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I know there's been speculation that Andrew J West might be playing an older Henry but what if he was from the future but perhaps related to Henry, you know sort of like on the status of brother?

Listen. Idk who Andrew is supposed to be. (But he looks like Killian’s kid.)

I mean?? Leather, check. Scruff, check. Shaggy hair, check. Jawline, check. 


I know there are no playable Octolings yet (and @playableoctolingswhen has an awesome blog still asking for them), but I still played some of the last Splatfest with my Octo child Darya. 
She was definitely very happy to have an ink color close to her octarian birth color for her splatfest team and I just had to draw her I also used a screenshot of this awesome victory pose as a base and I really like how it turned out

We had some really nice matches and even with Team Ketchup loosing this, she had a lot of fun!
Congratulations to all mayo fans! 

Sometimes I wonder why it was magicians couldn’t just do things themselves. I mean really, how hard was it to sneak in somewhere and steal something for yourself? Actually…giving that a second thought probably pretty tricky seeing as even a magician can’t exactly change their forms like djinni can. Doesn’t make it any less annoying though!

As I scan the seven planes from my position atop the nearest rooftop. I notice a severe lack of any sort of protection on any of them. While one would think that would be a great thing it actually was very much the opposite. Either this magician was so confident that no one would dare attack or try to steal from them that they didn’t think they needed any sort of protection. Or I was stealing from a non-magician.

Granted, I had heard rumor that magicians were becoming fewer and fewer in this time (which was honestly great for me and my fellow djinni since this meant that we were no longer going to be pulled out of the Other Place for stupid things like this or fighting in some war that wasn’t even out own). Plus magic itself wasn’t as prominent as it had been either…in fact people seemed to completely forget that that it was ever a thing at all!

In any case I stretched out my tiny sparrow wings and flew through the open door of the balcony into what looked like more of a living space then an office as I was expecting. Now, where was this thing I was after being kept? I hadn’t the faintest idea…as I was looking about thinking where I should head next I suddenly felt hands clasp around my tiny body. Oops…I didn’t think anyone was here. Ah well, not like I was told to be stealthy…stupid magician.

“Hey! Hey! Let me go!” I yell flailing about, my tiny bird claws kicking up in attempt to scratch at the hands that held me, though I hoped a bird talking would be enough to startle my captor enough for them to let me go.

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