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When Jeon  Jungkook turned into Mr. Jeon Spreading-Legs Cena for Jimin.

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I found a hidden door in my cellar, and I think I’ve made a big mistake

by reddit user v0ids

My wife and I have lived in our house for around 5 years, and in that time we’ve probably been down into the cellar a handful of times. Our house is an old Victorian terrace house, and so the cellar is cold and damp. When we first moved in we kept wine and stuff down there (because my wife liked the idea of telling people we had a ‘wine cellar’) but it got annoying going down there every time so we stopped using it. There’s only the two of us living here so we never really needed to use it for storage space.

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Creepypasta #1067: I Found A Hidden Door In My Cellar, And I Think I've Made A Big Mistake

Length: Medium

My wife and I have lived in our house for around 5 years, and in that time we’ve probably been down into the cellar a handful of times. Our house is an old Victorian terrace house, and so the cellar is cold and damp. When we first moved in we kept wine and stuff down there (because my wife liked the idea of telling people we had a ‘wine cellar’) but it got annoying going down there every time so we stopped using it. There’s only the two of us living here so we never really needed to use it for storage space.

A few weeks ago we decided we were going to renovate it, maybe turn it into a mini gym or something. So at the weekend we went down and began cleaning it up. The cellar has a stone floor, but the walls were covered in this horrible, yellowed floral wallpaper. It looked old as hell, and I assumed it was put up decades ago. So we began to strip the wallpaper. And that’s when we found the door.

Covered up with wallpaper, the door was set into the wall. It was plain wood, and the door handle had been removed so that it was flat. We were pretty stumped at how we hadn’t noticed this before, how it had blended in so well with the rest of the wall. But at this point, I was pretty excited that we’d found a secret door, so I largely overlooked its oddness.

All the houses in our street have cellars, so I assumed it must be an old doorway leading through to next door’s cellar. We decided that we’d go round to our neighbours’ tomorrow morning and tell him about the doorway, and suggesting we brick it up or something (I didn’t really feel comfortable about having this access point into our house).

My wife tried to look through the small circle hole in the door where the handle had been removed, but it was pitch black in there, so because we’re nosy, we used the torch on her phone to peek through the hole. My wife looked first. 

“This doesn’t go into next door’s cellar,” she said slowly, moving back from the door. 

I frowned and took her phone, looking for myself. Instead of the cellar, there were stone steps, leading downwards. I couldn’t see very far with the light from the phone, so I brought down my big torch and managed to get the door open.

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Headcanon of the Day

All of the furniture in Byron’s house is made of metal. There are cushions, of course, but all of the supports are metal.   

It’s not an aesthetic decision. When someone asks why, he simply opens his wallet and hands them an old photograph. It features Roark (who couldn’t have been more than 4 at the time), his newly hatched Cranidos, and piles and piles of broken wooden furniture. Turns out Cranidoses don’t see any difference between the trees they headbutt to train and the wood that makes up a dining room table, for example. The pair got through two whole rooms before the destruction was halted. 

creepin-on-idols  asked:

Okayyyyyy but I'm going to need you to drop an album or a workout routine 😂😂😂 I'm dying of thirst lol

Lol music’s coming, here’s my workout routines though 💘

Back on the topic of this post;

  • Her name is Patience Ziya Nurse-Oluransi
  • She discovers makeup at eight years old when she witnesses her dada doing his makeup and pays extra close attention
    • She also asks a lot of questions about said makeup
    • “Why are you putting brown flour on your face, dada?”
    • “Dada that stuff made your dots go away!”
    • “I’m telling daddy you’re hiding!”
    • Ransom thought it was hilarious and Nursey had to explain that even though, yes, he knows he’s pretty he feels prettier with the makeup on
  • As she gets older she becomes used to seeing Nursey doing his makeup an eventually she starts doing it too
  • By age thirteen she can do a perfect contour and her eyebrows are constantly flawless
  • Nursey is a very proud dada
    • Ransom is just constantly surprised by how pretty his spouse and daughter are
    • With and without makeup

This might get a bit long so here have a cut

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exercise 06172017

at home

  • 4 x 20 decline pushups
  • 5 x 5 strict neutral grip pull ups
  • 6 x 10 air squats

bike ride to the gym

  • 8 x 10 incline sit ups
  • 3 x 5 strict neutral grip pull ups
  • 2 x 10 incline press with wide grip at 235#
  • 4 x 5 incline press with narrow grip at 295#
  • 2 x 10 air squats
  • 22 minutes on the elliptical

bike ride home

  • the gym workers received mini Reeses
Girl’s talk boy’s! Calum

Words: 2.4k

Warning: smut

Lyric: Do you say that I’m a sweetheart?
Do you say that I’m a freak?


“How do you even afford this type of wine, Y/N?!” My friend, Amanda scoffs throwing her head back to drink the last of her wine.

“Because she works her ass off, unlike you.” Grace, my best friend smiled sarcastically at her. Amanda opened her mouth to spit something back at her but backed out when Grace cocked her eyebrow with a ‘don’t even try me bitch’ look.

“Just drink the bloody wine,” I laughed, shaking my head at them as Yasmine dropped her legs in my lap. Me and my three best friends did this once a month just a girly night. We didn’t get to see each other much due to work and priorities. Amanda had a small child, Liam he was the cutest. Me and Grace met when we were 8 and I’ve watched her grown from a nerdy chubby girl who was insecure about herself to a beautiful curvy woman with a husband, Chae he was good to her and a nice man. Yasmin became friends with me and Grace when we were 12 and starting high school. She had bright pink hair and no friends from her junior school. So me and Grace took her under our wing and became great friends, now her pink hair was blonde and had grown out, she wasn’t married but her girlfriend Becky and her are off to travel the world.

Amanda and I met when we were 16, she had moved schools coming from a very posh family. She was by far the bitchiest and snobbiest. Although we loved her very much when she was being nice(which is very rare). Today though it seemed Amanda was cranky, maybe Liam had kept her up all night. Who knows, she’s not a very feelings person.

