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While the least restful place in the sanctuary, after a nearing 20 hour emergency shift, the Nursery does do in a pinch.

Berk Dragon Sanctuary AU

The Nursery is one of the largest buildings/enclosures in the sanctuary. Unlike many other animal sanctuaries, this sanctuary is at a disadvantage in that the animals it’s protecting have the freedom to just up and fly wherever they want to go. The workers work hard to make the environment one that the dragons will want to stick around in and come back to. They also train (as much as they can) the dragons to not get into trouble when they go off, although sometimes they wonder if it’s a futile task. The babies, however, do not have the luxury of having the size and street cred their adult counterparts do (and unfortunately baby dragons are wildly popular as (illegal) exotic pets, among other dangers, (and doubly unfortunately, most owners realize they don’t want a full grown dragon, which often doesn’t bode well for the dragon itself). So the orphaned/abandoned babies are kept in the Nursery, where they can be monitored and kept until they’re big enough to fend for themselves. They have plenty of space to frolic, and get lots of big-dragon play time to learn social and hunting skills needed to survive in the wild. The humans usually have at least one human supervisor in the Nursery at all times.

The Reluctant Mother

The signs were so small. If she hadn’t been told to look for them on the day before her wedding, she would have missed them. The slight nausea in the morning, the sensitivity of her breasts, and the different coloured blood on her cycle. Really, they had been married for 3 months, she should’ve been prepared. And she thought she had been. But that all changed when her cycle stayed away altogether and she had went to the Gothi, who confirmed the pregnancy.

She was Astrid Hofferson, and Hiccup was right when he said that she had always known who she was and who she wanted to be. While he was the reluctant chief, she was the proud wife of the chief, second in command and a great warrior to boot.  Motherhood was nowhere to be found on that list. 

But it wasn’t a job. There was a little baby in her belly, and she was only 21 and for once she had no clue who she was. She didn’t like it. At. All. It seemed like the end of Astrid Hofferson, the warrior, and the beginning of Astrid Haddock, mother. No more exploring with Hiccup, no more training the new recruits, no more practising from dusk till dawn. It seemed like the beginning of a new life would be the end of hers.

She tried to hide it, almost praying for the gods to interfere. She knew she would have to have a child eventually, but not now. She wasn’t ready. Gothi never said or wrote a word, and for a blissful 4 weeks Astrid’s little secret remained just that: hers.

When Hiccup noticed her slightly expanding belly, he was nothing short of enraptured by his impending fatherhood, which surprised Astrid. For a man who was reluctant to take any responsibility and shied away from anything that could harm his freedom, he was awfully eager to sacrifice it all for ‘it’. Through all the mood swings and holding her hair while she threw up her breakfast, he never complained or stopped smiling. But then again, he didn’t have to carry the kid around, potentially die at childbirth or be chained to the bed for the next few months.

And what if the thing was a mini Hiccup? She love her husband dearly, but they were without a doubt complete opposites. And while marrying your polar opposite was fine, raising a child that was so different from her would probably be a nightmare. She remembered the exhaustion in her late father-in-law’s eyes during Hiccup’s more disastrous younger years. And while she struggled, Hiccup was already planning for the next one, and she resented him for it.

Eventually it was her mother-in-law who laid an arm on her shoulder, told her to go and fly, that no, she wouldn’t harm the baby. That, if Astrid would let her, she would like to take part in raising the child. But her words were little comfort. Instead, she found it in the looks Valka gave her: happy, nervous and a little sad and lost. It was the same thing she saw when she looked at her own reflection. It was easy to forget that Valka had been pregnant before her 20th summer, during a time of war and uncertainty. It helped, a bit.

The pregnant glow never came in all her nine months of pregnancy. And it certainly wasn’t until the first kick that she was going to have a baby, and not a thing that was leeching the life out of Astrid Hofferson with every heartbeat. The kick was surprisingly hard though, quite good for a first timer. Maybe there was a little Hofferson in this little Haddock after all.


Imagine Astrid screaming and shouting before flying, only to love it when she actually got to do it. In my Headcanon, she falls in love with the baby the second she sees it, and is very pissed when the happy daddy decides to steal little Stoick II to show him to Toothless. She’s a good, yet strict mother.And yes, she eventually accepts it when people call her mrs. Haddock. This was a request by a friend of mine in RL, as a background chapter for this drabble, which favour’s Hiccup’s side.

So as I said in the previous Hijack photo, I made a mini fan fiction. I know it’s not a great thing, but I’m kinda proud of it! Please comment what you think of it, it would really mean a lot! And please don’t take it! Or at least give me credit! I really like it and it would hurt me a lot to see that someone stole it. So, without anything else, here’s my Hijack fan fiction!

