mini medal


I’m a flipflopper between crazy extrovert you would be embarrassed to hang out with due to complete lack of shame/tact/awareness and introvert you have to haul bodily out of blankets and feed and remind them they’re part of the human race. I have no inbetween. I think it can be hard on my friends, but I do love them and anyone who bothers to say hi to me, knowing they can either get instant replies or replies a week later when they’ve forgotten about what they said. Sorry guys. Sorry <3 *shamefaced*

Moral of the story: don’t be afraid to message me. I will always (eventually) message back and I love anyone with the courage to say hi. Also cookies.

I’m a true ENFP ambivert haha.

I did it! I finally beat this game at 100% and its dumpster fire missions. Mini medals can burn in hell. Took forever, and I’m very proud to finally beat a Dragon Quest game at 100%. Big fan of the series, and Dragon Quest Heros showcased the series in a positive direction it should go in. Bringing back old characters I enjoyed and actively using them in creative ways. I was very happy to play this game and every minute of it. I would recommend it to anyone interested in trying it out


A really interesting new feature:

After defeating that armor-wearing monster, you can put the armor on and walk around in it almost like a mecha! The armor protects you from harmful lava like Safe Passage, you can bash into monsters to avoid fighting them, and break some boulders to reach a hidden mini medal!

Hopefully, there will be more cool features like that to make solving puzzles in dungeons more interesting.