“So, Miss Y/L/N, what’s going on in the land of Calum and Y/N?” Yasmine smiled sweetly, putting her wine glass on the coffee table. Grace tucked her feet under herself and Amanda muffled her groan and leaning back on the worn out sofa across from the three of us.

“It’s amazing he’s the sweetest” I smiled my mind wandering to Calum, he was the best boyfriend I could have asked for. We had been dating three years and he was my first and only love. I was a stubborn bitch back then, when it came down to things and I had my walls up. But as soon as I met Calum I let him in and it was the best decision of my life. Currently he was probably working out down in the basement, he had his own mini gym. 

“When are you getting married?” Yasmin laughed. I shook my head knowing that Calum didn’t believe in marriage and that it would never happen no matter how much I wanted these three girls to be my bridesmaids. I smiled at Grace, she knew why I wouldn’t answer I told her everything. 

“What’s the sex like? That man is gorgeous” Grace half moaned, rolling her eyes back. Yasmin laughed along with her, giving her a gentle push to her shoulder and looked at me.

“That’s none of your business” I grinned, drinking down some of the wine. The bitter taste bubbling on my tongue. I heard Amanda laugh half heartedly and her hair was being flicked over her shoulder. 

“Calum’s too sweet, does he even satisfy you? You look like you haven’t been fucked in a couple of years” Amanda chuckled, holding her bony hand to her chest and giving me a fake sympathetic look. I puckered my lip and furrowed my eyebrows. 

“No he’s a freak in the sheet’s. Trust me I’ve been fucked thoroughly in every part of this house. Even the seat you’re sitting on.” I snarled. Yasmin and Grace both choked on there wine, spluttering it all over there shirts. Amanda gave me a glare, standing up from the chair and sipping on her wine. I looked over to the door seeing Calum appear. He was wearing his black sweats low against his hip, showing off his slight v-line. His muscular arms were folded against his chest. His toned body was covered in sweat probably due to him been working out, the shininess making his body glimmer. His hair was all ruffled, curls hanging loose over his forehead and there was a massive smirk plastered on his lips. His eyes landed on mine as he sent a wink in my direction. 

“Hello ladies” Calum said, smiling at them. The three girls all said hello back politely and Amanda awkwardly sat on the corner of the chair she was sitting on. Calum tucked his hands into the pockets of his sweatpants and walked forward slyly. 

“Sorry to cut this short girls, but I think me and Y/N need some alone time” He said shrugging his shoulders. Grace and Yasmin stood up giggling placing there glasses on the table. Amanda did the same but with a scowl on her face then walking past me pushing past Grace. She just laughed as Yasmin winked at me following Amanda out the house. 

“Have fun” Grace whispered walking away. I waited a few seconds before hearing the front door slam. I turned my head towards Calum who was now stood over me. I sat up straight pulling my top back down as it had risen up. I turned my body round so I was facing him. He placed both of his hands either side of me and leant down close to my ear, his breath fanning against my neck. His tender lips kissed the spot directly under my lobe which made me smile contently, the innocent kiss turned into his biting roughly onto my flesh. I whined placing my hands on his sweaty shoulders, he sucked roughly on the mark he made swirling his tongue around and his lips squeezing my skin. 

“Calum” I moaned. He lifted his head taking his lips off me, them being wet and a small bit puffy. His thumb stroked over the mark collecting the wetness drying off my skin. He looked at me with his big brown eye’s 

“So I’m a freak in the sheets you say?” Calum smirked, pulling me up from the sofa. He picked me up over his shoulder as I let out a small scream. I laughed, my stomach being pressed right against his shoulder as it dug into me every time I breathed out. He carried me up the stairs, every step my tummy bouncing on his shoulder. We got to the top of the stairs, he kicked open our door walking over to our bed and throwing me onto it. I let out a laugh as he pounced onto me. I ran my hands through his hair the softness running through my fingers. He smiled showing off his beautiful white teeth, he playfully bit onto my cheek pulling onto it. I pushed his face away from me, leaving little bite marks on my cheeks as they faded away slowly. 

“You know, I don’t like it when you talk about me like that” Calum groaned, he pushed my leg the other side of his body so he was situated between my legs. He grinded into me, placing his hands either side of my face. I leant up, pushing my lips to his. I instantly moaned loving the feeling of his lips against mine. Calum pushed me roughly back onto the bed by my shoulders, tearing my lips off of his. I looked up at him pouting, he just raised an eyebrow grinding his bulge into me. I moaned in pleasure, pushing my head into the pillow. Calum’s hands ran over my thin white t-shirt and over my boobs.

“You’re not wearing a bra?” He questioned squeezing my breasts in his hand. I shook my head no, I was pretty comfortable wearing my chill clothes around my friends so I didn’t feel the need in wearing underwear. Calum flicked my nipple under my shirt watching it go hard at the sensation. He leant down and licked over my white top, the texture of it made it see through when wet so you could see my nipple fully as he licked over it. He kissed it one last time before taking off my shirt pulling it over my head, my hair flung forward as he held it in his hand. He rolled it up and with his other hand he placed one of my hands above my head. I rested it there as he got my other hand placing it against my wrist. He tied my shirt around both my hands, tying the together. 

“This is for being a bad girl and telling your friends about our sex life” he growled, he pecked my lips and sat up straight. He was still situated between my legs as he pulled my body closer. He placed both his hands on my waist as my legs were flung over his hips. He grinded into me, his hands stroking over my bare waist. I moaned interlacing my hands together so that I wasn’t uncomfortable. He placed one of his hand through his hair as he sexily rotated his hips into me. Calum looked me in the eye and I saw an abundance of lust in them. 

“God you’re so sexy” He moaned

“Not so bad yourself handsome” I grinned. Calum slid his hands down my waist pulling my sweats along with them, he sat back pulling them slowly down my legs. I whined bending my legs as he moved forward again. He leant all the way down so his face was above mine. He softly moved his bugle against my naked core, I felt the whole length move against me. 

“You’re going to be the death of me” I mumbled tilting my head towards him. He laughed tucking his head into my neck and kissing over it. He continued his assault on my neck sucking on the same mark from earlier. 

“Calum c’mon I need you” I complained, kicking my feet around like a 5 year old. 

