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a HC where Chubby!MC ask her S/O to break up with her because she thought herself as a burden and only embarass her s/o?? *slips hourglasses

lololol I think I’ll classify this as mini-fic tbh haha I write whatever comes out. Mm, I can’t think of V’s reaction, sorry…

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Warning: Long post.


Chubby MC asks to Break Up


  • Jaehee was rubbing her temples, thrown off by your sudden statement. “What brought this on, MC?” she asked, sounding tired and sad already.
  • When you didn’t reply, she prompted, “Was it something I did? Was it the chocolate I secretly ate a few weeks ago? Or maybe when I ignored you that one time a while back when I was serving a customer? Or was it because I was top last nigh—“
  • “No!!” you exclaimed. Your cheeks were flushed from her previous comment. Lowering your voice, you continued, “No… It’s just me. I-I… I don’t like how I look.”
  • She led you to sit down on the couch, running her hand soothingly on your back. Jaehee was staring at you with worried eyes, silently urging you to explain.
  • Reluctantly, you began to speak. “Jaehee… you’re really, really pretty… Ever since you quit C&R, you’ve become more feminine and beautiful… So many people turn their heads at the sight of you. I bet nobody even thinks that the one next to you is your lover because I’m so… fat. I really do love you, but I’m only holding you back from finding someone better than me.”
  • The hand on your back slowed to a stop. Jaehee took hold of both your hands, looking you straight in the eyes. “MC. Have you ever heard that a woman becomes more beautiful when she falls in love?
  • Without waiting for your reply, she continued, “If you think that I’ve gotten prettier, then it must be because of you. I fell… ah, this sounds cheesy… I fell in love with you. And, it’s also thanks to you that I gained the courage to leave C&R to start a coffeeshop. I can only be so happy because you were by my side, so please, don’t think you’re not good enough for me. If it wasn’t for you, I would still be sitting unhappily at a desk and waiting on Mr. Han day and night.”
  • Jaehee’s desperation to express her appreciation brought tears to your eyes. You wrapped your arms around her tightly, letting yourself cry on her shoulder. All you could think of was, Thank you, for accepting me.


  • You were sat atop Zen’s lap, flipping through a magazine together. In it was the release of Zen’s latest photoshoot, along with an interview from a famous reporter. Zen had been so excited for the opportunity, a wide smile on his face when he explained that it would spread his name across the country.
  • “It’s almost like I’m actually famous or something,” he murmured in wonder, looking pleased. You giggled to yourself, knowing he was much more popular than he gave himself credit for.
  • Your eyes fell to the magazine pages, a submitted fan article catching your eye:
  • Although the actor claims to be in a relationship, we suspect that it is a company tactic. The ‘girlfriend’ in question appears to be very plain, and hardly attractive compared to any model Zen has worked with in the past. Had she been more visually appealing, it would’ve raised more dissatisfaction and jealousy. As it is now, no one fears that she will steal our Zenny from the stage, nor will we worry about him getting into a relationship with a beautiful model. Smart move, @ Zen’s management team.
  • Your breath hitched. Were you really that ugly? To the extent that you weren’t even competition to his fans? It’s not like you wanted to be the object of envy, but it hurt that they didn’t consider your relationship serious. Were you really that mismatched with him?
  • …Zen is very handsome, after all.
  • “Zen,” you whispered, trying to control your shaky voice. “We should break up.”
  • He met your eyes with shock. “Jagi? Why so suddenly?”
  • You couldn’t blame him for asking, it was really out of the blue. In fact, you weren’t even sure why you’d said it. But the words just kept rolling off your tongue.
  • “Look at what they’re saying. Nobody believes I’m even worthy of being your girlfriend. It’s probably because you’re so handsome, and I’m just… fat.” You gestured to yourself as if to make a point. “We’re too different, Zen. We’re in two completely different worlds.”
  • He frowned. “Jagi, do you think I’m handsome?”
  • You rolled your eyes, huffing, “Yes, in fact, I just said that.”
  • “But do you love me because I’m handsome?” His eyes met yours, a serious look in them. “Would you love me if I wasn’t handsome? If I didn’t have my muscles, or my abs, or my face, or my height. From what I’ve learned about you over the time we’ve been together, I sincerely don’t think you would mind. And, it’s true that I always see gorgeous models who have slim bodies, but after seeing them so much at work, I’m already sick of it. I can’t even appreciate their beauty.”
  • Zen slipped a finger under your chin, tilting your head to meet his lips with a gentle kiss. With his sharp red eyes burning into yours, he whispered, “But you… you’re endlessly beautiful in my eyes. Yes, maybe it’s true that you don’t have exceptional looks. But, even if you’re not the first person I notice in the crowds, you’re the only person I’m looking for.”


