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five steps for not writing a boring story? i can never ever write something that doesn't end up boring 😂

Hiya! Thanks for your question. Writing an engaging story is complicated, but it can be done.

First off, there are so many aspects to writing a gripping story. Honestly, it can’t be done in five steps (and certainly not in one blog post). To prevent a boring story you need strong characters, an exciting plot, good pacing… the list goes on and on.

So rather than type out a 3000+ word response, I’m going to give you a mini-masterpost of the key aspects of writing a non-boring story with links to other LGF posts. Here you go:

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Thanks again for your question! If you need any more writing advice, feel free to send in another ask! Happy writing!

- Mod Kellie

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask us!

I realize how much tsukishima hates asking for things. He hates asking for anything. It’s like a mix of him believing that people won’t react well to him asking them and being too embarrassed/prideful to ask. The fact that he hates approaching people and hates needing help probably also has a bit to do with it. Tsukishima was embarrassed and hesitant about asking his volleyball coach for help with volleyball. He waited 6 games and a set before even tentatively asking for permission to time the blocks. He asked hinata to spike for him and immediately followed it up with “im not twisting your arm so you don’t have to or anything” as if hinata, of all people, was going to be offended about being asked to practice some more. He had to ask permission to ask bokuto and kuroo a question. And then was completely taken aback when permission was granted like? It’s a single question? You really don’t even need permission, just ask? Literally any time he’s asking anyone for anything, he’s as awkward as he can possibly be about it. He’s visibly nervous too, he’s hunched over and twiddling with his thumbs more often than not. He honestly acts like he 100% believes that they’ll all refuse to even hear him out. 

(PS: the only tsukishima’s shown confidently approaching someone with a request was with akiteru when he was younger (come show me some moves” “can I come to your games?” “why not?”) So… do with that what you will)


DY’s childish games making TY brighten his mood  

I feel like tsukishima and yamaguchi are both terrible at communicating in different ways. I know tsukishima is one that’s usually considered bad at communicating (and I can totally see how) but please consider that yamaguchi…

  • has yet to share his internal turmoil about not being a starter with anyone
  • went off the team to an outside, rather unaffiliated adult for help instead of to his upperclassmen or teachers
  • shares more about tsukishima than he does about himself and subconsciously uses tsukishima as a social shield
  • clams up after losing to seijoh
  • held off on talking to tsukishima about real ass things that bothered him until his emotions boiled over and he ended up just screaming his emotions to his best friend in the middle of the night in a rather public place
  • (and as it turns out, tsukishima actually had no problems accepting yamaguchi’s words and heard him out with minimal resistance so all of yamaguchi’s internal reasons for not speaking up sooner just kind of flew out the window)
  • will 100% say nothing is wrong when everything is going to shit
  • has never ever verbalized his emotions in any serious context to any of his teammates
  • won’t talk to his best friend about Important Things™ sometimes because he’s afraid it’ll annoy him enough and he’ll presumably stop being friends with him despite not having any evidence supporting that theory
  • is super competitive but rarely shows it
  • is the kind of guy that you look back and realize you know very little about personally
  • is the kind of guy who blows up at people for not knowing things he didn’t actually communicate or suddenly bursts with boiled-over frustration and leaves you going “um where did that come from?”
  • apologizes the next day and insists you forget about it and that he’s just fine and nothing is wrong haha dw about it
  • has really only cracked jokes with tsukishima and (very recently) hinata
  • tends to dance around topics or questions that he doesn’t want to answer
  • sucks at communicating despite being so bubbly and talkative

Don’t get me wrong, tsukishima has his own issues with communication to be sure, but they’re different. Tsukishima simply refuses to communicate on important things 90% of the time, especially if the issue really bothers him because that’s getting into emotions and that’s not what he’s here for. He’s embarrassed and a bit awkward about sharing so he cages off instead, and he doesn’t do well with approaching people who don’t approach him first. But on the flip side, he seems to own his lack of skill better and has less hang ups about it. At the very least he doesn’t seem bothered when people don’t know much about him because no duh, how could they understand him or his feelings if he doesn’t share? That’s tsukishima’s take on it and he’s got it on the nose there. Also, when directly confronted or when he actually decides to open up by himself, tsukishima’s words are very honest and blunt and they invite little room for misunderstandings. 

