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Ahhhhh!! Describe your experience meeting Auston

omg okay so give me a sec to explain exactly what happened bc i’m still in shock. so we got to the awards and to the red carpet, and stood behind this group of guys who were first row at the fence for the carpet. and those guys were clearly there to just have things signed by players to sell. they had bags full of jerseys with tags on them, mini sticks and folders of papers. so we step behind them, in front of their bags and they start getting all mad bc they can’t reach their bags to get stuff signed by players to sell on ebay lmao but aerin and i didn’t care obviously, we were there for for auston like that’s all we wanted.

soon auston was about to come out and a guy that wasn’t part of the group, but was front row to the right of us, went “you guys want matthews?” and we were like “YES yes” and so he let us into his spot and i go “we don’t have any sharpies” and he was like “oh yeah here” so he hands us a sharpie and auston starts walking out. there were a ton of fans before us wanting to get stuff signed, including the guys who wanted to get sticks signed by auston to sell. but all auston did was glance over at them and the huge group of fans before us (i think most players know when people are just there to get stuff signed and sell) and then his eyes landed on us (i was almost falling over the fence at this point lmao) and he walked straight over and past everyone else and signed our jerseys. a guy behind us went “did you get it?!?!” after we got it signed and we were like “YEAH” and we were hugging and almost crying. i love auston he did us good. and i love the guy that let us into front row, he has no idea how much that meant.

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do you have advice for the kind of person who is never happy with their mods folder and tends to start over about once every month. i can never find stuff i am 100% happy with and mixing stuff (like textures, skinsets, and eyesets) drives me nuts. you seem like you have consistency going on, so please tell me your ways.

This has been in my inbox forever I am so sorry D:

 As someone who is never really happy either, uhm not really, no? I’m currently building a mini CC folder because I am so tired of having to wait for my game to load ><

 The best tip I can give you, is set yourself some rules. Like, I play Maxis Match and I’ve made some rules about what MM is to me and my game, and I do my best to stick with them.

 Like I’m not downloading clothes with English text on them (or I do, and then I change it to Simlish). My mini CC folder has even more rules. Only Maxis recolors/add ons/extracted clutter, and only Default replacements. The only thing I’m making an exception for is plants and paintings, because one can never have too many plants and paintings XD

I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help :(

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What do you think would be the 'best' grammar textbook for learning German? I can't decide :/

No textbook is perfect. You need 2-3 and you must combine what they say because one might say that the rule has an exception but another will add these exceptions. So I’ll suggest you 3. Choose one and after you’re done with it, complete the info from your notebook with info from the others. ^^

Colloquial German 
Teach Yourself German (these 2 are in the “mini” folder from here)

German All-in-One For Dummies 

Now, out of this 3, i think the “For Dummies” book is the more complex, use it 1st, then “Colloquial” and the “Teach Yourself” at the end. This is my opinion.


Greetings and hello, to all of my Fruits Basket followers! It’s been a long time since I posted anything Fruits Basket related on here.

Anyway let’s jump right into it! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ♡

I went to Comic Con today! And while I was there, I visited the Yen Press booth, and you wouldn’t believe what they were giving away?

That’s right, the mini Fruits Basket another folder, that was included in an earlier of HanatoYume magazine. The catch is that you had to buy a volume of Fruits Basket CE. Which isn’t really a problem with me, since I’m always ready to throw my wallet at Takaya-san. Lol!

That, and I needed volume 4 anyway. So in a way, it’s a win win. (^_^)☆

Along side all that, here is the “I feel so Grateful” page for Furuba CE vol 4.

Here, Takaya-san talks about the infamous hand injury incident, but with a little bit more detail. She even leaves us with a cliff hanger in the end! Can you believe that?! D:

We’ll have to wait till volume 5 for the shocking conclusion!

Well that’s all I have to say for today. But before I go, I just wanted to say that chapter 6 of Fruits Basket another is up on Hana LaLa! Will we ever get a English translation?