  • When the words first slipped past your lips, he thought he’d misheard you. Break up? With him? Why?
  • A long silence hung in the air.
  • “I… is there something I’m doing wrong?” he quietly asked you, lowering his head to hide his expression.
  • You quickly shook your head, explaining that you just weren’t good enough for him. “You’re the heir to a huge company, you’ve received high education and your family has a status… we’re part of different worlds, you know? It takes so much courage for to even stand beside you… Even the newspapers say we’re mismatched.”
  • Jumin frowned at your words. “MC…” he dragged out your name, raising his head slowly to look into your eyes. “That’s never bothered you before… When we first started dating, I made sure you were able to tolerate this. You told me you’d be fine… I don’t think you were lying at that time.”
  • You remained silent, averting your eyes as you let him continue speaking.
  • MC… what’s really bothering you?” he asked you softly, reaching to caress your cheek.
  • Your throat felt painful as you tried to hold back your tears. “It’s not like I really want to break up with you,” you began. “B-but… it’s true that we’re incompatible. Everyone knows it.”
  • “What do you mean? Who’s ‘everyone?’”
  • “Everyone online, the news, your father… everyone! I’m so fat. I’m not worthy of standing beside someone as handsome as you… I don’t even look like I’m your girlfriend…”
  • Jumin’s eyes turned cold with disappointment. He walked past you without looking at your face, his jaw clenched. “MC…” he murmured lowly. “Do you remember why I fell for you, in the first place?”
  • He only left you to find your answers in silence.
  • Why he liked you…? Jumin always told you that you were different from all the other women in his life… Because you weren’t after his wealth or status… You truly loved him for who he was. What did that have to do with—Oh.
  • You immediately ran out of the room to find him, tackling him with a hug as soon as you saw him. “I’m sorry!” You chose to apologize first. “I’m sorry… I know I shouldn’t worry about what others think. It’s just, what they’re saying is making me feel insecure about myself… I’m not worried about our relationship, I know you love me and I love you, but… what they’re saying about my body really hurts.”
  • He stroked your head softly, a small sigh escaping his lips as he stared down at you apologetically. “I’m sorry that I have to put you through this. But I can’t control whose family I’m born into, or how others see me, or what they say about me and the people around me. All I have to give, is all that I am. Are you able to accept that?”
  • “Of course!”
  • “And if I gained weight, would your answer be different?”
  • Your cheeks flushed red as you shook your head. No… he would still be the man you love.
  • “The same goes for me, MC,” he whispered gently, cradling you in his arms. “I’ll say it over and over, however many times you need to hear it. I love you for who you are. No matter what others say, I’m proud that you’re mine.


  • “Break up?” he repeated, blinking dumbfoundedly as if to process your words.
  • You only nodded in confirmation.
  • It was obvious that he was trying to control his anxious feelings, the way he attempted to quiet down his short, quick breaths. “W-why?” he stammered.
  • You lowered your eyes, whispering the answer.
  • He tilted his head, not catching that.
  • “Doesn’t it embarrass you to have a girlfriend this fat?” you mumbled a little louder. “I bet there are so many cuter, thinner girls in your college classes who want to date you instead. You have so many options. I don’t think anybody wants to date someone fat like this… You should go out with someone else instead. I think we should break up.”
  • Yoosung visibly relaxed, a small smile adorning his face instead.
  • Confused, you asked, “Why are you smiling?”
  • “Ah, sorry!! I’m not making fun of you or anything, I swear!” A blush crept onto his cheeks. “It’s just that… I’m secretly glad that nobody else except me sees all your good qualities… I-I want you all to myself. I want to be the only one to see how concentrated you are when you try to cook, the only one to wipe away your tears, and the only one to make you smile… I want to be with you, MC. You’re not an embarrassment to me.”
  • You frowned as you stared at your puppy-eyed, blushing boyfriend. Your previous thoughts of insecurity and breaking up were dispelled by one: Why is my boyfriend cuter than me??


  • You’d told him you wanted to break up while he was playing with a claw machine in the arcade. His head snapped in your direction immediately, eyes wide with surprise and confusion.
  • In a small, pained voice, he managed to utter hoarsely, “Break up…? Why?”
  • But you could only run off in response. It hurt enough, having to tell the man you love with all your heart that you wanted to break up. But his upset expression only killed you inside even more. God, you didn’t want to hurt him.
  • But you didn’t want to keep feeling like this, either.
  • That night, when he returned to the apartment, you were laying on the couch, feeling guilty and ashamed.
  • “MC… Please… at least give me an explanation,” he whispered softly.
  • You glanced up, noticing the redness of his eyes and feeling another pang of guilt hit you immediately. “I… I’m sorry. I’m just not good enough for you,” you choked out, tears welling up in your eyes. “I’m only an embarrassment for you.”
  • Saeyoung furrowed his eyebrows, watching you carefully. “What do you mean?”
  • “I’m so…” you gestured to yourself exaggeratedly. “fat. Look at me! I’m so ugly.
  • “What? You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen!” he argued back. “A little fat doesn’t take away from your beauty. Please, MC… I love you.”
  • You looked down at your feet, not saying anything.
  • “I’ll gain weight too,” the redhead declared triumphantly. “And I’ll still be beautiful!”
  • You weren’t sure whether to feel touched or disturbed, but a smile graced your face, regardless.
  • He stayed true to his word, and when his stomach had enough fat to squish around, he ran to show you, lifting up his shirt and smacking himself excitedly. “Look at meeee!!!”
  • It would’ve been less embarrassing if he hadn’t done that in the middle of a high class restaurant.


