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The “I lifted with my parents and beeped at Sephora, but my brother got me a Kate spade bag so it’s okay” haul.

The background for the items is actually my graduation gown lmaoooo

I couldn’t lift much because I was with my family in the mall, but I still lifted. Before we went to the mall however, we picked up my older brother from the train station who gave me a Kate Spade bag!!! It’s perfect for lifting!!! I love it so so much.

Now here’s the thing: i /think/ in my Sephora the only things tagged are Naked palettes by Urban Decay. But the other thing is that every person who left the store after paying beeped, so they didn’t really look around. I hid the mini pallet behind my phone then slid it in my purse with my phone. I checked for tags and everything, so I’m worried on why I beeped. Even when I got home I tore the packaging apart, and there were no RFIDs or anything on it! I’m pretty sure the towers were just faulty that day, but it scared the shit outta me! So maybe no tags on Urban Decay things?

Then at lush there was only one SA and my mom kept him busy the whole time while my dad and brother just talked in a corner of the store, letting me get anything I wanted really but I had some difficulty because I had a basket, a Sephora bag and a coffee in my hands so I had to give my brother my coffee saying I couldn’t hold anything. The lush baskets are also super super bulky which is really annoying. I really wanted some things other than what I got but I’ll go back soon hopefully and be able to grab what I want. I’m so happy that I have a truly structured bag now instead of a semi structured bag.
Here’s the totals!

Urban Decay Naked mini Palette: $29.00 (wtf!)
Dirty Styling Cream: $17.95
Death & Decay Perfume Tin: $14.95
Fantasy Eyeliner (gold): $19.95
Bubblegum Lip Scrub: $10.95 (I got the wrong one and I’m so upset but that’s okay)

TOTAL: $92.80

anonymous asked:

any DIYs that use washi tape?

DIY with Washi Tape

DIY Washi Tape Cord Labels

Something that I ought to do with my cords..

DIY Upcycled Mint Tin

A great way to turn an old mint tin into a cute container for bobby pins, small candies, a miniature card for a friend, silly putty, or pack in a mini sewing kit.

DIY Washi Tape Mini Wood Pallet Coaster

Bring the pallet fad into a miniature scale for your mugs and cups.

DIY Phone Holder

Super easy! And from what I gather, this could double as an amplifier.

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