“Fine” he grumbled kissing over my neck one last time and sitting up. He looked down at his sweats untying the bow. 

“Look you got my sweats wet” He smirked. I rolled my eye’s as he pulled them down. His cock sprung up as he shuffled the clothing down his legs. He stroked his long thin cock, coming back towards me. He parted my legs sliding his cock along my folds. Calum pushed his length into me not giving me time to adjust as he rolled his hip’s into me. When Calum entered me I always felt full, his cock would always fill me up. I watched as his tummy clenched every time his cock drove into me. 

“You feel so tight and warm” he groaned. He ran his fingers through his hair, brushing it out of his sweating forehead. I was so hypnotised by his flexed arms and his golden hips moving in such a way inside my pussy. His cock was disappearing inside me making a wet sound as my juices ran along his cock. I circled my finger over my clit, feeling the pleasure all at once. 

I looked up at Calum, a small bead of sweat running down his cheek which could easily mistaken for a tear if it wasn’t so hot in the room. Not only did I have so much lust for this man I loved him, I’m willing to give him my everything for the rest of my life. He must have sensed something was up as he leant down grinding his cock into me. His brown eye’s flickered from my lips to my eyes and I saw so much love in them.

“I love you” he groaned, pumping his hard cock into me. His lips hovered over mine as his breath fanned against my lips. I fluttered my eyelashes against my cheeks and being as cute as possible. The butterflies erupted in my stomach from feels and from his tip grazing my g-spot. 

“I love you more” I whimpered looking up at him and smiling, loving this view of him above me. He pushed his lips to mine kissing me passionately, he was smiling into my lips. Calum’s lips were so smooth against mine and they slotted into mine like a puzzle piece. He reached up blindly untying my hands from the restraint, my hand’s instantly flew to his face pulling his cheeks closer to me. His tongue massaged mine, sucking onto it. He pulled away kissing the side of my mouth leaving me a mess benching him wanting his mouth back on mine. He rammed his cock into me, speeding up his movements as he hit my g-spot. His hands stroked down my body as he grabbed my breasts thrusting into me. I moved my legs so they were around him and he hit me at a deeper angle. I felt my high approach as Calum kneaded my ass in his hands thrusting into me.

“Cal” I whimpered. I came around him, tightening my leg grip around his waist. My vision went blurry for a second before looking up at Calum. His head thrown all the way back, if it was back any further it would fall off his body. His juicy pink lips parted as he inhaled the air around us. I felt him cum shoot inside me as he pulled out last minute, the last drops of cum dribbling down his cock. He fell beside me his body heaving from his orgasm, I was still catching up on my breath too. I turned to the side looking at Calum, he was staring up at the ceiling smiling to himself. He moved up on his elbows so he was sitting up and opened up his bedside draw, moving his hand around in the drawer. I sat up and wrapped my arm around his waist.

“Y/N” he whispered stopping his movements in the drawer. I looked up at him, his beautiful jaw line and his brown eyes looking down at me. I took in the moment leaning up and kissing him sweetly. He pulled his hand out the drawer with a velvet black box, I looked down at it and my heart skipped a beat.

“I was going to do this as a big thing and have you family and my family come over and have a party. But I can’t think of a better moment to do this and honestly I can’t wait a week without having you by my side. Before I met you I never believed in marriage and it being a thing to show how much you love someone. But when I met you that changed, I get dreams of you walking down the isle and I want my dream to become a reality. So Y/N, will you marry me, Sweetheart?”

Prompt: hi. bechloe. “we work out at the same gym and you always look super legit but i know you sing hannah montana in the shower and you know i know” au. i love your work and i hope someone brings you cake today.

Okay, so I know logically that it makes more sense for Chloe to be the gym badass, but also it’s more funny for Beca to love Miley Cyrus and deny it vehemently. This is my first attempt at a mini-fic, and it’s possibly a bit longer than mini, but I don’t know. Any and all comments would be appreciated, and y’all are aca-awesome.

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Imagine Steve and Bucky reuniting and the first time the other Avengers see them really smile at each other like in the Smithsonian footage.

“…and this floor is the common area with the kitchen, gym and mini movie theatre,” Steve’s voice echoes down the marble hallway. 

A few Avengers shift in their seats at the noise. They’re spread out through the open space with Bruce is in the kitchen and Clint at the counter. Wanda, Sam, Rhodey and Vision have a baseball game on the TV. Natasha and Tony are sprawled across the couches in the middle of an intense game of how-many-popcorn-can-you-catch-with-your-mouth. Because today is just like any other day and completely no big deal. 

“You know this hallway’s bigger than our ratty-old apartment, right?” A deeper voice grumbles out.

“I know, Buck,” Steve replies and it’s more jovial than any of them have heard it. “You’ll get used to it. I did.”

Bucky (they have yet to get that story out of Steve) snorts. “No, you haven’t.”

Natasha and Tony look at each other in mild surprise. Steve hangs out in the common area more these days and actively spends time with all of them. Clint even found Steve napping near the window the other day.

“Fine. You’ll never get used to it, but it is home.”

The voices stop approaching and no one of them can make out Bucky’s reply, but the blush on Steve’s face when they finally walk into the common room (where everyone is being completely normal) suggests it was either incredibly sappy or incredibly dirty.  

Also telling is the casual hand Steve has over Bucky’s shoulder and the lack of tension from Bucky at Steve’s proximity. 

Most of them have been through trauma, so they hadn’t been surprised to hear that Bucky was still been too quiet, too tense, too…small despite making the choice to return to Steve. Natasha knew. They’d taught her how to be invisible too. 

From Steve’s reports, Bucky has been getting better, but no one had expected him to be this relaxed. But then again, they all knew how far Steve is willing to go to protect him, so maybe he doesn’t have to be on guard all the time.

Maybe now, Bucky can just be Steve’s.

Luv In Skool || Pt.3

Originally posted by sotaehyung

Genre: high school!au

Word Count: 3.4k

Part 1Part 2Part 4

A/N: This part took me a while since I kept going through writer’s block. We’re getting somewhere guys! (It’s a little rushed in my opinion, but it’s alright.) Hope you’re looking forward to pt.4!!