  • “MC, check this out!” Saeran grinned devilishly as he exited the changeroom, cocking his head to the side as he showed off the outfit. Damn, he looked fiiine.
  • You raised both your hands, showing thumbs up, a small smile on your face. His eyes softened affectionately as he caught your eye, returning your smile.
  • You could hear excited whispers behind you, feminine voices, gushing over how hot the white-haired man looked. …Huh? They’re talking about Saeran…
  • “He looks so hot!! Do you think he has a girlfriend?”
  • “What about that girl next to him?”
  • “Eww, she’s so fat, no way! Must be his sister or something.”
  • “There’s no way a guy as good-looking as him would have someone like her related to him.”
  • Laughter followed.
  • The smile fell off your face. Was that how it looked to outsiders? It was then that you suddenly burst out, “Saeran. Let’s break up.”
  • He froze, every inch of his body tense from your words. He slowly met your eyes, looking as if he couldn’t breathe anymore. Even his voice sounded breathless as he choked out, “What?”
  • The walk back to the car was torturously silent and awkward. The entire time, you were inwardly kicking yourself for saying that. You hadn’t meant to… god, what if he took you seriously? What if he really did break up with you? Maybe he wanted this too. Maybe he wanted a girlfriend who was cuter, thinner and just generally more attractive—anyone but you.
  • When he sat in the driver’s seat, Saeran couldn’t even find the energy to start up the car. “MC… can we talk about this? Please.”
  • You took a deep breath, mustering up what little courage you had. “I, I don’t know. It’s just, we don’t look good together. The girls back there… they didn’t think I could even be related to you, let alone be your girlfriend. Walking around with someone as fat as me must be really embarrassing for you. I don’t want that. I don’t want to embarrass you.”
  • Saeran looked even more wounded by what you’d just said than when you’d asked to break up. “Do you really think I care about something like that?” He directed a fierce glare at you, his words harsh with passion.
  • Taken aback, you could only stare at him in surprise.
  • He went on, “I was this edgy, depressed kid who hated the world and wanted to die, hurting everyone who tried to help me. But you accepted me even with my baggage, you took care of me… You stayed, unlike everyone else who gave up. And you’re still here. I… It’s because of you that I can smile now. Do you really think I’d care about something as shallow as your weight or your appearance?”
  • You quietly shook your head, eyes downcast. You hadn’t realized how much he treasured something as simple as that.
  • Saeran pressed his forehead against yours, murmuring softly, “I don’t care how others look at us. There will be people who think I’m not good for you just because of the way I dress, and there will be people who think you’re not good for me just because they can’t see how beautiful you are. But we’ll never be able to meet everyone’s standards, and we don’t have to, okay?

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Hihihi. Are requests open? If not then just ignore this. If yes, then I have a request. What if MC leaves the RFA because Rika was back and everyone was focusing on her more. Mc decides that she's not needed or wanted anymore so she just disappears with the help of Saeran (since he still hates Rika for the whole brainwashing thing). It can be a mini-fic or a scenario or whatever. 😊😊 Love love love your work btw 😍 best author ever

Anon said:  Your headcanons are really awesome! I always love reading them. This is a bit sad but I have this HC that there were probably a lot of people who supported Rika being the first and original party coordinator of the foundation, so when MC took her place they think she’s not good enough and compares her to Rika, send her emails wanting her to leave. These start to get to MC so how does the RFA help her?

This one was interesting to do! Spoilers for the secret ends ahead. Also, in everyone’s except Seven’s, MC didn’t end up with anyone after the first 11 days. 

General Scenario:

  • After the first party, you thought everything would go great
  • But everything seemed to go downhill
  • The lists get longer, and there’s more guests who knew Rika more than you
  • You’ve even gotten a few emails from guests requesting your resignation, because they believed only Rika was good enough for a job like this
  • After awhile, it started wearing down on you
  • To make things worse, a few parties later and Rika returns fully recovered
  • She works with you instead of replacing you
  • You find it really nice, but it only emphasizes your insecurities
  • Even most of the RFA seem to be falling back into giving her all of the glory
  • You just can’t take it anymore and you have a breakdown after one of the meetings
  • Saeran finds you and you accidentally end up spilling everything
  • You voiced that you just wanted to disappear
  • After a few minutes of silence, he agrees to help you
  • With his skills, you manage to run away without anyone knowing


  • He’s really worried when you don’t log into the messenger after a whole day
  • He noticed you’d been down lately, but you always claimed to be fine
  • He drops by the apartment to check on you, and he finds it completely empty with your phone and computer buzzing with missed notifications
  • He tries to call you or find you in your usual spots, but to no avail
  • He informs the RFA and implores Seven to find you
  • He visits the hacker’s house to help where he can
  • Somehow, he had a gut feeling when he saw Saeran looking a bit guilty
  • Forcefully gets the information out of the younger twin
  • When he gets the address to your location, he goes to you right away
  • As soon as you open the door, he’s begging for forgiveness if he made you feel insecure like that
  • He’s voicing his worries and begging you to come back and somehow his confession slips up
  • This really moves you, but you’re still not ready to come back
  • For a long while, you only allow Zen to see you and he respects your wishes and keeps your whereabouts a secret
  • After several really long talks, he coaxes you back into the group
  • He’s so much more protective when it comes to guests’ comments though


