mini fire


I thought it’d be cute if Diva and Sera asked Bakura to join them on their travels….. so here’s just a couple doodles of that (Bakura is that poor easily fooled tourist to which Diva is like no no don’t you dare look over there)

1. In the first dream I’m standing at the edge of the parking lot. It’s sunset. You smell like grape-flavored medicine and flirt with drowsy eyes. No one knows we’re here.

2. A time change. I forget to re-set the clocks. Everything is ticking and all the walls are white.

3. The next night there is a forest fire. You wake me up and we walk too close to the flames. The grass is crackling. You hold my hand.

4. Time passes and I don’t call home enough. You don’t see my face in the crowds anymore.

5. You’re late for work. I don’t wake you up. There are coffee grounds in the sink and blood on your toothbrush.

6. Ten months later I find ashes in the gutter. I cannot find your address. I think you’re in Kansas.

7. I mail everything back. The clocks are still wrong.

—  fever-dream, part iii, Elizabeth McNamara

I did it! I finally beat this game at 100% and its dumpster fire missions. Mini medals can burn in hell. Took forever, and I’m very proud to finally beat a Dragon Quest game at 100%. Big fan of the series, and Dragon Quest Heros showcased the series in a positive direction it should go in. Bringing back old characters I enjoyed and actively using them in creative ways. I was very happy to play this game and every minute of it. I would recommend it to anyone interested in trying it out

Aujourd'hui j'ai réalisé un petit exercice.

Quelqu'un m'a demandé de prendre en photo mes passions et/ou ce que j'aime beaucoup. La seule condition était que ça ne devait pas être une personne, le reste j'avais la pleine liberté. Après trois heures de photo de tout et n'importe quoi, j'ai enfin réussi à me décider sur une photo…