mini haz


Their first kiss… Cute and all, but I’m always so confused why the girls almost always look like they’re going to get a tooth extracted, rather than be excited and actually enjoy a kiss. *shrugs*


I’d love to have a door open and reveal Song Jae Rim… 

I’m really, really feelin’ Juho… Like. A lot.

I dunno about you, but what started out as a super-productive morning at werk for me quickly devolved into a mostly unproductive afternoon, thanks to having to talk mini lazy pup off of the ledge and/or the couch. Apparently mini lazy pup haz the sadz because of reasons. Again.

I told him that his new hurr did looks nice, but he said I just said that to make him feel better. Meanwhile, even the animated GIF that regular lazy pup made couldn’t snap mini lazy pup out of his funk. I’ll tell you what, doggie depression is no laffing matter, yo. #thestruggleisreal