  • He had been very caught up with Rika back, so he kind of got absorbed in helping her whenever he could
  • He thinks you’ve been in the chatroom, but realizes you’re not when he compliments you on something and you don’t respond
  • He checks old chats and finds out it’s been quite awhile since you’ve joined one
  • It makes him feel worse when it seemed that the rest of the RFA had noticed a while ago
  • He feels horrible and guilty
  • He goes to Seven’s house to ask where you are, but Seven doesn’t even know
  • Saeran makes some vague comment with a bitter undertone, and it tips Yoosung off
  • They get into an argument while Yoosung is demanding to know where you are
  • Finally, he tells Yoosung how you felt
  • Yoosung is in shock and he gets super depressed for awhile
  • He knows you won’t answer, but he starts texting you every day saying how much you’re missed and loved
  • He does this for a month so it becomes habit
  • You actually are reading them though, and finally you decide to reply
  • He’s in such shock and apologizing so much through text
  • You refuse to take his calls or talk to him in person for a long time, so text is mainly how you communicate
  • Still, this starts to rebuild your relationship until you’re finally willing to meet him face to face again He takes the opportunity to show you how much he’s changed and to show how much he cares for you
  • It still takes time for you to fully trust him again, but he’s so steady and patient
  • He really does show you how wonderful and capable of a person you are


  • She wasn’t close with Rika, but her coming back meant bigger parties
  • Jaehee got dragged into doing more work in the process
  • So, she really hadn’t been talking to you much
  • She noticed your absence when she texted for your opinion on something and you didn’t reply after nearly two days
  • She tried calling and emailing…but just came to the conclusion you were busy or ill or something
  • But the rest of the RFA notice the same and finally announce you ran away
  • Jaehee is really worried because she knows you wouldn’t run unless you had a good reason
  • She doesn’t tell the others and pours herself into researching your whereabouts
  • While Saeran was careful in hiding you, Jaehee knew your patterns and soon found a local cafe you frequented
  • She asks if you could talk, and you don’t have the heart to refuse
  • You tell her everything that happened, and she’s mad and crying because you didn’t tell her and you’re crying because she’s crying
  • You have this whole touching moment in the corner of this cafe
  • She doesn’t tell the others, and she won’t
  • She knows where you’re coming from and doesn’t force you to return if you don’t want to
  • She’is kind of angry with those guests who made you feel that way
  • She helps you rebuild a life in the town you choose
  • As long as she keeps in touch with you, she respects your wishes and keeps you away from the RFA


  • With Rika’s return, old wounds and scars from V started popping up within Jumin
  • He started distancing himself from the RFA, logging in less and working more
  • Finally, he just needs a full break and goes on month long business trip
  • While there, he sorts things out and figures it’s not fair to you because you worked just as hard and seem to care about him
  • So he comes back only to find you had run away awhile ago and no one can find you
  • His worry pushes him into action
  • He’s hiring people left and right to find you
  • Knowing he has the resources to actually find you, Saeran steps in and stops Jumin, explaining that you don’t want to be found
  • He has to eventually come clean about helping you run
  • Jumin was already a bit bitter when it came to Saeran because of V, but he was tempted to feel even more so now
  • But then Saeran disclosed your location
  • The younger twin had been watching you though, and he knows you haven’t been doing well
  • Jumin thinks he’s fine, until he finally faces you
  • His vision blurs with tears and he can’t help but hold you tight in his arms, pleading for you to never leave him again
  • You’ve missed him as well, so you’re willing to sit down with him and just talk
  • While he listens to your concerns, he reasons with you to go back
  • After all, he went through the same recently and he doesn’t want you cutting ties like that
  • He’s patient as you slowly make your way back into the group and heal


  • He feels very uncomfortable with Rika there, especially after all that happened
  • He’s still talking with the RFA, but rarely, and he avoids Rika altogether
  • He’d also noticed you hadn’t been yourself
  • But because you thought he was having a hard time you acted like everything was fine
  • Before running off, you had made Saeran promise not to tell Seven anything, thinking he would be better off without someone incompetent like you
  • Seven noticed your absence almost immediately, since you practically dropped off the face of the earth
  • He starts thinking his old agency is out for revenge
  • Now he’s terrified for you life and works day and night trying to find any trace of you
  • Saeran watches as his brother loses sleep and peace of mind and he just can’t stand it anymore
  • He casually leaves a big clue open on his laptop
  • Of course, Seven finds it and looks for you immediately
  • When he finds you, there’s a mix of yelling and crying from him
  • He makes you tell him everything…from your feelings to your plan to the guest emails
  • He wanted to know every detail and try to help you recover
  • He understands you don’t want to go back with Rika there…and he doesn’t feel comfortable with it either
  • None of you could recover with something so symbolic of past trauma constantly there
  • But he doesn’t think it healthy to cut ties with the rest of the RFA either, since they were like second family
  • So, he starts searching and finds a quiet house in a place that’s very…very far from the others
  • Once he buys it, he asks you to marry him…and soon
  • Of course you agree, and a few weeks later you, him, and Saeran move away
  • You all still keep in touch with the RFA through the chat and occasionally parties, but the distance allows you all to concentrate on healing and building up your own family 