Well, only time will tell.

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Have you tried to bundle recolors? Taking out weird symbols or replacing accented letters helps with downloads. Translating Asian symbols is also a big help. Playing a themed game cuts down on the need for all types of CC too :).

That’s actually a really good idea, about the bundles. I’ve never bothered with it before, but I might have to try it now. I’ll use my mini DL folder to test it with. 

I have renamed all of them ^^ Bulk Rename Utility is my bff, I recently renamed everything again to replace every - with an _ :) 

Thanks for the tips! ♥ 

Shawn Mendes-Bad Reputation

Requested: anonymous
Word count: 700
Warnings: N/A
Summary: *Based off “Bad Reputation-Shawn Mendes”
~ ~ ~

You sat a café in Toronto, Ontario.
It was a gloomy rainy day and it made you feel too lazy to make lunch, so you went out.

You didnt mind the crappy weather, so you sat at a table outside that had an umbrella for you to stay dry under.
You sat on a comfortable metal chair and rested your wrists on the table while you texted a friend.

Footsteps thump behind you but you ignore them.
A figure touches the chair across from you.
“Is anyone sitting here?” The young male asked.
“Nope” you respond and look up from your phone.
Its Shawn Mendes!
He smiles, “By the look on your face I can see you recognize me”.
“Yeah. You’re also my ex’s friend” you respond, regaining composure.
“You dont have to worry, Im not a sent spy. I just want to talk” he says and takes the seat across from you.
“What do you want to talk about?” You ask him, curious.
“You” he says.
“Me?” You ask and furrow your brow.
He nods, resting his folded arms on the table.
“What about me?” You ask him as a waitress approaches you two, hair wet from rain.
“Yes, you and your bad reputation” he responded.
The waitress takes out a notepad and smiles, “Can I start you both off with a beverage?”.
“Water please” you tell her.
She writes and then looks to Shawn, whom nods in agreement.
She leaves.

“What about it?” You say, continuing the conversation.
“You’re rumored to be quite a handful” he says, trying to hide his smile.
“Who’s the lil birdy that told you that?” You smile, already knowing.
He shrugs and sits back in his chair, pretending not to know.
You purse your lips and rest your folded arms on the table.
“All of my friends have seen you naked” he says to you.
You look into his hazel eyes.
“Or…so the story goes” he adds.
“Uh huh” you state, his eyes meeting back.
“I’ve also heard you like to toy with hearts” he added again.
“We all make mistakes, dont we Shawn?” You tell him.
“Of course we do, Im not saying we dont” he assures.
“Then why dont we let it go” you tell him.
Shawn softly giggles himself and shakes his head.
You frown in confusion.
“They believe the outer shell of you. But I know what they dont” he continued, “You’re not really bad”.
“How do you know? All these stories you hear about me…they’re bad” you reply.
“I dont care what they say. They dont know what you’ve been through” he responds justifiably.
“And you do?” You question.
The waitress comes back with your water.
“What can I get you two?” She asks.
“My usual please” you respond.
“Im good, thanks” Shawn says.
“Alright, let me know if you change your mind, hun” she smiles and then leaves.
You turn your head back to Shawn, whom already was looking at you.
“I want the chance to show you how you should be treated” he says.
You sip your water and then respond, “why?”.
“You intrigue me, y/n. If you wanted my attention, you got it honey” he answered.
“That’s unusual. Nobody ever gets too close. You’re playing with lightening, Mendes” you respond.
“Then it will be extremely satisfying to win you over” he remarks.
“And hard” you inform him.
He slightly lifts his chin with a grin,
“I like a challenge”.
“Well good” you state, “Cause you got one”.

[After Lunch]

“I got it” Shawn says, taking the bill from you.
He looks at it and tosses a $10 bill in the mini tab folder.
“You didnt have too” you say as you stand up from the chair.
“I wanted to” he assured you and followed in suite.