The week went by much faster than you had hoped and now, on this Friday afternoon, you found yourself surrounded by a bunch of girls and the sound of bouncing volleyballs. Although you spent a few hours after school to touch up on your volleyball skills, you still couldn’t help the butterflies in your tummy as you quietly set the ball in the air over and over again. The only things, or people, keeping you from running out of the gym were Hyeri and Seolhyun. Fortunately for you, the both of them were trying out as well, but it wasn’t there first time.

“Y/N! Loosen up! You’ll be alright; you’re already amazing at basically everything.” Hyeri cheered, patting your shoulder.

“She’s right, you’ll do fine,” Seolhyun agreed, trapping the ball between her hip and arm while approaching you. “Plus, the majority of these girls could use a little more work than you, anyway.”

The coach blew her whistle, signifying the start of tryouts. You three shared an encouraging pat before taking your balls and standing in a line. The coach set you all through various types of drills, testing your reflexes as well as the power you exerted. After your drills, the coach split you all up into teams for a game.

Tryouts last for nearly two and a half hours. Those two and a half hours were spent either watching Jimin and Taehyung goof off or working out and neither of them were very fun for Jungkook. At the moment, Jungkook was in a very intense game on his phone. He was so close to beating this level’s boss that he would let nothing stop him. However, when the gym doors swung open, he nearly dropped his phone. The first few girls who left had sour looks on their faces, clutching their gym bags tightly as they shot the three boys dirty looks.

“Yikes…” Jimin whispered, watching the girls walk away. Another batch of girls scurried out of the gym, smiles and frowns mixed together as they tossed shy glances and waves toward the boys. While the door was opened, they quickly slid past it and into the gym.

“Y/N!” Jungkook’s voice echoed throughout the gym, silencing the gym as well as gaining your attention. You were standing in front of the coach waiting for her decision when he called. When you turned your head back to the coach, a smile had lit up her features.

“Welcome to the team.”

You bowed to her and turned around. First, you held a frown as you slowly began walking in their direction. Immediately, the boys’ smiles dropped as they, too, slowly made their way to you. Your lips betrayed you, though, and a grin broke out onto your face while you sprinted into their arms. Jungkook, being in the middle, was the first to wrap you in his embrace followed by the other two.

“I made it! Who knew those three days of practice actually helped!” You cheered, lifting your head from Jungkook’s shoulder, sporting an even brighter smile.

You were so caught up in your accomplishment and Jimin and Taehyung’s praising that you didn’t notice the way Jungkook’s cheeks nearly caught on fire or the way his muscles tensed when your body collided against his and he was thankful.

After your mini celebration in the gym, the boys began pushing you out the doors.

“So how was it?” Taehyung asked, adjusting the strap of his backpack on his shoulder.

“It was good. Hyeri and Seolhyun were with me so I wasn’t as nervous,” you shot him a smile as you tightened your ponytail. “Where are we going?”

“To celebrate, duh! Hurry, I’m starving!” Jimin whined, rubbing his stomach as he quickened his pace.

When you all entered the restaurant, you were greeted by the other three plus another with platinum blonde hair. They sat at a large rectangular table with menus set before them.

“Oh! Y/N! How’d tryouts go?” Namjoon asked from his seat.

“I made the team!” A round of applause and a few ‘Good jobs!’ were thrown  your way as you reached your seat beside Jin.

“Thank you,” you settled in your seat with Taehyung on your other side, then turned your head to the stranger who sat across from Jin, beside J-Hope. He was quick to meet your gaze and bowed his head slightly.

“I’m Yoongi. Congrats on making your team.”

“I’m Y/N and thank you.” You returned the gesture with a smile.

“It’s easier to call him Suga. You remember, right? I mentioned him a few days ago,” Taehyung added.

“Oh yeah, I do remember. Nice to finally meet you,” you laughed lightly, bowing your head again to Suga.

The table grew silent while everyone decided and ordered their food. When Jin’s turn came around, it seemed as if he ordered the whole menu. He gave one last look at the menu before ending it with a “That’s all. Thank you.”

“Hyung! You’re gonna eat all that with Y/N? You’ll scare her with your never-ending appetite!” Jimin laughed, earning a shrug from the older male.

“My good looks are enough to keep her here, right Y/N?” The table erupted into a fit of groans and eyerolls while you nodded.

Time raced by and before you knew it, you were waiting for the check. While the younger boys stood off to the side, trying to split the bill, you stood with Suga. At first, the silence between the two of you was awkward, but then he was breaking the tension.

“You’re Jungkook’s age, right? I’d never thought he’d actually do something like this for a girl or even talk to a girl,” a low chuckled slipped past his lips. “He’s always full of surprises.”

“Huh?” You clung to his first few words with a puzzled expression painted onto your features.

“You didn’t know?” His laughter only grew louder as he glanced at the younger boy. “Long story short, Jungkook planned it all. Sweet kid, huh?” His voice had lowered to whisper, but once he was done he started to laugh again when he looked back at you.

As hard as you tried, you couldn’t keep yourself calm. The heat rushing to your cheeks and the hammering of your heart were inevitable and you cursed the world for making you go through this. Once his laughter settled down, Suga gently patted your shoulder, then left to join the older half of the group. You followed him to Jin, preferring his gentle nature over the younger half’s rowdy one at the moment.

“We can give you a ride home and you get to sit next to me!” Jin received a grumble Suga as he ushered you outside. A smile lifted your lips, the redness of your cheeks reducing to a light pink and your heart calming as you accepted his offer.

This time, Jin brought a new car—a van to be exact. For such a large group of friends like them, it was only natural to have such a large car. The car ride, though short, was filled with ongoing conversations. There was never a silent moment with these boys and you were thankful for J-Hope’s constant jokes and Namjoon’s philosophical questions. Their contagious, happy aura kept your worries at bay and your mind engaged, so it was no wonder you hadn’t realized you were home until Jin parked the car.

“Thank you guys for coming out for me. And thanks for planning this Jungkook,” you slung your volleyball bag over your shoulder with a huff before sending a grateful smile their way. “You’re welcome’s” flew past their lips while Jungkook sat; blushing.

