mini pokedoll


Fun times at the Pokemon Center!

I went specifically for the pokedoll charm sets coming out today, and then suddenly there were surprise completely not advertised figure straps waiting for us!

The surprises included: a metal Dedenne charm with a bell inside, mini Pokedoll figures of the XY starters with mini plastic Pokemon Center shopping bags and metal tags, and several new versions of the Pikachu figure straps, also with mini shopping bags.

Along with surprise charms and straps, we also got blind packaged cookie badges for the summer movie (2 different sets), 2 new Takara Tomy plush (Pikachu with Klefki and Diancie), mega-evolution themed chopsticks, and a whole bunch of merchandise with Fennekin/Diancie/Espurr/Dedenne print.

I tried my luck with the blind packaged cookie badges, and my luck was good as my second pull was Fennekin - the only one I wanted!