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L'arte sotto ogni sua forma, io li trovo semplicemente fantastici. Passate dal sito whereiseefashion, è lei l'autrice di questi capolavori

While working on the playlists for our characters a few weeks ago, @kimbles and I were making each other laugh discussing this scenario you see drawn above. As I mentioned in the post I made earlier, Galerna would get a heart attack and a half if her teammates found out about her personal playlist, since the songs’ lyrics discuss things from her past and some of her most private thoughts and feelings.

Just for fun, Kim even rolled for real to see what would happen, and legit got a 1!!  So we figured he only tunes in to the instrumental music XD

Anyway, this is totally non-canon and just for giggles.

- @adriana-likes-tea


Gathering Myself
22 April 2017

I practised another guided meditation on this golden morning, overlooking the garden, under Mitzy’s watchful eye. My goal is to make meditation a daily habit. We all have so much clattering and chattering in our lives, it is important to set aside the world and gather ourselves. Science agrees.

I took some time out before back mobility exercises and breakfast to appreciate the play of light in the garden.

My plans for the rest of the day are to walk the pooch, pay the bills (I’ve been procrastinating that chore for several days), water the plants, tend the pool and make granola.

Last night I made the best pulled pork with roasted vegetables. Even better, there are leftovers for tonight! 🌀🌳🐶