“A-Anytime…” He sputtered just before you fled behind your door. Behind the privacy of your door, you jumped around in happily, racing down the hall to your dad to tell him the news.

The car’s engine started up again and Jungkook let the breath he was holding out. His face was as red as ever as he shot his hyungs an embarrassed look.

“Who told her that? She wasn’t supposed to know,” Jungkook whined, patting his face with his cool hands in an attempt to calm the heat emitting from his face. They shared a laugh together, watching the flustered maknae swat at Jimin and Taehyung.

“We couldn’t take all the credit,” Suga said, followed by an incredulous look from Jimin.

“I could have!” He countered, laughing with Taehyung right after.

Jin slowly drove up a few houses to their own with a content look. He watched his friends—no, brothers, tease the youngest, a chuckle vibrating in his throat. “Youth~!” He sang, parking the car in front of their shared home.

“What are you? An old man?” J-Hope playfully scolded to Jin, who countered with a playful glare. Another laugh was shared as the group entered their home.

“Jungkookie’s growing up. He’s already asking girls out!” Jin defended, “Of course I’ll feel like an old man!”

“It wasn’t a date or anything! I was just being nice!” Now it was Jungkook’s turn to raise his hands in a defensive manner.

In the midst of all the teasing, Namjoon and Suga chuckled quietly together.

“20 bucks says they’ll be together by summer,” Suga whispered.

“Suga, you think too much of him. That kid can’t even hold a proper conversation with her,” Namjoon stuck his hand out to him with a smirk. “20 says he’ll start realizing by summer.”

The quiet chuckles quickly transitioned into laughter as they shook on their deal.

“The hyungs are thinking of something weird,” Taehyung sang, slinging a lanky arm around Jungkook.

His face contorted into a scowl, but that didn’t stop the dreaded, scarlet hue from tainting his maturing features. He didn’t understand why him having a friend, that just so happened to be a girl, was a big deal. Yeah, he knew he was never good around girls, but you were just a friend. Jungkook never worried about relationships, or girls in general, and he wasn’t about to start after a few days of knowing you. He was content with being your friend—anything more than that was out of his knowledge.

The faint sound of laughter reverberated through the thin walls of your room as you tossed and turned in bed. With an angry huff, you pushed your groggy body up, snuggling into your blankets. Slowly, you forced yourself out of bed and pulled the white curtains back, exposing your room to the sunlight with a yawn. Another laugh shook the house, one that definitely didn’t belong to your father, but was still oddly familiar. You grabbed the comforter off your bed, wrapping it around your entire body with a space for your face expertly and quietly descended down the stairs.

“Dad?” With your foot on the last step, you peaked around the wall, seeing your dad seated in one of the smaller couches in your living room. As soon as the white fabric of your thick comforter came into view, the room grew quiet and your dad shot up from his seat with a grin.

“Morning peanut!” His comforting voice coaxed you into the room, but you quickly darted behind wall again. The all-too-familiar laugh of the seven boys made your eardrums rattle as you shot your dad a pout.

“Don’t be shy! These boys live down the street from us. Fine young men!” Another grin of his brightened his features as he pushed you back into the living room where the older of the group sat on the larger couch and the younger ones sat on the smaller one across from your dad.

“I know, some of them go to my school,” you mumbled, squirming on the couch in your burrito-like state, making a sad attempt at covering your face.

“They do?” There was a moment of silence as he studied each of the boys. “Well? How’s my peanut doing in school? She’s paying attention right? Make sure you keep her away from the other boys!”

“Dad! They’re not my babysitters!” You whined, hiding the embarrassment with the comforter.

“Don’t worry, sir. We’ll watch your peanut,” Namjoon teased with a polite smile toward your father. The strained faces of the boys irritated you as you watched them hold in their laughter at your nickname.

“Sir? What am I? A grandpa? Call me Jun.” Your father stood up from the couch, straightening out his white button-down shirt. “I can’t stay long, I have a meeting today. I’m not sure when I’ll be back, but have fun. It was nice meeting you boys!”

After tightening his tie and shimmying into his jacket, your dad hurried out of door. A quick honk of his car horn and your dad was off. Now the eight of you sat quietly in the room, you still wrapped in your comforter facing the giggling boys.

“Good morning peanut,” Jimin giggled, causing the group to let loose into teary fits of laughter.

“It’s not funny!” You pouted, throwing one of the decorative pillows, watching it as it nailed Taehyung square in the chest.  “Why are you here anyway?”

“The song.” Namjoon took out the folder from behind him and placed it on the coffee table. “We came here to ask you to play it at our house so we can record it, but then your dad invited us.”

“He’s super cool too! Why were you hiding such a cool dad from us?” J-Hope took this opportunity to throw the pillow back at you defenseless state. “Where’s your mom?”

Once you recovered from the fatal blow, you attempted to sit up. “Ah… Well, she’s in the hospital.” An unsettling atmosphere wedged itself in the small room. You pressed your lips together, forming a thin line, then visibly relaxed with a deep breath. “It’s alright though. You wanted me to play that song, right? I’ll go get ready then.”

Hopping up from the couch, you gave them a reassuring nod before wobbling back up the stairs. A few minutes later and you were beaming down the stairs, nearly crashing into the group who had been waiting for you at the bottom of the staircase.

“You should take us to meet your mom one day. I’m sure we’d love her.” Taehyung pushed his way through to your side with one of his killer smiles. Confused looks were shared between the boys as Jin lightly nudged Taehyung with a frown.

“If you want we could go today after we finish recording.”

A loud crack followed by a relieved sigh was the cue for the bottled up hoots and hollers. Namjoon rubbed his neck with a content smile focused on the screen in front of him. Behind him was a mini celebrating featuring you and the younger half of the boys as well as J-Hope. The older two exchanged a high five before knocking Namjoon on the shoulder.

“It sounds great! I love it!” You squealed, squeezing Jungkook’s arm out of pure excitement.

“Thank you for helping us out.” Once the excitement settled down, all eyes full of sincerity were on you.