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Random HC #12 (Continuation of #4 - #11)


The painful cramps have slowly faded away after some time of Sportacus’ low, soothing words and gentle massage of his abdomen. Whether it’s been seconds or minutes…or…more, Robbie really can’t tell. But he doesn’t really care right now, anyway. He’s just relieved that he doesn’t feel like he’s dying anymore at the moment… And he desperately tries to figure out the meaning of Sportacus’ words. ‘I care’ Why would he say that?! To mock him?! But…Sportacus has never mocked him before…
“…Better?…” once more, Sportacus’ thumb strokes over his cheek and he smiles sympathetically. The villain nods weakly and exhales slowly, not sure, whether he should smile back and even less sure whether he could muster the strength, if he wanted to right now. So he just stares at Sportacus’ concerned, bright, blue eyes, finding the sight somewhat soothing. The hero caresses his cheek one last time, before he pulls both his hands back and straightens up again, his voice still low but firm “You have to eat something! And, even more important, drink water!” he furrows his brows, noticing Robbie’s lack of reaction to this “…Robbie?…” The villain blinks. Did Sportacus say anything? Why is he giving him that strange look again? He must’ve missed something. His voice sounds horribly raspy and strained to his own ears “…What?…”
Sportacus worriedly shakes his head “Nevermind. Stay down and don’t move. I’m going to prepare something that gives you back some of your energy!”
“Don’t you dare try to poison me with that nasty Sportscandy of yours, Sportaflop!” growls the villain weakly and swallows hard “Can’t you just…take me to my lair and let me rest?… I mean… Thank you for…” he blushes “…you know… But the pain is gone now. I’ll be fine from now on!”
“It will return if you don’t eat anything good, soon,” contradicts Sportacus strictly, turns around and goes over to the table, he calls his kitchen, while talking on “And I won’t leave you alone until you’re out of danger again. And I also won’t take you to your cold, dark lair, as long as you’re running a fever and can’t even get up on your own.”
“This…” Robbie honestly doesn’t know how to feel about this, so he stammers “…This is…kidnapping! You’re holding me against my will!”
Sportacus holds in his move to…whatever he’s doing, Robbie can’t see it from the bed, and turns back to face him. His gaze is uncharacteristic serious when he gestures at the door “I’m not. You’re free to leave at any time. But you should’ve realized until now that getting up is no good idea.” Robbie can’t believe it. Usually, the hero is never this…sarcastic. But he has archived his goal with it. Robbie doesn’t move and only fixes his eyes at the white wall again, mumbling lowly “…I though won’t eat or drink anything…”
“Please, at least try it.”
“…Okay…” Once more, the villain feels as if he’d just kicked a puppy, when he hears Sportacus’ low, almost hurt voice. But he tries not to think about it, knowing pretty well that this is the hero’s tactic. A few minutes of silence pass, only interrupted by the low sounds of Sportacus working. During this, Robbie drifts in and out of a slight daze, each time, waking up by a low whimper that is his own. It’s embarrassing. And Sportacus must’ve heard it, but he doesn’t say a single word… When he wakes himself up once again and opens his eyes, he’s surprised to find a plate on a small table, right in front of his face, ergo, right next to the bed. The plate is filled - not with vegetables and fruits, as he has feared, but with some sandwiches with ham and cheese on them. He voices his surprise in a low gasp and searches for the hero at once, moving his head around a bit, although he starts to feel dizzy again, at once. “It’s your decision whether you eat, or not now… But, please, do drink something. I made you some tea. That will also help your stomach a little, at best…” within a blink, Sportacus is sitting at the edge of the bed, in his hand a cup with a steaming liquid inside, his begging eyes searching Robbie’s “…I…even put some sugar in it…”
“…Sugar?…” parrots the villain lowly and narrows his eyes “Where would you get SUGAR from?! And ham and cheese! As far as I know, you don’t eat either of them and… SUGAR? In this ship?! Come on! What kind of poison did you REALLY put in there!?” talking is so incredibly exhausting. And fussing while doing so, even more so… “It IS sugar,” Sportacus’ heart sinks a little when he hears that Robbie actually seems to believe that Sportacus would try to hurt or even kill him like this, so he offers almost desperately “If you don’t believe me…then let me show you! Apple!”
Robbie winces when out of nowhere, an apple comes flying right into the hero’s hand, who eyes it for a moment, before raising the cup to his lips. “Wait! What are you doing?!” Robbie doesn’t know how, but he sits up within a blink and grabs Sportacus’ arm, searching his eyes in pure shock and confusion. The hero returns the look for a moment, before explaining calmly “Well, you need a proof that this tea isn’t poisoned, so I’m going to take a sip and try to quickly neutralize the sugar with this apple…”
“You’re crazy!” Robbie glares at him “I’m not going to let you kill yourself during a stupid…presentation or anything, so you can later claim that I did that or anything!” he swallows dryly, before mumbling “…Okay… Let’s get over with it…” he reaches out to take the cup and eye it for a moment, before taking a careful, tiny sip. Sportacus watches in pure happiness and relief how Robbie’s tensed expression quickly relaxes, once the sweetness of the sugar is coming through completely and he slowly empties the cup.
“…Thanks…I guess…” he returns the cup and looks everywhere but into the hero’s shining eyes. He feels strange again… “…I… I guess, I…should lay down for a moment again…” he groans lowly when a slight feeling of sickness threatens to come over him and shaking tries to slide back onto the bed completely. “Easy. You don’t look good…” Sportacus quickly places the cup and the apple at the small table, before wrapping his arms around Robbie to ease him down again. “…Ever looked in a mirror, Sportaflop?…” groans Robbie lowly, his voice strained and once more, completely missing the usual edge. “Hush. Breathe…” Sportacus sits back down at the edge of the bed again, placing one hand on the other’s forehead and the other on his stomach again “Are you in any pain?”
“Hm… My head is spinning…” mumbles Robbie weakly while his eyes flutter open and shut again and again and a low whimper escapes him. Sportacus feels his heart breaking even more at this sight and gently strokes over the villain’s stomach and chest, wishing for nothing more than to remove these uncomfortable clothes of Robbie, that keep him from actually feeling where he is hurt and why. But he can sense the other’s distress in being here, at all, and he doesn’t want to make him even more uncomfortable by asking him to remove his clothes… “Shush….Try to rest a little more. You’ll probably feel better afterwards…” he gently caresses Robbie’s cheeks and temples, trying his best to soothe him. The villain parts his lips slightly and mumbles something under his breath. Confused, Sportacus bows down to his face and asks in a careful whisper “What?…” The answer probably should be no surprise, due to the circumstances, but it though startles the hero a little bit. “…I’m scared…”