A Hijack FanFiction
“Would you please listen to me Jack?”
“No! Leave me alone!”
“It wasn’t my fault! Okay? It’s not like I can just stop growing!”
“Then why did you promised it?!” Jack screamed at him while tears filled his eyes.
Hiccup walked up to him and lifted Jack’s face. He looked him in the eyes and saw a tear falling and quickly dissolving into snow.
“I was just a kid Jack…and I had the same hopes as you, but”
“But you’re not a kid anymore” Jack quickly said interrupting Hiccup “I mean, look at you! You’re all grown up! And I’m not complaining of the looks, because damn! You look hot! But Hiccup… you’re gonna keep growing and I’m not…”
“Jack, would you please listen to what I’ve been trying to say?”
With a sight, Jack says yes.
“Okay, I know the promise I maid was stupid at the time, but I never stopped thinking about it. So, will you please come with me?” Hiccup said while climbing into Toothless.
“Lead the way!”
“You’re not going to ruin the surprise by flying right into it! You’re coming with me and Toothless”
“Alright” he said as he went to climb into Toothless.
They flew for a while until arriving to a cliff.
“What are we doing here? You’re not doing what I think you’ll do, right?”
“No! Of course not!”
“Then what’s the surprise?”
“Look” Hiccup said pointing to the land near the cliff
“Hiccup! Are you serious? We will never be happy together! No matter where we go, you’ll always grow up!” Jack said as he sat on the floor giving up his last hopes!
“Jack! Why can’t you just wait until I finish talking and explaining things?”
“I’m sorry…”
“Like I told you before, I made a stupid promise as a child and as I grew older I became aware of it. But I never stopped thinking about it, about the legends I heard of a place where you didn’t grow up, but stayed as a child for as long as you lived there. If I could find it, we wouldn’t have to worry about me growing up anymore. So I spent years searching for it, talking to the people who knew about the legend, until I came upon this island. Look” he said as he grabbed his chin and made him look.
“Is that…?”
“Neverland, where you never grow up”
“And we’ll be together forever?”
“Until forever ends”

Another Hiccstrid Playlist

You know, for science and such. 

Here’s my previous hiccstrid playlist if you feel like checking it out. Hopefully my lovey-dovey pop music doesn’t scare you off ;) 

Army - Ellie Goulding 

A Thousand Years - Christina Perri 

Bright - Echosmith 

Crazier - Taylor Swift 

Die a Happy Man - Thomas Rhett

Gravity - Sara Bareilles

Hold Each Other - A Great Big World 

Kaleidoscope - A Great Big World

Lego House - Ed Sheeran 

Little Things - One Direction 

Never Be - 5 Seconds of Summer 

Photograph - Ed Sheeran 

Stand by You - Rachel Platten

Start a Riot - BANNERS 

Tenerife Sea - Ed Sheeran 

Wasn’t Expecting That - Jamie Lawson 

Young God - Halsey 

I haven’t been reading as much fanfiction lately, but these talented ladies deserve some love. 

Service With a Smile by @astrxd

Young God by @oh–you–pretty–things

Star Wars HTTYD AU by @funkytoes

Good to Be Home by @e-wills

Legless by @dragonescence

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Astrid holds her baby for the first time? Sorry, that's all I got lol.

Ok I went a little crazy on this one and I ended up writing a little over 3000 words. But I really love this concept and I wanted to go into a few other moments in the pregnancy. I’m actually really proud of this though so I hope people like it.

When the first monthly blood hadn’t come, Astrid hadn’t been particularly worried. It happened sometimes to Viking women during the winter months when there wasn’t enough variety in their diets. She’d been taking her moon tea every morning so there was no reason to panic.

The second time it’d happened she’d been a bit more nervous. It’d been a good season of trading and as the chief’s wife, Astrid had been eating very well. A few other women in the village had fallen pregnant and seeing them smile as their bellies swelled put Astrid on edge.

Once she couldn’t keep her food down, she figured it was time to face facts.

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“Quit staring! What? You’ve never seen a human being before?”

“Considering this flattering unusual greeting, I should be asking you. Most people don’t tie up their guests with… hair! Yet again, I’m far from home, I’m not sure how you people do things around h-”

“Did I ask you to speak?”

(More Mangled AU here)

Closed RP

The next morning, after Mairi had cured Lifa, Hiccup and Astrid were woken up rudely. Lifa ran into their room, climbed up on their bed and began jumping up and down. “Mommy, Daddy, wake up! WAKE UP, WAKE UP!” She yelled excitedly.

Astrid groaned and shook Hiccup, “The mini troll is awake,” she grumbled.


Meeting Mini Merida and Hiccup

oh gosh I was so in love with this little lass and her mum. She was so sweet and cute and we talked for a little while and (I tried to not notice and have  all eyes on the wee lass) but so many people stopped and “awwed”

I let her hold me bow and she wasn’t even as tall as it, I nearly died.

Hiccup on the other hand found a toothless and a smaller version of him! Looks like we’re re-visiting the past at Supanova!

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