mini handmade book


I made this gif ages ago but it was too big to publish on Tumblr.

When I found it today and separated it into 3 parts to be able to show it. I think it’s cute. I would chose a lighter and less saturated color scheme if I made it today but I let it be the way I originally made it :)

Mini Books /Mini Journals .. Recent work.

Something little .. and special ..
Tiny / little blank hand made mini books with artistically decorated hard covers .. with unique - one-of-a-kind - my own original handcrafted/decorated basrelief art .. (both front and back, each one slightly different).

Both covers are unique original pieces of art -
completely made from scratch - from polymer clay - and hand crafted with mixed media techniques - sculpting, bas-relief modelling /embossing, painting, patinating, etc. And - at the end - carefully hand grinded/sanded, and cleaned /polished.

Hand bound - coptic stitch
Hand cut /hand torn recycled paper inside.

A real pleasure to spend time creating those :)

Available for purchase in my Etsy shop.