Yamaguchi’s communication problems stem from a different place. He’s a great communicator… to an extent. Whereas tsukishima’s hang up is just that he’s a very private person who feels uncomfortable opening up, yamaguchi’s stems from the fact that he wants to but is simultaneously too embarrassed or afraid to. He’d like to both communicate how he’s feeling and keep his cards close to his chest, and since he can’t actually have it both ways his emotions end up being turned into some sort of ticking time bomb. He holds anything he feels is too important to share at bay until that’s no longer an option and he blows up at someone or something very suddenly. Like he kinda wants people to know about things but my god he doesn’t want to have to tell them. And even when he is opening up he’ll often stall or dance around the issue a bit. Yamaguchi is a good talker and he’s more of an extrovert than tsukishima, but that doesn’t make him a master communicator by any stretch of the imagination. 

According to Cass: Mini Witch Kits & Travel Altars


A mini witch kit or travel altar is exactly what it sounds like. It is a collection of small supplies put into a small container for the purpose of carrying them around, or easy hiding and storage.


As a secret witch, I use it instead of a large altar to do spell work in. It’s easily hidden and most of the time I just carry it around with me to classes. Lots of witches choose to use a mini witch kit to go away with them on holiday, others may use a travel kit in a dorm if they don’t have much space. Some witches want something to carry around with them for on the go spellwork.

At this point, you’re probably asking well why not a big altar? The answers are as varied as the witches who use them. I like a mini kit to carry with me, Sam likes one so they don’t purchase as many things, Ripple keeps one because he’s in a dorm and has no space, and the answers are endless. Mini altars can be used for so many things, nearly everyone has a use for one even if it’s just a pad of paper and a pen.


Mini doesn’t mean super tiny. I keep my altar in an Altoids tin, it’s packed but it serves my purpose. Other witches use shoe boxes which are a bit less conspicuous or decorative boxes, I’ve even seen picnic baskets as a mini altar! You aren’t limited to boxes though, you can keep them in a makeup pouch, or a jar, or even a spare pencil case.


Honestly, the options are ENDLESS. I don’t like liquids because I’m scared they will spill but here’s a quick list. In your mini altar you can include: crystals, herbs, vials of things, mini spell bottles, powders(properly sealed of course), bells, feathers, sigils, tea lights/candles, birthday candles, tea bags, matches, mini besoms/brooms, sticks, paper, pens, pendulums, pendulum boards, mini ouija boards and planchette, coins, jewelry, pocket knife, scissors, salt, journals, essential oils, castanets, keys, mini wands, runes, small bones, ribbon, dice, mini tarot cards, thread, items to represent the elements, and items to represent your deities.


Now we get to the fun part if you’re including things like bones, and feathers, and previously animal bits, please make sure you have obtained these legally. It is illegal in some areas to possess certain bones and certain feathers. Please make sure your herbs and organic materials are dried properly, they will rot and they will stink. On that note, please take care that light and heat sensitive items are stored properly (I’m looking at you, matches.) If you include a knife, be sure you are of proper age and are legally carrying it in your area.


In my lil’ altar I have:

  • Some small pieces of paper - for sigils or paper crafting/origami magic
  • White yarn - for knot magic
  • Thread in a few colors - for color correspondences in knot magic, and tying to candles for color correspondences
  • Matches - for the candle
  • Salt - for cleansing (and salting fries)
  • A jar of lavender buds
  • A school productivity spell jar (tutorial coming soon)
  • Candle - for candle magic
  • Striker - for matches
  • Clear Quartz - for cleansing, and channeling energy

Check ya later!
SassMaster, a Very Prickly Cactus, and Super Fox
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Tsukishima’s such a fake lil shit because on one hand “i don’t like to do anything off contract and I will only cooperate begrudgingly” is his general state of being but on the other hand he was so intensely focused on matching koganegawa that he never even noticed he was jumping higher until hinata (of all people) pointed it out to him. On that note, he’s never failed to hit a spike from any setter as long as it was within reason, even if they weren’t the best sets. He’s also never missed a single team event, is able to seemlessly place himself where the receivers need him for blocks, and can generally work around the duo’s weird ups and downs no problem. Like he tries to be totally unaffected and difficult but he can never quite commit.

