words full of thoughts making you cry over and over again. It didn’t even tire you out,but it fuelled your courage to speak formally to Ezio for later. After a show filled with tears,he asked you so much questions that is concerned about your ‘life in the afterworld’. That’s a topic you didn’t even have interest in,instead you wanted him to share everything he wants to tell you.

“Do you…always stay with me?” He shyly asked,grabbing your two hands and traced your palms with his fingers,foreheads touching in a loving manner. You gave him an honest smile. “Of course I do,Ezio.” You assured,giving him a kiss on the cheek. “Always remember,Ezio,that I am always beside you,and that whatever the challenges you are facing,I will always try to protect you from harm.”

And everything you said made a feather-like touch on his heart,and everything just bloomed the second your words made a gentle stab inside him. You remembered suddenly what you are supposed to say,and you slowly stood up straight,still clutching his hands and gazed at his lovely eyes.

“I will tell you this now,Ezio,because this is the time to know the truth.” You spoke,your voice nearly cracking from the familiar sadness that surged inside you once again. “The reason of my death isn’t your fault,Ezio. And I don’t want to punish you for all of the sins you have done to me. You are truly my amore,that is why I can’t stand to see you suffer.”

“Which is why,Ezio…” You trailed off,looking at him square on the eyes. “…You should move on. Forget about me.” He became silent. “You should live a happy life,Ezio. You have done much good deeds for the creed. Everything you have done is such a nice blessing for all of us.” You smiled,but he knew it didn’t even reach your mood.

“Forget about me,Ezio. Because I don’t want to be the one who will make you blame yourself for not having a normal life later on.” You explained,curling your hands and shut your eyes for a while. “I don’t want you to become like me. I don’t want you to to die early because of me.”

“But I want to see you smile,to live the life that you have been missing over the past few years. To once again experience love.” Tears glittered and decorated your face,and you didn’t even bother to shove them away from your line of sight. “Maybe someone could love you more than I did.” You croaked,trying to stop your bawling and look at him in the eye. “Maybe…someone could make your life even better than me. Someone…who could actually make love more uncomplicated and so much better.”

Ezio silently cried,painfully clutching your hands to his chest and pulling you against him. “You love me,il mio amore. And I do too,and your love is not measurable,so do mine.” His embrace is just warm,comforting,and more tempting for you to even force him to stay with you. But that wasn’t the point of all of this. You forced yourself to smile,finally giving in and kissed him like your life depended on it. All the fear fading away,all the sorrows slowly being wiped away. Everything was silent and gone the moment you poured in all your love for him.

Now Minerva showed up,and the time you had with Ezio is now gone. Ezio pulled away from your lips and looked at you with fearful eyes. “You’re going to leave me now?”

You felt like tearing up again for the third or fourth time,but you bit your lower lip and nodded,and then backed away from him. You vanished from Ezio’s sight,and it really made his heart shatter once again as you waved him goodbye.


You have always watched him from afar. You watched Ezio marry on the altar with Sofia Sartor,had children named Flavia and Marcello,and became old and had a vineyard as his hobby. His smiles and tears always made you cry,and once again you watched him like he always wanted you to.

You watched him grow old and old,until the time when Ezio had to pass away from the real world. He smiled at his two girls,and you watched his soul leave his own flesh,and went beside you. Tears started spilling from your eyes,hugging him as soon as he appeared beside you. He grinned at you,looking back at the two girls who are mourning over his corpse. But once he looked back at you with loving,glistened eyes,you hugged him.

Finally,everything started to become alright,everything has become perfect,and the way it should be. The way you wished it could be.

“Welcome back,il mio amore.”


Sassafras investigating the clay prep for mini mugs

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Keep Waiting Around

+ Barry Allen- The Flash 

 author’s note: hey so im writing this on my phone again so sorry for the long wait on this but i hope you guys enjoy! sorry this is kinda short. 

 Prompt | Request: 

 027: “You’re sitting there, oblivious at the bar, when (she’s/he’s) sleeping around and you’re just letting this all happen?!”

 Today is the day where all of you rid of your persistent and busy schedules to let loose and go clubbing, as suggested by Barry. 

 So you hastily put on the infamous little black dress that Cailtin let you borrow, and curled your hair– give or take accidentally burning yourself a few times.

 "You look beautiful, Y/N.“ Cisco comes up to you and gives you a side hug as you walk into the club. 

 "Thanks, Crisco, right back at you.” You tease, making guns with your hands and winking at the boy. 

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