Inuyasha Fandom Valentine’s Day!

Let’s join together to celebrate our love of Inuyasha and our love for each other in honor of Valentine’s Day 2017! I am hosting this small event in hopes of making Valentine’s Day a little more fun for this amazing fandom!

Valentine’s Day Original Pieces, Romantic Fics, Sappy V-Day cards, Love Notes & Secret Admirer Messages…There are so many ways you can participate, big or small!!!

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icynovas  asked:

sefikura, 18 or 39 (whichever you didn't get yet)

waking up with amnesia au 

“Cloud…” That was his name, apparently. It felt familiar, like something he’d heard once in a distant dream. 

The gorgeous silver-haired man, Sephiroth, was the only one who seemed to know him. That name felt familiar too.

He still had so many questions, and none of the doctors and the clinic where he’d woken up could answer them. He was in the small, sleepy, tropical village of Mideel, but no one - himself included - knew how he’d got there. They found him washed up on the beach, apparently, not long after a minor earthquake.

It had taken him a good week to wake up - the blood tests they’d run showed evidence of mako poisoning. They suspected that was linked to his amnesia. Nobody had any idea just how he’d got so much mako in his system, though.

Sephiroth had to know more, Cloud knew it. His heart ached every time he saw the man, his fingers twitching to reach out and touch. Every fibre of his being was drawn to him.

What had they been before? Lovers? Maybe it was sorrow that kept Sephiroth silent, why he vanished for long periods. Whoever Cloud had been before, he knew he couldn’t be the same person with so much of his history missing. It must have been hard.

He wished Sephiroth would stay, though.

Cloud wandered down to the beach, the same place he’d been found. Apparently Sephiroth had arrived from that direction too, but it was odd, because the boat landing and links to the continent were all on the other side of the island.

Sephiroth was there again now, standing and staring out over the waves. Cloud joined him and stood by his side.

“Sephiroth…” Cloud started. He had to know. “Were we together? You know, before.”

Sephiroth turned to him, his eyes holding that peculiar glow of theirs. “What do you remember?”

“I don’t remember, exactly. But when I’m around you, I feel like… like you were my world. I don’t know any details, but the feeling is still there.”

“How sweet,” Sephiroth said. His hand brushed against Cloud’s, and Cloud felt the touch like electricity in his veins. 

Cloud’s breath caught. Gaia, they must have had history, had something between them. There was no way he could feel this strongly otherwise. Every instinct in him wanted to lean forward, to let Sephiroth’s lips capture his, to wrap his legs around Sephiroth’s waist and–

“Is this how you feel, Cloud?”

“We were lovers, weren’t we? I want you to remind me, Sephiroth, please.”

“How?” Sephiroth’s voice was soft, like a caress against Cloud’s lips with how close the man was, his hands settling on Cloud’s hips.

Cloud’s arms wrapped behind Sephiroth’s neck, holding him in a shaky embrace. The look in his eyes was wanting, maybe even a little desperate. He had nothing left of himself except this one tiny scrap, and he needed more of it. “Remind me what it was like when we were together.”