You both start walking off the patio as the rain comes to a drizzle. “All I ask is that you dont turn my heart cold” he teases. You stop abruptly, mouth agape. He raises his hands in defense and smile playfully. “We’ll see. I do of course, have a bad reputation” you tease back.

what’s inside my (forever 21) pencil case:

right hand corner, from top to bottom:
-Herff Jones mini sticky notes + tabs folder

-0.5mm lead
-Pentel eraser

-white out

below the pencil pouch, from left to right:
-muji colored pens 0.38mm

-midliners pastel colors

-Pentel energel liquid gel ink 0.5mm pen
-papermate fair black marker
-Bic black pen

-Pentel P205 0.5mm mechanical pencil
-Zebra M301 0.5mm mechanical pencil

For a while I was afraid it wouldn´t reach me in time but thankfully my december kuji lottery prizes are here and I´m able to ship all extra ordered keychains out to my friends and customers before christmas is.

Attack on titan junior high school festival was the theme for this time.

My cat like always was very curious over what I got this time.

I think my heart melted a bit as soon as I unpacked my otp Levihan. Racoon Levi and ferret Hanji!

And last but not least I got this cute little mini clearfile folder featuring Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Levi and Hanji painting and being just outright adorable >w<

Keeping and Organizing Your Math Binder: How to not end up with one page of notes and a calculator at the end of the Year. 

I got a request for tips on how to organise and keep a math binder from dilligentartistic and so, here it is! 

Before we begin, my thoughts about choosing the right binder: 

  • I personally like plasticy, almost flexible binders because they’re less bulky than hardcover ones and I think they’re not so heavy, so that’s what I recommend you get, but zip up binders or even normal binders are fine. 
  • Remember, whatever it is, don’t buy a too big binder because it’ll be hell to carry around and chances are, it’ll end up squashed in the back of your locker. 

So, my essentials for a math binder!: 

  • 3x Notebooks- Okay, might seem like a lot, but I have a reasoning behind this. In my school, we’re allowed to bring in a single notebook during our math tests as a “cheat sheet” so one book is where I keep all my formulas and example questions. The second book is what I use to solve the problems my teacher sets me. The third is a “scribble book.” My teacher likes to write out notes for us on the board, but I like to write my own. This third notebook is just where I write down all the notes he gives us in class and when I get home, I sort out which ones I need and which ones I don’t, and those are the ones I write in my “cheat sheet” book. Even if your school doesn’t let you bring in cheat sheets, I suggest making one at home anyway (but don’t bring it for tests!) because it helps you condense what you’ve learned and will be a big help in the exam. 
  • A mini folder- Prefferably one with binder holes if you’re using a normal binder, but if you’re using a zip up one, any old folder will do. Most handouts you get from your teacher won’t come with punched holes for your binder, so they keep everything in one place. 
  • A bunch of loose leaf pages- I like to write down any questions or problems I need to ask about on these loose leaf pages so it’s easy to find them. 
  • A binder pencilcase- You don’t really need this, but it might be easier to have everything in one place. I only use pencils in math, so I put those in mind, a ruler, protractor, calculator, stuff you wouldn’t use for any class except math. That way, you’ll have all your stuff in one place and that’s less to carry. 
  • Some dividers- Really helpful if you have more than two things in your binder. Say you have your textbook in there, looseleaf pages, three notebooks and a handout folder, sectioning it off allows for easy and quick access. 
  • One final tip: Unclip stuff out of your binder when working-- Even though I have a math binder, it’s just to make sure I have everything I could possibly need with me. When I’m taking notes in class, I’ll usually just take out the three notebooks from my binder and put the rest in my bag, and I recommend you do that too. Binders can be really annoying and bulky when you’re trying to get work done so definitely unclip stuff out when you’re using them if it distracts you. 

So those are my tips to keeping and organising a math binder. I hope I helped you guys out!