“It’s nothing, really. It’s fun working with you guys, so thank you for inviting me.” You continued to ramble on, thanking each one of them, then praising them afterward until Jimin started pushing you and Jungkook out of the room. “We get it! This all couldn’t have been without you and now we’re going to go show your mom!”

“Shotgun!” J-Hope called followed by the protests from the 95 line as the three of them made a beeline to their van.

“She’s in room 204. Are you family?”

An awkward look was exchanged between the eight of you and the nurse before a shrug of her shoulder’s dismissed you. A few turns and are you sure you know where you going?’s later, you finally found the room. You lightly knocked on the door, hearing the soft voice of your mother inviting you in.

“Wait here for a bit.” You said as you vanished into the room. The room was unreasonably warm, just the way your mother liked it, with only one light on to keep the room dim, “the ideal lighting for reading” as your mother always said. A smile broke out onto both of your faces as soon as you made eye contact.

“Hey Y/N. How’ve you been? I read school’s been good.” She started softly, a fragile hand patting the space on her bed for you.

“I’m good and so is school. What about you? Tired of the Jell-O yet?”

Her melodic laugh rang throughout the room, shortly followed by yours at the rather lame joke. “In fact, I am. I’m fine though. My nurse finally brought in a radio for me. Now I can read and listen to music.”

“Ohh, very hi-tech in here. Do you remember the boys I wrote about in my first letter?”

Her eyes grew wide as she grabbed your left hand. “Y/N, I’m not ready to be a grandma! I’m not done being the ‘hip’ mom!” She cried, releasing a laugh from you as well as your protests. “No, mom! They’re just friends and they wanted to meet you.”

“Oh my, I’m famous. Quick, bring them in for my autograph!” Your mother reached for the notebook, sitting up.

“Who’s idea was it to visit her mom?” Jungkook paced back and forward, his fingers fiddling with one another.

“Aw, Jungkook’s nervous! Don’t worry, Kook. You’re just her friend, right?” Suga nudged Namjoon with a smirk.

Jungkook swore he saw his brain as he rolled his eyes at his hyungs.. He let out a groan as their laughter grew louder, each of them taking a gentle swing at his arm playfully. Sometimes his hyungs were too much for him. He crossed his arms over his chest, a pout evident on his face.

The faint sound of laughter caught their attention, pulling them to the door. Jungkook’s flustered form quickly relaxed as he and his hyungs stood before the door, hoping you’d let them in.

“I can’t tell who’s laughing, they sound the same.” Jin commented, leaning against the wall. There was muffled speaking and then another round of laughter, cracking a smile from the youngest one. Suddenly, the door flew open, revealing you and the dim room behind you.

“She can’t wait to meet you guys,” you said, holding the door open for them as they filed into the room.

“Seeing all these young men is taking me back.” Your mother sighed, shaking the hands of  each of the greeting boys. “And they’re polite! Chivalry is still alive.”

After introducing themselves to your mother, they wasted no time in getting to know her. In merely ten minutes, they knew almost everything about you, including the embarrassing stories.

“She was so proud of herself, she picked up the mini-potty and ran into the kitchen just to show me.” The twitch in your eye seemed to take permanent residence on your face as you listened to their laughter. “You should have seen Jun’s face! Everything in that potty was on the floor and there was no way I was cleaning it up.”

There was a subtle knock on the door, followed by the hushed voice of the nurse telling you visiting hours were over. The groans of the boys elicited a grin from your mom as she ruffled Jungkook’s hair. “Come visit me anytime! Especially you, cutie.” Her hands were to quick to pinch Jungkook’s flushed cheeks, who was already giggling like a child.

With a kiss on the cheek and hugs goodbye, you all were out the door. The boys were giddy as you packed yourselves into the van, recalling the previous moments with your mom, child-like grins spread across their faces. That night, while the car hummed softly and the boys sang to old songs, while your dad texted you about dinner and your mom’s laugh played throughout your head, you thought about yesterday. You were so caught up in the moment that you hadn’t thought twice about jumping into Jungkook’s arm. However, you didn’t regret it either. You thought about what Suga said, recalling that it was Jungkook who wanted to be there for you after tryouts and it was Jungkook who planned that dinner. It was Jungkook who always caught your eye and made your heart ache.

There was no doubt you had a crush on Jungkook.


Your Majesty

Summary: When Regina discovers Emma pleasuring herself thinking about her, she knew exactly how she was going to use this information.
But she didn’t know it would lead her to realize her own feelings for the blonde.
Could their games lead to a fulfilling relationship?

little darlin’ with the devil’s smile

Summary: The one in the cloak never appeared to her in person. For months and months, he was all she dreamed about. She never saw his face; only the charcoal hood over his head, the deep timbre of his voice. The first time he appeared to her in her dreams, he was staring at her from across the ballroom. She could tell he was watching her, because his eyes followed her wherever she went. She could feel them boring into her, eyes she had never seen, and she wanted to know who he was, and when she had asked he had left with a, “Maybe you’ll find out some day."The first time she’d heard his voice in person, he had only said one simple sentence to her and her nerves sparked and her body was on fire."The woods aren’t safe for a beautiful princess like you to be alone, m'lady."And she could see the devilish smirk beneath his cloak, and that is when she had been scared for her life. When he finally removed his cloak, she realized he was a ‘she.'A very beautiful 'she.’

The Magic of Theatre

Summary: SQ Hogwarts AU - Muggle Studies Professor Emma Swan wants to put on a play at Hogwarts. Minerva McGonagall agrees to allow it only if Potions Master Regina Mills agrees to participate as well.

Let’s Have Another One      

Summary: While helping Regina look for a cure for Marian, a non-related ridiculous idea pops into Emma’s head.

Thank You for Raising Henry

Summary: Emma thanks Regina for raising Henry.

Happy Ending

Summary: Emma helps Regina find her happy ending.

