mini handmade book


I made this gif ages ago but it was too big to publish on Tumblr.

When I found it today and separated it into 3 parts to be able to show it. I think it’s cute. I would chose a lighter and less saturated color scheme if I made it today but I let it be the way I originally made it :)

Mini Books /Mini Journals .. Recent work.

Something little .. and special ..
Tiny / little blank hand made mini books with artistically decorated hard covers .. with unique - one-of-a-kind - my own original handcrafted/decorated basrelief art .. (both front and back, each one slightly different).

Both covers are unique original pieces of art -
completely made from scratch - from polymer clay - and hand crafted with mixed media techniques - sculpting, bas-relief modelling /embossing, painting, patinating, etc. And - at the end - carefully hand grinded/sanded, and cleaned /polished.

Hand bound - coptic stitch
Hand cut /hand torn recycled paper inside.

A real pleasure to spend time creating those :)

Available for purchase in my Etsy shop.


So, one of my many pet project as im studying the strega and hedgewitch practices is making a series of personal and pocket shrines for those who have inspired me or whos ideals i wish to emulate

So, since im suffering a horrific episode of writers block from hell, i decided to start the series with two of my favorite authors-

Our father of the lost loves and detailed stories that make us believe in the impossible, and my locel hero, Edgar Allan Poe.

And Our Lady and Founding Mother of Science Fiction, queer queen of sheer badassery and bravery, Mary Shelley.

I pieced them together from mini coffins I found at the craft store and painted with gouache, cameos of the two, cloth flowers, handmade mini books i out together from paper and painted, and little bits and bobs that i felt suited their memories.

Up next will be Joan of Arc, Our Lady the Starship Enterprise, and possibly Muhammad Ali.