mini mori





Ok I know it’s not technically a rainbow poptart cat, but it reminded me so strongly of it after I made it that well… I’m going to go with it.

This little striped kitty can be found on my etsy shop looking for a home :)

Have a good week you guys ^_^

inardentlongingofpastintricacies  asked:

I was reading through Grell's confessional and one of the things she mentions is wanting a white dog. It seems like more of an offhanded comment but I've been having a bit of fun trying to think of what kind of dog she would want. Like, little or huge? Or a medium lap sized? Fluffy? (And how excessively so?) Or a sleek one? Pure white or would something with some other color and white be okay? I'm really rather curious what you think the general type of dog you personally think she might want?

Ohh yes, I recently thought about the white dog, too! And I took one of our own dogs as an example which would suit for Grell.

Grell has a female Mini Malteser mixed breed dog, quite small and cute and she sleeps in her bed! For some reason I think small dogs with bright fur are Grell’s favourites. Grell loves to sew and she would make little socks, bows and jackets for her dog.❤️

I can not describe the Malteser breed very well (except that they are always white), so here are some pictures of our Emma.

Emma is very tiny, a fluff ball with soft and curly fur that reminds me of a Flokati rug lol She fits into your lap (and loves to sleep on it, too). :D


{large terrarium ring featuring dry preserved fluted bird’s nest fungi, teeny tiny orange mushrooms, 3 miniature ferns, and goldenrod florets}

this gem of a ring has been marked way down since I first listed it. it’s a one-of-a-kind piece that would make a unique holiday gift! ^_^