Sephiroth hesitated for a moment, but then his lips were on Cloud’s in a heated, possessive kiss. 

“Very well,” Sephiroth said. He kissed Cloud again, and Cloud moaned softly as he let Sephiroth in. His eyes fluttered closed; he didn’t see the smirk as Sephiroth drew away and laid Cloud out on the sand.

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Nico wanted to scream that Will could dump whatever he needed to on him. "No problem, Will. It's what friends are for, as some sunshine once told me. And now we're boyfriends." He can feel himself blushing. "It's just I want to sleep in my bed and wake up next to you without having to worry if I'm hurting your shoulder. Or if the call from the hospital is brining bad news. And I don't know what I'm going to do after. Because I hate sleeping alone now. It's too dark, and I'm so alone."

“I don’t want to leave Mama alone, and I don’t want you to leave me. I know that’s really selfish, but I just want you beside me.” Will cringed at his own words. He knew he sounded pathetic, but it was true. He wanted his mother and Nico, but he had a sinking feeling he couldn’t have both. “I’m sorry,” he apologized again, and rubbed his face with his hands. He felt terrible for unloading everything on Nico, but Nico said he didn’t mind. That didn’t mean Will was going to dump all of his emotional problems on Nico. He took a deep breath and tried to change the subject. “How are you feeling?”

these things happen. (Jerome Valeska x reader)

request: can you please write a imagine -idk if I need to stay it’s for Jerome bc i’m pretty sure that’s all you kind of write- where there’s like an age gap?? not a huge one because he’s only 18, but like a two or three year one if that’s not too weird for you.? idk what the plot would be I’ll leave that up to you, but yes this would be super cool if you did write it!! love your blog it gives me so much life ❤️❤️💕

words: 1900

warnings: violence, swearing, age gap??? do i need to warn y’all about that it’s not even really relevant right now lmao

first of all that anon was such a sweetheart omg :’) but basically this is gonna be a mini fic??? kind of??? whatever there’s gonna be multiple parts to it, and all the lyrics included in it are from the song marilyn by g eazy (in no specific order) so check that out. cool? cool.


-i swear my intentions aren’t as evil as you think.

The sound of sirens was nothing new. Living in Gotham city had endless downsides, one of which being the constant, overbearing sound of police sirens. Usually, it didn’t bother you, simply because you had gotten used to hearing them all the time. This time, however, you were in the library studying, so the sound was everything but background noise. You groaned to yourself and covered your face, shoulders slumping in defeat as the sound didn’t pass.

You were startled by the sound of the doors bursting open, and laughter filling the room. You furrowed your brows and leaned forward slightly, attempting to see who just disrupted the entire library. The librarian made it her duty to shush the stranger in a very demanding way, making them spin around to face the occupants of the room. You were sure your jaw had fallen to the table as you took in the scene in front of you. Jerome Valeska stood in the front of the library, signature grin gracing his features. The whole room was quiet, including the librarian, who stood stoic by her desk, most likely too terrified to even move.

The boy had already put up a fight. It was evident by the large, still bleeding cut across his forehead, and the split in his lip. Blood stained his chin and his teeth, but it didn’t phase him the slightest bit. He slowly ventured forward, a curious look in his eyes, and examined the room.

“Well well, what do we have here?” His voice was cool, collected and taunting. His brows jumped slightly and he grinned, lifting his hand to reveal a pistol. It caused gasps to ring throughout the room, and the librarian to scream. Jerome rolled his eyes and waved the gun over-dramatically, before scratching his head with it and dropping his arm.

You could hear the sirens outside the building, and Jerome obviously did too. He made his way over to the librarian and leaned in close to her, making her lean back over her desk. His finger pressed against his still grinning lips, and he chuckled lightly.


You could have sworn she was about to pass out from fear. You would have laughed if you weren’t also scared for your life. You knew how dangerous he was, how unpredictable he could be. Secretly, you were fascinated with him. Ever since he made headlines in the city, you had found yourself unhealthily infatuated with the boy. He was just so damn complicated and interesting, and having him stood in the same room as you was both terrifying and exhilarating all at once.

In the distance you could hear car doors opening and shutting, and the sound of rapid footsteps. Jerome turned his head in the direction of the door, before looking back to you and the rest of the crowd. “Looks like we’ve got some company…”

For the second time in about 5 minutes, the doors were thrown open, except this time a group of police officers were storming in, guns raised. Jerome was smiling again, and a laugh slipped past his lips as they focused their attention on him.

“Ya found me!” He raised his hands, feigning surrender, and dangled the gun loosely from his finger.

You could feel your heart pounding in you chest as he slowly stepped backwards, moving closer to the tables scattered throughout the room. He paused near yours, still in the same pose he was, and one of the officers glanced at the crowd.

“Get on the ground.” He ordered, and no one protested.

Jerome giggled, and suddenly a shot was fired. “Hey, not fair!” He whined, as the bullet whizzed past him, making you gasp slightly. Jerome glared at the officer and his hand tightened on his own gun. Out of nowhere, his glare turned neutral and he was smiling again, as he carefully lined up his aim with the officer who had shot at him.

