mini pot belly pig

Merry Christmas!

I hope these pigs make your Christmas a little happier.

If you’re looking to do something kind to make the world a little bit of a better place, consider donating to a pig rescue and help out some sweet, unfortunate pigs for Christmas.

If you’re broke but still want to do something (or just play with some cute pigs), there’s most likely a pig rescue near you accepting volunteers to help out and play with pigs. In that link, I have some information about pig rescues organized by location.

Have an awesome Christmas!


Mini Pot Belly Pig @ Far Enough Farm, Toronto (Afternoon, early November, shaded area).

“Mini Pot Belly pigs are also known as Mini or Teacup pigs. They are the size of a small dog and like to be walked. These adorable little animals are omnivores that will eat almost anything! They really like grapes, bananas and carrots. They also like taking baths and watching TV! Pot Belly pigs make great pets.”