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College Essential "Hacks"

This is kinda similar to my blog post “Things I Forgot/ Nearly Forgot to Bring to College”. In this blog post, I’ll be telling you things that you should definitely bring to college, and also some side advice.


A twin set fits fine on the twin extra long beds in the dorms. The difference between a twin & a twin XL is only a few inches in length. You honestly can’t tell that my bed set is a twin unless you really analyze it. It fits fine.

Mattress pads are awesome and they make the bed so much more comfortable. 

Bring light blankets. I don’t know about you but at home, I had those heavy, thick blankets. But don’t bring those. The blankets/ throws you find in a bed set will do. (**DEPENDS ON WHERE YOUR COLLEGE IS THOUGH**)


Bring shower sandals. Maybe even two pairs. They’re great for showering (a MUST-HAVE), but also work fine for a quick trip to the bathroom/ lounge/ etc. Shower sandals are basically just cheap flip-flops. 

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mini-spawn and I went for breakfast at the grocery store’s built-in cafe before a much-needed vegetable shopping trip. After a long, thoughtful silence, he told me that he’d been pondering the notion of heaven. If there were a heaven, he reasoned, then there’d have to be different heavens for each person, since we’re all different. I concurred.

He paused, chewing his eggs for a while, and then proclaimed that his personal heaven would be “exactly like my regular life, except my phone would never decharge, and I wouldn’t be sick.”

he then paused and thought for a while.

“Ideally you and Mom would still be there, too.”

he chewed his bacon.

“Maybe also i could also fly, that’d be awesome”

EXO-M Scenario: He apologises after wrongly accusing you

Request:  Can you do the Scenario of “He apologises after wrongly accusing you” but about EXO-M. Thank you

Hope you enjoy it babe! Requests are open, so please fill my inbox!


Now, Kris, i feel like that he would be too embarrassed to admit it was him. So after finding out that you did not cheat and was actually telling him the truth that it was your cousin that you were photographed with. The next morning he would try and act as if it did not happen at all. He would stroll into the kitchen and put his arm around your shoulder and kiss your cheek as he would happily say ‘Good morning baby!’. But after receiving nothing in return, he would first grumble annoyed before grabbing your hand just as you were about to exit the kitchen and pull you in for a bear hug.

“I am sorry Y/N, i promise to trust you more often”

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Xiumin would waste absolutely no time apologising to you. Even if he was at work. He would receive an email from one of your close friends, explaining the entire situation and after understanding that it was just a simple misunderstanding, he would be riddled with guilt. Every time he went on break, or even just to get a drink of water, he would messaged you i am sorry multiple times. Even getting to the point to where Suho would have to forcibly remove the phone from his hands in order to get him to return to practising for their latest comeback. When he finally arrived home, he would race to your shared bedroom and just cuddle and kiss you endlessness. 

“i am so so so so sorry baby, you know i love you right”

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I think that Luhan would actually be very shy about the whole situation. After getting over the embarrassment that he had yelled at you, insulted you and left the house after basically kicking you out. He would speed down to the closest flower store and grab a bunch of your favourite flowers after seeing the latest headline confirming it was your brother you were seen hugging. He would then also stop at a mini-grocery store to buy you a bunch of your favourite snacks. Once he returned home, he cautiously went to your shared bedroom, praying that you were still there. But when he found you asleep on the bed, with your bags packed and you hugging one of his hoodies, his heart automatically melted. He carefully unpacked your suitcase and moved you so that he could snuggle in beside you. You woke up after feeling someones presence and was confused to see Luhan there.

“Baby, i owe you so much right now, i am so happy you are still here in my arms”

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Lay would be completely straight-forward about the whole situation. He loved you with his whole heart. You were his entire life, the reason he got up, the reason he pushed himself so hard, it was all you. So when he saw the photos surface, he was truly heartbroken. He could not believe it with his own eyes. So the minute he saw the fans photo of you and your brother on his Instagram, he would drive down your apartment and knock on door ferociously., almost as if he was trying to break it. Once you finally opened and let him in, he just gave his phone to you with the picture on the screen. You laughed before explaining the situation to him and actually asking if he wanted to meet your brother. He just smiled as he pulled you in for a kiss

“Im so happy, and i get to meet your family!”

