mini nubian

So, I’ve started a goat herd.

Yes. My family purchased a farm for our next “business endeavour” if you will, and also just for the future, and because of that I have started my own goat herd. 

This will help explain why I’ve been so inactive on my other blogs and such, but tracking down my lovely ladies and some boys proved to be a trying task. And because I can’t shut up about them, here are my goats~

First off, we have Berry, my gorgeous Nigerian dwarf/pygmy wether that I bought from where I work. He’s got very nice blue eyes, but obviously we can’t breed him. So he’ll be keeping our buck some company~ As of right now, he’s just under three months! (this is a terrible picture, but he’s always moving around so much that it’s hard to get a good shot).

Next we have our brand new baby buckling! He’s also a Nigerian dwarf, and he’s just 12 days old. Of course, he’s going to be the father of the herd, so we thought it was fitting to name him Romeo. He’s an absolute doll~

And moving on to our girls, we have our beautiful  three year old Nubian (just purchased today!) Her name is Rowan, and she’ll be able to give us about three litres of milk a day. She’s also pretty huge, which is fun; her back rises just above my hip. She’s very sweet, and even comes when her name is called!

And last but certainly not least, we have our twin Nubian girls. They are just past four months right now, and are around knee height for me. They we actually raised by bottle from where we got them, so they’re very friendly and want nothing more than to come and snuggle with someone. Their names are Poppy and Maple, and they’re my little sweethearts~

We’ll be getting one more doe from where we bought Berry (which happens to be where I work), and hopefully she’ll have blue eyes as well! I’ll be breeding these lovelies to get some Mini Nubians, and we’ll use the milk to make cheese, butter, yogurt, and ice cream~