❀ Mini Masterlist ❀

key: bold— triggering content

➺  BTS reaction to you being a hardcore gamer and anime fan

BTS reaction to their s/o writing a song

BTS reaction to you being silly and clingy when sleepy

➺  BTS reaction to their s/o having a hoarse voice when sick

BTS reaction to another member being close to their pregnant wife

 BTS reaction to finding out you are rich

BTS reaction to finding their s/o’s blog/youtube channel

BTS reaction to you being jealous of their makeup stylist

BTS reaction to you accidentally turning them on

BTS reaction to you back-hugging them sleepily

BTS reaction to finding their pregnant wife dancing

BTS reaction to you never going out

BTS reaction to their s/o having a big port wine stain

BTS reaction to another MC saying something bad about their s/o

BTS reaction to their s/o being embarrassed to receive skinship

BTS reaction to meeting your parents for the first time

BTS reaction to their s/o fainting on stage

BTS reaction to doing a kiss scene

BTS reaction to their s/o being physically disabled

BTS reaction to finding your ideal type

BTS reaction to you singing one of their songs

BTS reaction to their s/o’s acceptance speech

➺  BTS reaction to you attempting suicide

BTS reaction to finding out you’re bisexual

BTS reaction to you buying a goat

BTS reaction to a song written about their past relationship

BTS reaction to becoming parents as a teenager

BTS reaction to you being a cuddly drunk

BTS reaction to their little sister doing scandalous things on sc

BTS reaction to finding a fanfiction of another member

BTS reaction to you coming out as asexual

BTS reaction to believing in aliens

BTS reaction to their s/o being a translator

➺  BTS reaction to their s/o pranking them

BTS reaction to a big age gap

BTS reaction to you writing a sentimental song

BTS reaction to a reality show with their child

BTS reaction to overhearing their crush crying

BTS reaction to their younger brother disrespecting them

BTS reaction to you finding them making pancakes in their boxers

BTS reaction to their s/o being a great choreographer

BTS reaction to an asthma attack

BTS reaction to fans not liking you because you act like Tae

BTS reaction to their s/o wanting to shave their stubble

BTS reaction to their s/o asking them to take their virginity

BTS reaction to their s/o’s comeback towards haters

BTS reaction to ‘50 shades of black’

BTS reaction to you being a backup dancer for another group

BTS reaction to seeing you cry for the first time

BTS reaction to you having menstrual pain

BTS reaction to their little sister being in an idol group

 BTS reaction to finding you asleep while waiting for them

BTS reaction to their s/o eating a king crab really fast

BTS reaction to working with their one night stand

BTS reaction to their sibling getting hurt

BTS reaction to their S/O getting hurt when they’re on tour

BTS reaction to you having a watercolor tattoo

BTS reaction to you having a nightmare about them dying

BTS reaction to their s/o having squishy thighs

BTS reaction to their s/o slipping into little space

 BTS reaction to you rapping Eminem’s “Rap God”

90% of tsukishima’s issues are honestly rooted in how bad he is with stepping outside his comfort zone. He has like this “safe zone” (aka a set of rules and regulation and regulations on how to live his life without getting hurt) and he sticks to it. He likes to play it safe and likes outcomes that are predictable.

He continued to play volleyball partially because it was familiar and safe and just a thing he did, but refused to get too attached because that was decidedly not safe. Getting too wrapped up in volleyball had proven to be harmful so he wouldn’t do it. It was a sport and that’s all it was. Tsukishima decided he’d play, he’d even play well, but he wouldn’t get too into it. It took two seasons to get him to step outside that comfort zone. And akiteru. Why has he never confronted his brother? He’s not mad now, but he was for a bit I imagine. Well, same reason tsukishima never confronts anyone about anything serious. He doesn’t know how they’ll react or how things will go and therefore it’s way outside his zone. And you’ll notice how he’s more comfortable confronting kageyama because kageyama reacts predictably. Whenever he doesn’t, tsukishima immediately backs off. Tsukishima likes safe and predictable. If he can’t rationalize a reaction in his head, he leaves it alone. So kageyama yelling and glaring? Normal. Kageyama going quiet and introspective? Woah there.

