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Kasi could you do like a mini blurb continuation of Valentine woes where Harry is still hesitant to do anything too rough and you're being extra cute/ beggy and keep saying things like "please daddy? Promise you won't hurt me. Promise" while palming him and just being a tease

Please, No. 

The sex had been…vanilla for awhile. It’d taken days for you to convince Harry to even touch you again after the disaster that was Valentine’s, and when he finally did, he handled you as if you were made from glass. 

But you didn’t complain, because at least he was touching you. And as time went on, the wispy, delicate brush of his fingers became hungry grips and grasps. His kisses no longer ghosted over your lips, instead made their presence known with nips and bites as his tongue collided with and twirled against yours. 

And then one night you asked for a spank. You kneeled on the bed, bending to be on all fours. The lace of your underwear dug into your full cheeks and slowly rode up to cup you closer as you wiggled your bum for Harry. 

“Think you could make me red tonight, H?” you asked over your shoulder, biting your lip in the way you knew drove him mad. He was hesitant, you could tell, Valentine’s clearly still weighing on his heart; he never, ever had just let you tease him before without pouncing on you in seconds. But you didn’t let that stop you. “Leave me with a lil’ reminder of our time together, yeah? Something to think about while I’m on the plane home?”

His fingers were fidgeting with the pockets of his jeans, jaw strong and tight as he nervously bit his lips. It wasn’t fair for him to stand there, shirt gaping open and jeans delicious low, and not give you what you wanted. 

“M’not gonna hurt yeh again, kitten,” he breathed, the sadness and resignation coating his voice. 

“What?” you chirped in surprise, popping up to kneel on the end of the bed and face me. 

“M’not gonna hurt yeh,” he said matter-of-factly with a shrug. 



You hmph’d and jutted out your bottom lip in what you hoped was a cute, influential pout. Hands in your lap, arms not so subtly pressing your breasts together to enhance your cleavage, you willed him to change his mind. 

He didn’t; you could tell he was determined to never spank, slap, or choke you again from the stubborn set of his jaw. “But…I want you to,” you admitted, staring down at your hands. “I like the pain.”

Harry crossed to stand in front of you, bending to be at your level, his fingers stroking your cheek. “Please, no…don’t…don’t say tha’, kitten,” he whispered. You cocked an eyebrow in confusion. “Don’t like hearin’ I’ve caused yeh pain.”

You nodded, letting him know you understood. But your brain was churning out objections faster than you could speak; you couldn’t just let this die. “But, H, it’s not pain like pain pain. It’s like…it’s like, when you spank me, my whole body comes alive. And my skin is all sensitive, and I can feel you even better, even deeper.” 

He shook his head, refusing to believe, but you refused to shut up until he got it. 

“And when you tease me and take me to my breaking point…I’ve never felt a high like that. I feel like I’m soaring over mountain tops. I feel strong and powerful knowing I’m capable of feeling so intensely. And I feel vulnerable knowing that it’s only at your mercy that I can experience such feelings…which is why I trust you, H, ‘cause you bring me to my highest highs and make me feel safe while I’m there.”

“So daddy,” you purred, hands wandering down the front of his pants. “Please spank me. I promise you won’t hurt me, daddy, I promise.”

And that smug grin you’d been missing fell into place on Harry’s lips as he came closer to you and guided you up the bed. He hovered over you, your legs wrapping around his torso as his hands slid down your thighs to your bum. 

“Why don’t yeh show daddy where yeh want a spank?”


Their first kiss… Cute and all, but I’m always so confused why the girls almost always look like they’re going to get a tooth extracted, rather than be excited and actually enjoy a kiss. *shrugs*

I dunno about you, but what started out as a super-productive morning at werk for me quickly devolved into a mostly unproductive afternoon, thanks to having to talk mini lazy pup off of the ledge and/or the couch. Apparently mini lazy pup haz the sadz because of reasons. Again.

I told him that his new hurr did looks nice, but he said I just said that to make him feel better. Meanwhile, even the animated GIF that regular lazy pup made couldn’t snap mini lazy pup out of his funk. I’ll tell you what, doggie depression is no laffing matter, yo. #thestruggleisreal