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Babysitting The Twins

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Artist: Jay Park

Today you were on break from work since it was the weekend, your parents had decided to go on a mini getaway for the weekend and you offered to babysit your little twin brothers for them who were 4 years old. You heard the door bell and figured it was probably your parents coming to drop off your brothers off, you opened the door and greeted your parents.

“Thank you for doing this”

“Of course Mom, have fun and don’t worry” you told her and gave her a kiss on the cheek

“Dad you too don’t worry, enjoy your trip” you kissed him too and said goodbye to them.

“Boys” you called how to your little brothers to see where they are, but before you noticed how they both put away their shoes, they are taught well you thought.

“What are you guys doing” you asked them

“I want the remote can you please give it to me Ness” your brother asked tip toping trying to reach for it

“Here you go” you handed him the remote

“Thank you” he said polity

“Your very welcome cutie”, “But before that I didn’t get my kiss now did I “ you told them.

They both came running to you and sat in your lap and showered you with kisses, your little puppy saw that and came running to you too and licking your legs trying to show its affection.

You heard your phone ringing so you out the boys aside but carried your puppy and went to see where your phone was at.

“Hello” you said once you answered

“Hey baby” Jay said on the other line

“What you doing baby” you asked him

“Hmm, nothing I finished work early, that’s why I called to see if you wanna go out” he said,

“Baby I cant I’m babysitting my baby brothers” you told him.

“Ohh” he said

“But baby your welcome to come anytime you want, I’m going to be home all day, and maybe get ice cream after lunch” you said

“Okay I’ll come over in a bit”

“Okay babe, I’ll be waiting”

“I love you, bye”

“Love you too” you hung up the phone and then went to check on your brothers, you saw they had turned on the tv and had their favorite show on you thought kids these days are so smart.

20 minutes later you hear your apartment door open, and when you looked you saw it was Jay and he had a bag with him. “

Hey baby” you went and greeted him

“Hey” he said when he noticed you and gave you his famous smile.

“What’s in that bag”

“I got snacks, babe I have to bribe them so they could like me” he was saying with a serious face but his smile showed he was joking.

“They will like you either way baby” When he walked in he was just so amazed with how cute they are and their matching outfit but each had a different color shirt, and the way they were sitting and watching their show.

“Minjun, Yujun, come and say hi” you called for them, they both came and stood in front of him and bowed

“Nice to meet you” they both said at the same time as if they had practiced.

“Hey there little men” Jay said and ruffled their hair.

They were both looking at Jay so amazed with his tattoos and his shiny ass watch.

“I think their amazed by your tattoos” you told him.

“You have a lot” Minjun said, and Yujun nodded his head agreeing, they got closer to see the tattoos, and they were pointing out what they see, they were amazed.

Then they both took his arm and dragged him with them so he could join them, Jay looked at you and you just nodded your heard telling him to go ahead and follow them.

Then you heard them just talking to him about their show, and Jay showed them that he was interested which made them really happy, and they couldn’t stop telling him about it, and each would explain their favorite character to him, Jay thought their very cute.

After almost five episodes of the show that they had watched, and light snacks that you handed them, you were done with making lunch.

“Boys ” you called out, and they all three looked at you

“Lunch is ready come on get up” All three came, and the boys wouldn’t leave Jays side, they both even sat on each side of Jay on the table. You really loved it that they liked Jay and they were getting along together.

“Thank you for the food” they said and you guys proceeded with eating.

You were putting the dishes in the dish washer when Jay came and hugged you from the back and whispered

“Their taking a nap now”

“Thank you babe for putting them to sleep”

“No problem” You turned around to give him a peck, but Jay held you closer and turned it into a kiss.

You guys ended up on the sofa, it’s been a long day and the house wasn’t quite until now, you guys were laying down almost drifting to sleep, and your puppy Fluffy came and made its self comfortable where your legs were, everyone needed a power nap, including Fluffy your puppy.

Almost an hour later you felt someone shaking your arm and you opened your eyes to see Yujun standing there.

“What’s wrong little man, do you need anything”

“Let’s to get ice cream sis, your said we would” he said

“Okay we will, just give me a few minutes okay” you said and he nodded his head and went to get his brother.

You looked to see Jay is still asleep next to you, you were debating whether to wake him up or not.

“Babe” you said to see if he would wake up easily.He just groaned and cuddled into you more.

“Babe do you want to come with us to get ice cream” you asked him

“Mmm” he said sleeply and nodded his head. He started opening how eyes slowly adjusting to the light. Jay got closer to give you a kissed and he was so into it, but then he heard your brothers coming closer screaming ice cream so he moved away, you just start laughing when you saw his scared face.

You guys went to the part and got ice cream, you let the twins play while you and Jay just sat there watching them.

“Babe I can’t wait till we have our own kids”

“Mm, I know, how many do you want” you asked him

“I want three two boys and a girl” he said so quickly as if he had it all figured out.

“Same here, we’ll have two Jr Jays running around” you said.

Jay ended up sleeping over that night, he tucked in the boys and read for them stories so they could sleep.

It wasn’t hard taking care of the twins since they were so polite and they listen easily, but Jay did help around and your were thankful and glad, and also that they got along and liked him.

Thank you so much for reading the scenario, and I hope you enjoyed it.


Unplugging for a bit..

That Guy and I are going on a mini getaway that I’m super excited about so I’m planning on staying off social media as much as I can while we’re away. I’ll be back to my normal dash-spamming self after we’re back and I’m preppin’ for Saboten! Have a great weekend everybody!

#10- He Loves When You:

He loves when you’re carefree and you enjoy life. He’ll always plan mini getaways for the two of you just so you can get away from all the stresses of your life, even if it’s only for a little while because nothing else compares in the world to the happiness he gets when he sees the smile he loves all too much on your face.

He loves when you’re in the mood to cuddle, spooning sessions are the best, especially the late night ones. He loves to feel a bit protective over you and he’ll always say he wants to be the big spoon because, well, he loves having his girl in his arms so that he can protect her from any harm that might come in her way.

He loves when you start deep but meaningful conversations, rambling on about the smallest of your life worries to even the biggest of problems you may have. He loves that he can be that someone to you who will always be there whenever you need him and he loves that he can distract you from your life worries, the smile on your face afterwards makes it all worth it.

He loves when you finally achieve something you’ve been working hard for. He’s been there with you throughout the process and he knows how much it means to his girl to finally achieve what she’s been wanting. He loves to see that look of joy you get on your face when you’re all done and your hard work has paid off, nothing ever compares to that look.

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