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Chen would be absolutely fuming. Once the news show he was watching showed the picture, he was more than mad. He was ranting off to his band-mates, stylists, helpers, anyone who got in his way got a rant in return. So when you decided to surprise him at work, it was no wonder that you got the cold shoulder from everyone. Even Kai, who you considered your best friend out of the band. When you finally found Chen and had asked him what was wrong he would laugh before looking at pointing at you. “Whats wrong with me?What wrong with you , you dirty little cheat!” he would start screaming before going off once again. However, you stopped him mid-rant the minute you said “Chen, that is my cousin, and i hugged him to congratulate him on his wife being pregnant for the first time.” The minute you said that,Chen would run up to you and place multiple kisses all over your face.

“Im so sorry, i was wrong, i will tell everyone the truth , i swear”

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Tao would be a bit like Lay, he  would be absolutely heartbroken, but instead of confronting the situation, he would avoid it. All day , he barely said anything. In morning practises he just kept looking at himself in the mirror, ignoring his band-mates when they tried to talk to him. During interviews, he gave one word answers and when it was time to eat, he merely just played with the food on his p-late. It got to the pint that when they returned from a long day of work, instead of going to sit on the couch and talk about their day as they usually do, he just went to his shared room and locked himself in. Suho decided to call you over and you were there in a heartbeat. You opened the locked door using the master key they had just borrowed you and went to sit on the bed next to him. Having figured out what was wrong, you showed him the picture on your online and then a picture from a recent photo-shoot, showing how it was clearly photo shopped. Tao did not say anything but instead went to hug you tightly.

“Im so glad you are still mine. I am sorry for not asking you first Jagi”

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Hello! I'd like to request headcanons for Dazai when his s/o accidentally calls him by his given name for the first time please. You're an amazing author!

Awww thank you dear!! 💖

Dazai Osamu

  • Does Dazai hear you when his given name first slips out of your lips? Absolutely. Where’s the fun in letting you off that easy, though? Shit-eating grin splitting his face, Dazai drops whatever he’s doing to sidle up next to you. One arm winds around your shoulders, his other hand cupping his ear. 
  • “What was that?” Dazai prods, raising an eyebrow. If you refuse to repeat yourself he immediately morphs into a whiny two year old. Dazai gets right in your face, smirk never fading. “I know you said something,” he teases, poking you. The longer you resist the more annoying he gets; soon he’s practically hanging off you, limbs tangling through yours as he whines a constant stream of “what did you say what did you say what did you say” right in your ear. He keeps poking at you until you finally give in.
  • “Ah, it sounds so lovely when it’s coming from your lips,” Dazai sighs, barely holding back a swoon as his arms wrap around your shoulders. “Say it again? Please?” This time he asks perfectly sweetly, pressing his lips lightly against the back of your neck. Every time you whisper “Osamu” in a sing-song voice just for him Dazai rewards you with a playful feather light kiss, speckled on your neck as his fingers gently draw patterns across your stomach.
  • If you haven’t moved past the honorifics stage yet, this is the moment Dazai officially abandons formal titles. By no means does this equal him using your given name, though; from now on, he coins a cute nickname for you (if he hasn’t already). Most of the time he simply calls you by your nickname, though he’ll let your given name grace his lips occasionally.
  • Dazai doesn’t particularly care which name you call him, but if he feels like being difficult, he only responds to ‘Osamu’. Whether he’s throwing a mini-tantrum in the grocery store because you won’t let him spend half his paycheck on snow crab, playfully giving you the cold shoulder, or toying with you during a roll around the sheets, be prepared to break out his name sometimes to coax him back in line. Naturally, whatever Dazai can use to tease you, he will; now that he knows you’re comfortable throwing around his given name, it’s just another weapon in his arsenal.
  • Dazai’s favorite place to hear his given name is in the bedroom. Usually he doesn’t care whether you use ‘Dazai’ or ‘Osamu’, but when he’s got you naked and writhing underneath him, his personal name is music to his ears. Moan a steamy Osamu while his mouth is working magic between your thighs and he’s instantly twice as hard. Something about the fact that it’s so personal gets under his skin—you know him inside and out (as much as he lets you, at least), so much better than all the quick fucks he’s had before.

