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Amby and Dexter, 1997

Picture from this post, because I didn’t want to scrawl out Louis and Nick thoughts all over someone else’s post. (Tomlinshaw, 2,100 words)

BUT ANYWAY, imagine a world where Nick is a friend of Harry’s from work who Harry’s adopted (and Nick’s adopted back, because that’s how they work), and for two years now, Louis has poked and prodded at Nick because he secretly fancies him but won’t ever, ever, ever admit it. He won’t admit it to Harry, who is his best friend, or Niall who is his flatmate, or Liam who’s his best mate from work. He definitely won’t admit it to Nick, which is fine because Nick has been in love with Louis for about eighteen months now, and it’s fucking up all of his attempts to fall in love with anyone else, and he refuses to acknowledge even to himself that he even likes him. Their friends sometimes find their constant bickering amusing, but most of the time they try to keep them apart because there’s a fairly good chance one of them will murder the other. 

So they’ll have Sunday roasts all together, or barbecues round at one of their places, or stupid afternoons in with beers and nachos, and despite all of their best efforts, Nick and Louis will end up arguing over something, bickering over something innocuous, playing devil’s advocate just for the sake of arguing. The others despair of them. They’ve even started having whispered conversations about trying not to invite them to the same place at the same time. 

But, like, sometimes, just sometimes, Nick will see Louis looking a little vulnerable, or quiet, and he’ll do something like make a round of teas so that he can give Louis one without him being suspicious. Or Louis will remember that Nick can’t eat that much cheese so he’ll demand a plate of chili nachos and be super mouthy about it so that it pisses everyone else off, but Nick will get to pick off that plate without making a fuss. 

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