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When I saw these pictures from hedgehog_azuki on instagram I was like EXCUSE ME WHAT and now I’m a different, more virtuous person who has been shown the glowing face of humanity’s truest potential and is forever changed by its everbearing gifts. Also it cleared my skin.

So you can make your own character in Forces.

-insert ‘edgy cringy original the character’ joke here- Cause those jokes are still funny and fresh right? right? Haha look how cool I am using a joke that’s been beaten to death by everyone and their mother, now plz give me lieks.

“Haha, original the cringe recolour is playable in Forces now! Aren’t I hilarious??? Coldsteel and Sonichu hahaa- I’m relevant!”

Can’t wait for people to do this because why bother using jokes that haven’t been beaten to death for the past eight or so years?

Seriously no one really gave a shit when Xenoverse had customizable characters so why should Forces be any different? Oh right, because it’s Sonic and that’s literally the only reason. I’m more than sure if Mario Odyssey announced that it was having character creation no one would even complain and say how amazing it is.

It’s honestly cringy to call Fandoms cringy now

We get it. People are apparently ‘weird’ or whatever in whatever flipping dipping fandom they’re in. Even though they normally aren’t and are just trying to have a good time. Just leave it be. No one thinks you’re funny anymore.

Mainly because it never was really in the first place.

Stop basically bullying people for doing stuff that literally doesn’t effect you in any way.

Stop making fun of people for making an original character for something that makes them happy.

Stop deeming things cringy after they’ve existed for like five seconds.

It’s old, no one cares anymore.

Go do something else.

New fossil find reveals tiny hedgehog the size of your thumb

Researchers in British Columbia have unearthed a 52 million year old fossil of the smallest hedgehog known to science.

The animal was fully grown when it died, and just two inches long – about the length of your thumb. The research team named it Silvacola acares, which means “tiny forest dweller.”

This little guy was so eensy-weensy that that his back molars were just 1 millimeter in length. His bones were so delicate that the researchers were worried his fossil would break apart if they tried to get it out of the rock.

Instead, they decided to leave the fossilized parts of the animal’s skull embedded in the rock and do a micro-CT scan on it to figure out exactly what mammal they were looking at.

“I compared the scan of his molars to hundreds of little, tiny teeth,” said Jaelyn Eberle, who studies ancient mammals at the University of Colorado at Boulder. “But before too long I realized there isn’t anything that looks exactly like this guy’s teeth.”

Finally she realized she had not just a new species, but a new genus on her hands. Eberle is the lead author of a paper describing the hedgehog, as well as a tapir-like animal that was also the found at the site, that was published Tuesday in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.

Unfortunately, we can only get to know this mini-hedgehog through fossils. Silvacola acares lived during the early Eocene era, when the Earth was the warmest it has been since the time of the dinosaurs.

At that time, this part of British Columbia was covered by an unusual rain forest where palm trees and spruce trees stood side by side. The average temperature was probably somewhere in the mid-50s Fahrenheit. The palm trees suggest that it never got below freezing.

Eberle said the tiny hedgehog was an omnivore that probably ate insects and plants it found on the forest floor.

The Silvacola fossil was discovered in the Driftwood Creek Beds near Smithers, B.C., about 420 miles north of Vancouver. It was once the site of an ancient lake, and it is a popular place to find fossils of early Eocene era plants and insects, but the hedgehog and the tapir relative were the first mammal fossils discovered at the site.

Eberle thinks there are almost certainly more fossilized remains of mammals hidden in the rocks.

“It just wasn’t on anyone’s radar for fossil mammals, so when they found them, they were rather shocked,” she said. “I think there are more to be found; we just have to go look.”

Well these last few days I thought about making a mini comic showing the process of fusion between the Ancients, hi I thought of Sonic and Shadow, I wanted to finish it soon, but …
I wanted to end soon and the redesign of the transformation of Sonic and Shadow fusion had not entirely.
Although the design is ceciliavonjoy of Tumblr.
I hope you like but this incomplete.
While I am proud of funds scenarios, that cost me.:book-bounce: :lag:

I.. I love you. (Part 1)

Poly!Hamilsquad x reader
Reader strips around America, feeling lost, like she doesn’t know what to do anymore, and when she meets the Hamilsquad, she feels whole again. Like she matters and is supposed to be there.
TW: Sexual harassment, swearing, drug use.

Part two will come out soon, and what will happen?


Who smokes weed at fifteen? Me. I do. I’m sitting next to my boyfriend, Samuel Seabury, in his car. It’s autumn in South Carolina, a beautiful time, really. I inhale, knowing full well what I’m doing.