Similarly, most of his other social problems also stem from his cautious nature. Approaching others first, asking for help–way out of his comfort zone. I mean, it’s not like he actually hates everyone and he’s not rude to strangers so why does he sit in a corner in most group settings? Why does he have such a difficult time making new friends, even as a kid? He’s got a bit of a personality but baby yamaguchi, kuroo, noya, and plenty others just started talking to him and he was fine with it. So why? Well, have you ever seen tsukishima approach anyone first without looking like the most uncomfortable beanpole in the world? Any time he’s had to he’ll fiddle with his thumbs, hunch his shoulders, look down, and speak softly. He doesn’t like approaching people. People (who aren’t the duo) can approach him and he’ll usually be okay with it, but he needs to really, really need something before approaching anyone else.

Tsukishima also has a tendency to judge relatively quickly; not in the sense that he’ll judge clothes or lifestyle or anything like that. It’s more like he’s very quick to judge what a person is to him personally and how he ought to interact with them; he judges whether or not he’s comfortable with them and how he should react to them almost immediately after taking in a general overview of their personality. Like with the kageyama example earlier, tsukishima quickly delegates who’s safe to interact with and in what way. Upperclassmen are upperclassmen and there is no calling them by their first name or speaking impolitely. Third years are a definite no, show them respect. Second years are a little iffy but they’re still more seniors than friends. He’s only just now starting to loosen up around them and talk to them in the manga. We are 250 chapters in. Hinata was too loud and too passionate and tsukishima immediately decided he couldn’t handle that. It took him halfway into the tokyo arc to get more comfortable with interacting with hinata. And that’s only because hinata forced the issue. Kageyama is pushy and bossy and he’s private and doesn’t like to be ordered around so he decided to keep his distance. On the flip side, people like yamaguchi and yachi were decidedly safe and ok to talk to almost right off the bat. Oddly enough, people like bokuto, kuroo, lev, nishinoya, and tanaka were also deemed safe for interaction. It’s not like there’s always a particular rhyme or reason to who tsukishima decides to interact with, but once he establishes a rapport with someone he’s super hesitant to say or do anything outside of it.

It’s the same with his lifestyle choices. He judges what’s safest, most appropriate, and will cause the least conflictions and sticks to it. Using polite speech as a default. Studying because he’s a student. Going to every practice and participating because he signed up for this club. Even stubbornly read blocking and never just trusting his instincts because that’s not what he learned. And it’s worth mentioning that his reason for read blocking is because he’s least likely to get totally screwed using it and because it’s steady. Tsukishima likes things that are safe and predictable, remember? If he read blocks well, he’ll at least touch the ball every time. If he studies well, he’ll get good grades. Safe and predictable outcomes.

Essentially, he’s really awkward and really cautious. He has a “comfort zone” and he’s sticking to it until that is absolutely no longer a viable option. Safe and predictable. Things he knows won’t hurt him. Guarantees. That’s why karasuno was such an adjustment for him. They don’t act predictably and there’s no guarantee. Their chances of winning were almost zero, but they kept trying for it and getting so attached. And that’s why him loosening up around the rest of the team and trying out new skills that he hasn’t exactly had time to polish is such great improvement. This kid has lived his entire life in a self imposed “safety bubble” and is just starting to step out of it.


Do you know the meaning of his kiss on the forehead?

━━━━━━━━ ☆ ★ ☆ ━━━━━━━━

I took this idea from a blog from another community, in fact it is 19 days, do you know? * - * very besha and beautiful manwha; —; weno, in a chapter the protagonist Zhang xi xi gives him a kiss on the forehead to him juancho ay ♡ then a girl came up to look for that meaning and the truth was very cute !!!!
Obviously I’m not going to copy what the girl put xd so I started looking for my own account in Google, it is not much science what it says and how to find it xP

But … What it says is that a kiss on the forehead means:

• Unconditional love.

All those simple words expressed in a single kiss.

They do not necessarily have to be between a couple, also within the family, your parents or siblings, very important friendships, your pets (?).

This is the action is perfect for those people who find it hard to express affection towards their partner or family. How Tsukki!