Lawyer vs. Love

Summary: Regina Mills is a hard-ass lawyer from New York. Her life is nothing more than work until one day she meets Emma Swan, a barista with a troubled past. But, when a jealous ex comes to town, everything seems compromised and when Emma is sent away she asks Regina to do something that seems impossible.

step into my office, baby

Summary: Unofficial Code of Conduct for all BrookeTech employees: Don’t buy coffee for that lady in the power heels and the pencil skirt, even if she looks really good and you’re weirdly turned on by how particular she is about her beverage choices. Because she will absolutely turn you down, and then she’ll turn out to be your company’s new Executive Director. As with all things business, Emma Swan continues to learn things the hard way.


Summary: So he’d said quietly, "Don’t let her go again.” And told Mom the same thing the morning that she’d been released from the hospital; he’d been serious, unwavering, unwilling to see them like this.They’re his mothers, his strength. His proof that anything is possible.If an Evil Queen like Mom can find redemption and love, and if a Savior who has fallen as much as Ma has can open up her heart again and forgive not only others but herself, then anything is possible, and he has to believe that that means that the two of them finding a way to make this love story of theirs work is possible as well.

What The Heart Wants      

Summary: Things have been different for Emma since they were rescued from the book. After some extremely potent apple cider, the blonde makes a confession, that doesn’t turn out as well as she might have hoped. While trying to apologize a drunk Emma transports Regina and herself back to the Enchanted Forest. Now they must survive long enough to make it home, even if it’s from themselves.
There is a f/m scene in chapter 18, that not all are going to like. Just making sure you are warned. P.S. It is S/Q in the end game.

A Moment of Truth

Summary: After Emma and Regina finally confess their feelings for each other, the dam breaks. This is the story of discovering their love for each and realizing that it had been there all along. This story is low on the angst but high on the feels and does contain plenty of magical sex.

How Hard Can You [Love] Me?

Summary: A SwanQueen re-imagining of 4x10-4x12, where the Snow Queen’s Shattered Sight curse hits and Regina becomes the Evil Queen again for just a little while. Set soon after Normal [Monsters], and while I don’t think it’s entirely necessary to have read that first - hey, it could be fun! This is a little darker, and maybe a little dirtier. Best to presume spoilers for all of 4a.  “In the quietness of stone and woods, Emma had found solace and fortitude; in the cathedral of a mouth, something like benediction. All day it echoed - when she stood in front of the ice wall, or helped Elsa with her sister’s bespelled necklace - her body twinged, ached pleasantly; reminded her of time spent with the woman who never stopped surprising her. Regina Mills.”


Summary: A little Swan Queen fluff based on a tumblr prompt. Enjoy!“Imagine your OTP is about to go on a date but Person A has an accident and ends up having to go to the ER. Person B shows up at the ER with flowers for Person A.” (No magic/ curse AU)

Seven Passengers

Summary: Set after Swan Song (5x11). The ferryman brings the group to the Underworld, where they meet the King and Queen. Emma makes a deal with Hades and Persephone, but as they go back they find a new obstacle. Because what if, to bring Killian back to life, someone else had to stay in the Underworld?

Even The Possibility 

Summary: Beckett looks from the book to the boy and Castle and then back to the book again. “So, you know that everyone here is a fairy tale character because you read it in a book, but no one else does?”

White Blank Page

Summary: Regina continues her evil plot.

First Midnight

Summary: Running away from the ball already?“ She turns and finds the figment of her imagination standing in front of her, as real as can be. She nearly blends in with the darkness, but the rubies and her eyes sparkle under the moonlight. "And it’s not even midnight yet.”

More Flies

Summary: After the mine incident, Regina considers a change in tactics.

I Fucking Hate You and I Hate Fucking You (So Why Can’t I Stop?)

Summary: Emma returns a shirt. Things go downhill from there.

Long Shadows and Gunpowder Eyes

Summary: Emma is found with Graham’s body and thrown into jail. Which, naturally, is when the Mayor decides to pay her a visit.

You Run For Cover (I’ll Take The Bullet)

Summary: So she jumps in between a bullet and Regina. And though the reasons are anything but, if anyone asks, it was a purely professional decision.

Another Spell

Summary: When a second spell is worked over the town of Storybrooke, everyone thinks Emma and Regina are a couple raising their son together.   Everyone, that is, except for Henry. [Written post-1.05, will not contain canon that airs after that.]

Better See That You Keep What You Have 

Summary: As the blackness takes her over, her last thought is a poisoned apple shall be her end.


Summary: Emma and Regina and someone has a revelation.

98 and ¾ Percent Guaranteed

Summary:  It’s been true though. I have been in Lurches and Slumps and I managed to find my way out. But now I’m stuck in The Waiting Place. And I’m just tired. I’m tired of waiting, Mary Margaret. So I need to do what the book says and head straight out of town. I need the wide open air.    Series

Rivers and Roads 

Summary: One night turns into two, and two into five, and a week later, Regina is still staying at Emma’s.  They haven’t talked about it—not even Henry has dared to upset this new, fragile balance by acknowledging it—but the mayor’s house stands empty at the center of town, and little by little, Regina’s belongings begin to trickle into Emma’s house.

Starve A Fever

Summary: Regina would know exactly what to do in this situation. She’d lived through it for years. Emma hadn’t. This is the first real parental duty that she’s been asked to do on her own and she’s sure that she’s going to screw it up. She hates that Henry wants to be soothed and she won’t be able to do it. Because Regina had been right. She was and is Henry’s mother.

Rain Comin’ Down

Summary: Holding Emma, soaked to the bone, as they danced among the rain drops was the best moment that Regina could remember, besides the moment that Henry had first been placed in her arms.

Snow Deep

Summary: When Emma decides to investigate something suspicious on her own and things go awry, it is Regina who comes to her rescue.


Summary: For the third night in a row, the same dream has pulled me from sleep, on the verge of screaming.

Land and the Sea      

Summary: “It’s not a game, Miss Swan.  I’m dead, buried in the ground.  Though I’d imagine haunting you might become a bit of a game, depending on how well you play your part.”  (AU- Regina dies in the fire, but you can’t get rid of a witch that easily.)

Like Magic

Summary: Jane and the team are on the trail of a killer but the chase will take Jane and Maura on a journey of personal discovery and outside their comfort zone.