“Are you always high? Why can’t I see you when you aren’t high.” He complains. “Sam, I have to be high to be with you.” I rest my hand on my head, looking out the window.

“I’m serious. You’ll have lung cancer by 26. This isn’t safe, and I’m worried.” He told me. “Oh, so now you’re worried?! You weren’t worried when I overdosed in the hospital. You were with Sally.” I yell, losing it.

Weed always put me on edge, I didn’t think I just did.

“I thought you were going to die! I- I was weak, she was there.” He says, yelling. “Oh, so that’s you’re excuse? You slept with her because you thought I was going to die. That’s perfectly fine. Yeah, you slept with her instead of comforting me! How do you think I felt? Feeling all alone and thinking that I was going to die? Yeah!” I yell.

I didn’t cry, I don’t cry when I’m high either. “Y/N, you’re high. Be quiet.” He said, quieting down. “No! You can’t just play me off, thinking that I’m still here! Not after you cheat on me.” I yell.

“Please, it was one time!” I cries. “Okay so now you’re going to cry! I cried so many times in that room. Alone. This is pointless, you don’t understand how it feels to be cheated on.” I yell, knowing what I have to do.

“Please don’t go.” He says, right as I step out of the car. We were in the park, autumn in such a pretty time. “Oh and, I knew it wasn’t once. I see her car in the back of my mind. Working late? I saw her car across the street. I’m not stupid. I’m high. There’s a difference!” I slam the car door, walking out.

My thin floral cardigan blows along with the wind. I look at myself in a pond, realizing that if I don’t stop this I’ll die. I also notice my outfit.

A black shirt with the shoulders cut out, light blue shorts, a golden necklace, and my boots. My small little boots, with no heel. My hair is a mess, my mascara messed up.

I call my closet friend. “Eliza?” My voice wavers. “Are you ready?” She asks, remembering the pact.

“Yes.” I confirm.

~~Three Years Later~~

I’d gotten off weed, and become a slightly efficient person. But I still felt lost, alone, afraid. “Don’t forget to feed Raven.” Elizabeth smiled at me.

We shared an apartment in North Dakota, and Raven was my mini hedgehog. I’d forgotten I’d told Eliza I wanted one when I was like thirteen. Next thing I know my eighteenth birthday is here and a lil hedgehog is in Eliza’s hands.

Her name is misleading, however. She isn’t mean or anything, she’s the nicest animal I’ve ever met. And my best friend. Next to Eliza.

“Okay, Y/N. We’re eighteen, remember what we’re going to do? To get more money? So we aren’t failing human beings?” She comes into my room. I’m sitting on my bed, my messy hair in a bun.

“No, I don’t recall.” I say, not looking up from reading and Raven in my lap. “Stripping has lots of income.” She reminds me.

“You aren’t the type to strip, Elizabeth. You’re a sweet cinnamon roll to pure for this world. Even if it gives a lot of money in return.” I stroke Raven, turning the page of my book.

“Well too bad. We’re going up to Alaska where people are friendly.” She says. “Whatever. And when you see it isn’t for you, we can go back home.” I roll my eyes. “I can still keep my lil Raven, right?” I look up at her for the first time.

I take notice of her beautiful light blue day dress, her hair in a clean bun, with a matching light blue head back with a loppy bow on the side.

“Yep!” She says, and I’m aussimg she’s packing her bags. I lazily get up to grab my bag out of my closet. I look out my window, seeing the bright city and the honking cars. I smile, realizing that I will see this again some day.

Eliza quickly falls out of love with things. This is our fifth apartment. I remember she once dated this guy, Thomas was his name I think. That lasted five months and then she was over him.

He, however, was head over heels in love with her. I think he’s dating a guy now. It’s chill.


I’m nineteen now, and Eliza has finally convinced me to strip with her. She talked with her boss, saying it’s okay. Fairbanks was a small town in Alaska, and mainly people were quite nice. Eliza had told me about there being a group of men always saying, “If he lays his hands on you or does something you don’t like you come over here and we’ll take care of him.”

She thought they were a gang, and they are. I think their name was something like.. Scotties? I don’t know.

We were in the car and I was getting slight anxiety. What happens if I fall or they don’t like me? She reassured me that I’d be fine.

I didn’t know what would happen until I felt the eyes and the lights on me. Eliza normally dressed in light closed, dancing to something soft. She was the lighter side of our friendship. I, however, wore darker clothes.