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YOO (i hope im doing this right😅) could i please get a thing with Kuroo where both of them end up drunk, and it's s/o's first time getting drunk, but they end up doing crazy/funny shit together. and then wake up with a really bad hangover. nsfw/sfw, i dont mind whichever. tysm!! ❤️ love your blog :))

I apologise for such a long wait! Thank you so much for your love and support for this blog, it truly means a lot to me! :)

-Admin Lana

  • Kuroo is the type of drunk that gets clingy. He’s hanging all over you, but you don’t seem to mind considering how wasted you are.
  • At first, Kuroo tries to remain sober since it’s your first time drinking, but once the body shots get going, he’s too far gone.
  • Laughs at anything and everything you say. You could simply say ‘I love you’, and it’s like it’s the meme of the year.
  • The two of you end up going on a mini adventure to the grocery store down the street (it’s within walking distance) where you engage in shenanigans. You’re reduced to the mind of four year old, playing with basketballs and fighting each other with light sabers.
  • Somehow you make it into bed, although Kuroo ends up with half of his body hanging off the edge with his feet in your face.
  • Despite the major hangover that he has, he makes sure that you’re taken care of first. After all of the college parties he’s been to, he can handle the headache. 
  • By the time you wake up, there’s a glass of water and aspirin by your bed. Kuroo wakes you up sweetly with a soft kisses, grinning as you squint at the sun peaking between the blinds.
  • Since you are out of commission, the two of you decide to spend the day inside enjoying each other’s company and having a chill day.

Team Arrow goes on a road trip! ᕙ (✿⊙へ ⊙〃) (and try not to lose Roy along the way)

