mini mee

  • Sulu: Pavel just disappeared!
  • Chekov: *on the communicator I’m in a room with two buttons. Oh God. Guys, which button do I press?
  • Sulu: Do Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.
  • Chekov: Eeny, mee–
  • Kirk: WAIT NO W-W-W-Wait Don’t just… leave everything on that!
  • Sulu: Th-That’s the best process of elimination!
  • Kirk: No it’s not! You can predict what you’ll land on before you even start it!
  • Sulu: Do it Pavel! It’s our only way out of here!
  • Kirk: If you do Eeny–
  • Chek: Can’t you guys find something that might tell me what these buttons do?!

Amy: “Tails just disappeared!”

Tails: “I’m in a room with two buttons.”

Sonic: “What?”

Tails: “Oh God. Guys, which button do I press?”

Amy: “I don’t know. Pick one.”

Sonic: “Do Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.”

Tails: “Eeny, mee–

Amy: “WAIT NO W-W-W-Wait Don’t just… leave everything on that!”

Sonic: “Th-That’s the best process of elimination!”

Amy: “No it’s not! You can predict what you’ll land on before you even start it!”

Sonic: “But no ‘cause he’ll do y-o-u and he’ll know exactly which one it is.”

Amy: “No! No! No! No!”

Sonic: “Do it Tails! It’s our only way out of here!”

Amy: “If you do Eeny–”

Tails: “Can’t you guys find something that might tell me what these buttons do?”

Love is four letters, but I feel like it doesn’t nearly say enough. I love you too is four words but I feel like it doesn’t cover exactly what I feel. I love you more is four other words but I feel like it doesn’t quite work either. None of it works for me.
I’m not trying to be a snob and claim I’m better than those four words or the four letter word. I’m trying to point out that you’re better than those four words or that four letter word. You deserve the whole universe in your hands and so much more. How could four simple letters say exactly how I feel about you?
I wish there was a phrase more than love, but I’m afraid people will use it. People will throw that fragile four letter word around like it’s some bland item that they use almost everyday. Love is not meant for that. Love is meant to be used when you feel the butterflies in your stomach taking over you or when you feel your face getting so hot and pink simply because they told you that you’re so beautiful. Love is meant to be said when you realize you would do anything and everything to keep them happy.
Love is not dating someone. Love is willing to spend the rest of your life with someone if they asked. So stop treating relationships like they’re a toy, and stop wondering why all of yours are always broken so easily. When you finally realize that, you will know exactly how I feel and why I’m so happy.
—  Just mee


Where a Sim Can Be a Sim…

We haven’t chatted since the passing of my mother, so I’ll start this conversation on a happy note. February. Ah, the birthdays are never ending. My son, the hubbs, and my stepfather, to be exact. Not to mention the days off we get for the former presidents around here. It wasn’t long before I realized we’d never get to use the pool outback for a “pool party”. We are all winter babies. I, in November, Jordyn in December, and the other two loves in Feb.

I had to think fast. I was burnt out from all the hosting at home over the holidays and Jax is not in school yet to invite a couple of buddies over; so we decided to have a small, intimate gathering up the road at a birthday venue called, “Chuck E. Cheese’s”.

It was a riot watching them anticipate the festivities. I, tumbled the day away as hubbs did the launder. The kiddos paced the floor all afternoon with,

“Are we leaving yet?”

“No, we’re not heading out until night time.” Dad replied.

Dusk fell and they began running around like lost boys.

“Yeah! I can’t wait I can’t wait! Dad look! It’s not sunny no more.”

We bundled the boys for the brisk night air and headed out. We arrived and anxiety kicked in on site. It was jammed pack! I was ready to go home. It’s really odd because I’m very active at Jordyn’s school and comfortable with attending all school festivities.  However, this was not one of those “comfort zone” places. The hubbs and I always take the boys during the day where they have access to roam and be free with no wait or others running them over. Upon leaving, we vowed to never go late again. ♥

Jordyn & Jax teamed up on tons of games. I found this to be the highlight of my evening. I had stolen a couple of coins and shimmied my way to the far back. My two favorite games of all time since childhood have been basket rim shoot and ski ball. We ordered pizza and I opt for the salad bar. I had already put on my hibernation winter coat from the Holidays and easily noticed the extra lbs. aside from the camera’s extra weight.

At the end of our event, the Chuckster himself brought out Jax birthday cake. Lo and behold HE ran like hell! I cried from laughter. I never would of imagine my own! Not Jax, we’re talking about my “rootin tootin”, no fear son. However, as soon as I told him Chuck was here to wish him a happy birthday, the hugest smile brimmed his face as the crocodile tears still sat on his cheeks.

It was getting rather late so we opt out for the lighting of the candles and did that part at home.

In the end, the evening was GRAND and the mini mEEs had a blast.

Happy Birthday Cowboy,


**Disclaimer** Good Company is is about a mother’s comical aspect of holding down the fort with three fellas at home. It’s about parenting, motherhood, companionship, family and a married couple’s wing-and-prayer approach to balancing it all. ♥**