mini layer cake


To celebrate Shiro’s birthday this year, I wanted to bake and decorate a cake :3

(I wanted to put a # candle on it but I had none rip)

Rose, Orange, and Cardamom Mini Layer Cakes | The Kitchn

A charming layer cake is a perfect way to combine complementary flavors in each bite. I’ve personally been on a cardamom kick lately, and find that the spice pairs beautifully with citrus and subtle floral flavors. The buttery, velvety orange and cardamom cake make a great match with the zesty filling and silky, rose buttercream frosting.

Orange Blossom Citrus Mini Cakes with Lemon Curd and Honey Whipped Cream.

Last week I had the supreme pleasure of making one of my best friends an early birthday cake. The cake must be left for a different blog post, because this one is all about the lemon curd I made to go with it. Turns out my girl LOVES lemon curd as much as I do, and so I proceeded to make an exquisite batch of it, doused with ground vanilla bean and zest from a Buddha’s hand citron.

Post-celebration, I was left with a boatload of curd that I did not want to waste (flash forward to my spoon-feeding myself lemon curd whilst watching Parenthood #domesticbliss). So I did what any normal human being would do, and decided to make some orange blossom mini cakes layered with lemon curd and cream.

Recipe (and tons of swoony cupcake pics) here!