I stepped into the club.

I always thought stripping was kinda magical, ya know?

But here, men with their friends. The lights, they were Stellar. Eliza hurried me to the dressing room, and I felt suffocated again. All these pretty women, how will I compete?

“You don’t focus on them, they’re your sisters.” She rushed me to my clothes. A dark red bikini with black platforms. The tallest I’ve ever seen. “Okay, change into that.” She said.

I looked around for a dressing room. “What are you waiting for?” She seemed a little impatient. “Uh, a room?” I said as if it was required. That’s when I realized the naked women walking around like it was the most comfortable state ever, and it kinda is but not in front of strangers!

“These people here aren’t strangers, they’re sisters. It’s okay to change in front of your sisters. I should know I have two.” She says, stating it like the most normal thing ever. I changed so fast even I didn’t see myself do it. “Record time!” She says.

There was a row of vanities, beautiful black ones with lights outlining the mirror. Everyone had one with their name on it. I read: Sally, Angie, Veronica, Heather, Y/N, Tiffany, and Elizabeth.

I sat down at my spot, stepping over some beer cans and cigarette butts. This was them saying “we do want we want and you can’t stop us”.

I loved them for it. Confidence and Pride oozed from them, making them seeming invincible. “Hello, I’m Tiffany!” A bright girl said to me, happiness flooded me.

Metaphorically, I drowned in her waterfall of happiness. “H-Hi, I’m Y-Y/N.” I stuttered, taken aback from her nature. “Oh, don’t be nervous!” Her smile got bigger.

“I’ll do your makeup, obviously you want dark, since your outfit!” She smiled, picking up a black and gray eyeshadow and going to work.

She realized her mistake, setting down the eyeshadow palette. Instead, she picked up foundation. How did they have my skin tone? Probably Elizabeth, always being prepared.


I was up next, and Elizabeth was after me. I gave them the song I wanted and they politely agreed. It was Private Show by Brittney Spears. It spoke Strip Club. But that’s what the song was about.

I heard Heathers music ending, and watched her collect all of her money and walking off. “Good luck biotch.” She told me, smiling. I think she meant it. I strutted onto stage.

That’s when it hit me. It hit me so hard and so fast that I just stood there and stared for a few seconds. I was meant to be here. I don’t feel lost anymore, these are my sisters and this is my audience. I gripped that pole and danced.

In the end, I collected $1,000 from the dancing and my pay. No wonder Eliza has so much money for clothes and other things. I saw four boys in particular, seemingly cool.

I didn’t pay too much attention to them because I do like this a bit. “You did so good!” Tiff congratulated me, along with all the other girls. They started playing ‘Grigio Girls’ by Lady Gaga over the speakers back here.

We all started singing along, dancing like crazy idiots. That’s when Burt, the cool ass boss, came in and pulled me aside.

“Yes?” I politely asked. “There are four men requesting a private show.” His thick gray mustache moved, his lips moving around his cigarette. “Okay, so what do I do?” I ask.

“Well, you do what they ask and if it gets to.. scary you walk out, tell those men that you don’t like them, and they’ll be gone.” He simply says, smiling. Everyone seemed to smile.

I walked out, leaving my sisters behind.

Before I opened the door, I gave the gang a smile.

SEVENTEEN MTL | to date someone who doesn't want a big family

| Can you do a most to least to date someone who doesn’t want to have a big family for seventeen? 💛 | ~Admin Hedgehog















Vernon, Dino, and Seungkwan are all very young right now, I can see maybe Dino wanting more then 2 kids when he’s older, but right now theres not even a thought of kids in the Maknae line’s head(mostly bc they are all kids still)

Wonwoo, Woozi, Minghao, Jun, and Jeonghan i think are all pretty okay with having a decent amount of kids, like not a huge family but maybe 2-3 kids, but they’d be perfectly fine with having a smaller family.

Joshua, Seokmin, Hoshi, and S.Coups are all the 4 that i thought would want the most kids, they all seem like the type that would want to have their own soccer team of children lol. They all give off the vibe that they would handle having a big family really well and would really really enjoy all the noise and chaos a bigger family would include! (scoups would want to make his own Mini Seventeen™) 


I made a Sailor Moon / Sonic 2 crossover design in hopes that one of the 24 hour t-shirt companies would accept the design. I got awfully close, but sadly no one bit on this one. But I still am really proud of this design and I plan on making stickers of it and maybe even printing a limited run of shirts myself!

Would anyone be interested if this was a shirt design I sold myself? Let me know!