Summary: This is the first of a couple of 'gym days’ mini stories that I would like to keep adding.  I wrote this one today, and I hope to get one out once a week.  Time base wise, I would say that it’s around the second half of season 3, when Emma and Regina aren’t super close, but they don’t necessarily hate each other either.This was basically inspired by a woman that I’m really into at the gym.  Just in case you were wondering.

Thank God It’s BDSM Friday

Summary: TGIBDSMF - Regina and Emma have been sleeping together for several months. With Henry on a field trip for the weekend, they decide to play with a little more with BDSM. As a result, they decided to enter into a 24/7 BDSM lifestyle. This story follows that journey.

A Tale of the Oblivious Charmings

Summary: ““Mom, Regina is my girlfriend,” How it came to this, Emma wasn’t sure, but telling her parents the truth was now the only thing that felt right. Regina, wearing a dark pantsuit, held Emma’s hand as she spoke. Both of them were trembling. Memories of the past kept shooting in their skulls and both of them certainly didn’t want another blood feud. Snow, for some strange reason, let her features twist into an already too big smile. “I know that, sweetie,”“Oh, thank God. I mean, we’ve been hinting at it and Regina has been - ““You two are friends. Yes, yes. I know. I didn’t know it was much of a secret? You practically have sleepovers every night and dinners and movie nights,” Snow giggled girlishly.”– Looks and Snippets of Regina Mills and Emma Swans’s relationship as they try to hint and show the Charmings they are dating with little luck.

Growing Up, Child, Is Just A Matter Of Time

Summary: “At last, the infamous Mayor Mills!” Emma’s bright smile slides slowly off her face when his mother shifts uncomfortably at his side, when she returns the Coach’s handshake less than enthusiastically.“Deputy Swan,” his mom cuts in smoothly. “It’s nice to finally meet you,” but her voice is hard, like cut glass, and Henry knows, without looking that she’s wearing her Mayor face, the one he watches her slip on every morning on their way out the door, and the one he knows she doesn’t take off until just before he climbs into the Mercedes after practice.// growing up child is just a matter of time for giving all you’ve got so won’t you dance under the sun // run river north

The Chef at Saviors

Summary: Emma Swan is on her way to becoming an acclaimed new chef, but there’s just one thing standing in her way—food critic Regina Mills who seems to be out for blood. But looks can be deceiving. This is going to be a bumpy (and sexy) ride.

The Swan Brief

Summary: Graduate student Emma Swan and art dealer Regina Mills cooked up a silly little theory about a recent assassination, and now someone’s trying to kill them.

Storybrooke Dance

Summary: Snow knows the denied feelings between Regina and her daughter. And she decides to take action.
She organizes a dance competition but how will the mayor and the sheriff react when they get picked as partners?

Pictures of You

Summary: Henry comes in from school and discovers Regina asleep on the couch clutching a photograph to her chest… of Emma. He confronts her. She doesn’t have much to say at first. But when she starts talking, he learns his mother is in love with his other mother and there is something standing in the way–a wedding.

Chronically Yours

Summary: Regina Mills spends her every lunch break staring at Emma Swan from across a coffee shop. Then one day Emma isn’t there. When she finally gets back, looking worse for wear, Regina takes it upon herself to learn everything there is to know about Emma and a relationship neither woman thought they’d ever have blooms.

That Damn Kiss

Summary: Emma and Regina are roommate. They obviously have feelings for each other but when they decide to act on it, Emma freak out and lock herself in the bathroom.

The one where they traumatize Snow 

Summary: Emma and Regina should really invest in locks.

One Girl in All the World

Summary: It was as she was shoving the blouse into the main compartment that her fingers brushed up against the familiar wooden surface, the sharpened point of a stake, and she scowled and pushed it as far down into the mess of clothing as she possibly could. She had only kept it as a precaution. She wasn’t doing that anymore. Screw destiny. They couldn’t make her. Not after everything that had happened.AU in which is Emma is the Slayer instead of the Savior.


Summary: Regina has some trouble keeping quiet. What happens when Emma tries to test just how quiet Regina can be if she has to?

Always a Queen

Summary: It would, of course, be red, Emma thought. She wanted to ask where Regina had even gotten it – it wasn’t like Storybrooke was rife with porn stores – but she wasn’t especially in the mood for one of Regina’s ‘are you really that stupid’ looks. Besides, there were plenty of other things to do than ask questions when faced with a Regina Mills wearing only a pair of black heels and a big red cock.

Damage Limitation

Summary: A silly thing for Kristen, based on her perfect crossover AU, because the idea of Regina and Tony being bros is too awesome to pass up.Boo, I based this on the tags on your Tumblr for canon, hope it’s okay!


Summary: after being rejected by the charmings, regina decides she’s finished with trying to do all she can to be forgiven and not being forgiven. she does what she thinks she really needs to do, she leaves.

Once Upon A Glee

Summary: “In which Jefferson is Rachel’s uncle and have been out of town for a long time and comes back, Emma is Rachel’s aunt and knows about her crush on Quinn, Belle is Quinn’s sister, and Regina, Quinn’s mother, is the biggest Faberry shipper in town.
And in which , Ruby tries to seduce Belle and ask Quinn for advices; Jefferson, Rachel’s creepy uncle threatens Finn; and Regina and Emma join forces to get Rachel and Quinn together (and get a little sidetracked)”

the sweeping insensitivity of this still life

Summary: “She liked being an unweighted bag, she was free to wander with no ties. Free to figure out who she was. Then one day, a clear day with a lot of sun, Regina Mills." 

somewhere, someone must know the ending 

Summary: “I’m here because… I think my kid is having some kind of delusional breakdown because he can’t cope with the fact that … Mayor Mills and I split up.”Dr. Hopper pushes his glasses up his nose in a measured movement.  “What makes you think that?”“Well, among other things, he thinks his mother is about to cut Mary Margaret Blanchard’s heart out of her chest, before pulverizing it and sending her into a coma that only her true love can rescue her from.”[AU; here,  'fairy tale land’ is merely a product of Henry’s imagination during a difficult time.]

Say Something

Summary: Attention caught by a haunting tune, Emma tries to see past the walls of a certain brunette.
Swan Queen songfic for Say Something by A Great Big World.