mini hedgehog

Well these last few days I thought about making a mini comic showing the process of fusion between the Ancients, hi I thought of Sonic and Shadow, I wanted to finish it soon, but …
I wanted to end soon and the redesign of the transformation of Sonic and Shadow fusion had not entirely.
Although the design is ceciliavonjoy of Tumblr.
I hope you like but this incomplete.
While I am proud of funds scenarios, that cost me.:book-bounce: :lag:

Okay, I’m not sure how this whole Hedgehog Day thing works, but...

Today on Hedgehog Day (for the rest of everyone else Groundhogs Day)

I saw Shadow. Now this means one of 2 things. One… 6 more weeks of winter, or two, 6 more years of horrible Sonic games

He’s so dark and brooding. I tried to cheer him up but he kept looking like >=(

Oh well.. I tried.


By request: the bbs gang as animals. They’re pretty messy since I didn’t have very good tools and I tried to keep these relatively quick and sketchy, but here you are! (Mini’s a hedgehog because of his hair, Nogla is a mutt, Delirious is a dog, and Marcel is a cat cuz he’s a little on the moody side ;P) Enjoy! :3


Update on our baby hedgehogs!
Our baby hoglets have grown a lot since you last saw them and are now much more spiky! They are starting to look considerably more like mini hedgehogs and have stolen the hearts of all the staff and volunteers who have worked with them!
They are now back at the centre full-time and will remain with us until they are large enough for release.