One of Daddy's Fans
  • A small talk with a Grocery Girl who works at their regular grocery store reminds Genos that Saitama's still got a few fans out there who do recognize him as a hero.
  • (Based on a reference I made in a previous Chat Comic titled "Cyborg Queen.")
  • -------------------------------
  • -Genos doing his usual grocery shopping with the Minis at their local grocery store. They put their goods neatly on the conveyor belt as the lady begins to scan them one by one.-
  • Grocery Girl: Will that be paper or plastic, Sir?
  • Genos: Plastic, please.
  • -Notices some of the Minis putting the produce and such onto the belt, while others go over what must have been the grocery list.-
  • Grocery Girl: [-giggles-] Your children are very cute. They look exactly like you.[-she said with a smile-]
  • Genos: Thank you.
  • -As he politely nods to her for the compliment, she blinks as she stares at him.-
  • Grocery Girl: ...Hm? You look familiar...
  • -He figured she'd say that. As an S-Class it was hard to not get around without at least 10 or so people recognizing you; usually within the span of 5 minutes.-
  • Grocery Girl: Oh, I used to come to our market in Z City. [-Her smile brightened-]
  • Genos: ...?
  • -Well he wasn't expecting that.-
  • Grocery Girl: Yup, I definitely remember you coming with Saitama-kun for a while before the city was wiped out.
  • Genos: (Saitama "-kun"...?)[-For some reason, hearing her sound so familiar with his teacher enough to add an intimate honorific didn't rub him the right way.-] I didn't know you knew Sensei so well...
  • Grocery Girl: Well he was a regular for my family's market, especially for super sales...[-she continued to explain as she scanned each item. As she talked about Saitama she laughed.-] He was such a funny guy that it's hard not to forget about him.
  • Genos: ...I see. [-says a little more coldly than he should.-]
  • Grocery Girl: That...and the fact that he was always saving my Grandma and my family when we needed it most. [-She says with a far off smile as she seemed to remember something.-]
  • -Genos looks at her with a cocked eyebrow, to which she quickly responded as she scratched the back of her head. She was rather cute when he looked at it, which didn't make his ridiculously jealous feelings ease up.-
  • Grocery Girl: Ah haha, well you see when I was a few years younger, my family and I mostly lived around Z City cause my grandparents had inherited that market for years. Though it was often always dangerous, we somehow managed it with the few loyal customers that came. At some point, Saitama-kun had appeared when my Grandma was getting threatened by Loan Sharks, and somehow become something like our guardian angel for a while since then. [-laughs-] Though he claimed it was because we gave good Napa Cabbages at bargain sale prices, I definitely felt like he was doing it for my family who are far too nice to not be taken advantage of.
  • -Hearing her explain her source of admiration finally made Genos not only relax, but also feel a sense of relief. He was often worried that his teacher still got bad press as a "no-good fake." And it didn't help that he was far too noble a man to stop it when he was trying to protect the reputation and pride of other heroes; including him. But knowing there was still a small niche of people who knew his teacher's true heroics always made him feel happy that his good deeds don't always remain unnoticed.-
  • Genos: So did you and your family move to this place after?
  • Grocery Girl: [-She smiled and nodded.-] Yep. After we finally convinced my grandma to move with us, we finally settled here. Since I'm old enough now, I can work part-time. So maybe I can see you guys more often. [-grins as she finishes scanning the last few things.-]
  • Genos: I see.[-finally smiles-] Well then, until next time.[-Helps carry some of the groceries as the Minis take their share of the load for him.-]
  • Grocery Girl: Ah, wait a sec, Genos-san.[-she waved for him to come over to her for a sec as he was about to leave.-]
  • Genos: Hm...? [-He blinked as he leaned in-]
  • Grocery Girl: [-whispers-] We give coupons for the oiled fish and energy drinks you like, so on days when you're...y'know..."exhausted"...feel free to take a few.
  • Genos: Eh..Wha-What...//////...? [-flushes and steams a bit which earns a grin from her.-]
  • Grocery Girl: Ah, looks like my shifts over for the day. I'll see you later then~
  • -A bit dumbfounded as he watches her scamper off before having one of the Minis get his attention that they should go home.-
  • Grocery Girl: [-she hums a tune as she hangs up her apron before leaving to change, watching as the family leaves the store.-] Hm Hmn~♪ I knew those two would work out that way in the end.

He figured he looked like a homeless person, the way that he was sitting on the sidewalk in front of his flat with no shoes on. In fact, two or three passersby had tossed a knut or two his way without even casting him a glance, but he left them scattered on the ground at his feet. He didn’t necessarily need the money and if he was seen picking it up, it might attract more attention–which was the last thing he wanted. No, Charlie was sitting out on the sidewalk in bare feet because he was going stir crazy in his flat. He wasn’t built to be contained by four walls, and this was the best way he knew to spend some time outdoors without having to travel too far. There were open spaces that he could go to, but not barefoot and then he’d have his shoes to contend with and it was more than his sleep-deprived brain could handle at the moment.

So Charlie sat, his head leaned against the building’s brick exterior, daydreaming about the reservation and the smell of the wild in the air. This would be as good as it got for a while.

Appetence - Part 2 (Jonghyun)

I was going to write Taemin’s first but then I got stuck so I worked on this instead~

(Who says you can’t go on a diet?)

Christmas comes and goes.

You spend it with Kibum and the boys, having all of them gathered in the house for one big cozy party. It isn’t anything new, because you’ve practically spent the holidays with the guys every year and each time it always ends in the same manner.

Minho and Taemin passed out on the couch from wolfing down too many snicker doodles, Jinki and Kibum huddled together in front of the fireplace speaking in hushed voices. You’re left alone after cleaning up and having nothing else to do.

So you grab for a thick blanket in your room, tip toe through the piles of gift wrap strewn all over the floor (of course Kibum chose not to give you a new laptop), and step outside to settle down on the porch swing.

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