mini mee

  • Sulu: Pavel just disappeared!
  • Chekov: *on the communicator I’m in a room with two buttons. Oh God. Guys, which button do I press?
  • Sulu: Do Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.
  • Chekov: Eeny, mee–
  • Kirk: WAIT NO W-W-W-Wait Don’t just… leave everything on that!
  • Sulu: Th-That’s the best process of elimination!
  • Kirk: No it’s not! You can predict what you’ll land on before you even start it!
  • Sulu: Do it Pavel! It’s our only way out of here!
  • Kirk: If you do Eeny–
  • Chek: Can’t you guys find something that might tell me what these buttons do?!

anonymous asked:

what kind of child, or just in the past, were you like? as in your personality back then, likes dislikes, etc etc. just curious hahahah

OHH I WAS A LITTLE shiet back then LOL. I was the really jealous type and when I got jealous I’d be kind of an asshole LOL AHH. I also wanted everything to be about me, I liked attention and cared about what other people thought of me. Also I always thought I was right and never thought about looking at other people’s perspective ahh what else THERE’S PROB MORE STUFF but I can’t think of them atm. Let’s just say if I met mini mee right now I’d fkn //KICKS TO THE WALL LMAO. But looking back I’m a  bit glad I was like that because now I’ll never go back to being that way and I’m chill now LOL AHAHA this is kinda embarrassing but U KNOW it’s ok I don’t mind sharing my unflattering past and I’m not like that now so is all good. I think my dislikes are still the same though I still don’t like durian.