“Bang!” He exclaimed as he pulled the trigger, and you stared in awe as he successfully hit them in the chest. However, his action had caused bullets to fly from the remaining officer’s guns, and you didn’t see how he could possibly dodge them all.

“Woo!” He ducked, avoiding the first shower, before popping back up and securing his balance. The whole ordeal was very entertaining to watch, and you found yourself smiling at his cartoon-like expressions and actions. He had successfully taken down another officer within a few more seconds, and the others were ruthless at this point. They realized he wasn’t playing around (despite his actions) and were suddenly twice as accurate as before.

Your eyes followed Jerome as he ducked and dodged, and your hand flew up to cover your mouth as his gun flew out of his hand and clattered to the floor where you were crouched. Jerome’s hand was now clutching at his shoulder, his teeth gritted in pain. The officers held their fire for a moment, as Jerome stumbled forward a few steps. You could see the blood that was quickly coating his fingertips and soaking his jacket. He let go of the wound to reach into his coat pocket, and suddenly brandished a blade. With a laugh, he threw it, and with unbelievable precision, hit an officer in the upper chest.

The remaining officer shot at him again, and came so close that Jerome ended up falling to the ground, going back to clutching at his injured shoulder. He rolled onto his side and came face to face with you. You saw relief wash over him, and between heavy breaths he got out a request.

“Hey Kid, pass the gun.”

You sat in shock, eyes flicking from the gun, to Jerome, and then to the officer slowly and cautiously approaching. Jerome’s expression turned nasty and his face contorted in pain, a groan slipping past his lips.

“Pass the fucking gun!”

Without thinking, you slid the gun in his direction and watched as he grabbed it, turned over, and shot the officer without warning. He laughed halfheartedly, dropped the gun, and took a moment to catch his breath. He took his bottom lip between his teeth and reached up for a table to hoist himself to his feet. His eyes scanned the room quickly, before he spied a back door.

His feet traveled quickly in that direction, but paused when he was about to pass you. His hand still held onto his shoulder and he leaned down to look at you. With a nod of his head, he said, “Let’s go.”

You parted your lips slightly, eyes widening to an impossible size. This could not be happening. “What?” You gasped, being so close to him causing your voice to be gone. He looked impatient, and every few seconds you could see pain wash over his expression.

“You wanna get arrested?” He spoke through gritted teeth, and it only then dawned on you exactly what you had gotten yourself into. By simply tossing him that gun, you had made yourself an accomplice. Everybody in the room had seen you do it.

You shook your head quickly and he nodded towards the door again, growing more uncomfortable by the second. “Then lets go!”

You didn’t think twice as you scrambled to your feet, nodding rapidly at Jerome. You were afraid to speak in front of him, so you just trailed behind him as he staggered to the door. He shoved open the back door and ushered you out, his face looking paler than it did before. You were fast in getting out of the library, and were hoping to pause for a moment and ask him a question, such as ‘now what?’ However he was moving again, and you had to jog to catch up to him.

“Where are we going?” You fell into step next to him and dared to look up at him. He kept his gaze hard and focused ahead of him, making you drop your eyes back to your feet.

“Don’t ask fucking questions.” He spat, leading you through the alleyway, his movements getting slower and slower.

“Are you alright?”

“Just peachy.” He spoke through clenched teeth and sucked in a sharp breath, letting it out in a grunt. He was very clearly, not alright.

He finally came to a halt and you stumbled to a stop beside him, staring at the paint chipped door in front of you. You didn’t ask any more questions, just watched as he banged on it, leaning against the frame heavily and shutting his eyes lightly.

“Fuckin’ hurts.” You heard him whisper, and you anxiously bounced from foot to foot.

The door opened to reveal a bored looking woman, who peered around the corner to see Jerome. She looked from him, to you, and raised one of her brows.

“Who the hell is this?” Her voice was as flat as her expression, and you just stood there, staring at her.

“I don’t know, but she probably saved me from getting arrested.” Jerome snapped, growing impatient again. “Can we just go inside maybe?”

She nodded and moved out of the way, allowing both of you to step in. You cautiously entered, and took a chance to look around as Jerome was lead into another room by the woman. You stood in the center of the surprisingly pleasant room, unsure on what to do next. You had to admit, you were terrified.

“So, who are you?” The same voice repeated their question, making your head snap in the direction it came from.

“M-my name’s Y/N…” You stuttered out, nervous under her stare. Everything was slowly building up and you felt your hands trembling. “I was just studying and he-he came in the library to hide and got in a shootout with the police but he got shot…” You paused to hastily wipe at your eyes, embarrassed to be on the brink of tears in front of this stranger. “And I passed him his gun. Then he told me to come with him or I’d get arrested so I did. He’s not gonna kill me is he?”

The woman’s face softened and she stepped closer, motioning to the couch. You nodded quickly and sat down, wiping your eyes with the back of your hand again. She sat next to you and reached forward, picking up a half finished drink from the table.

“You’re just a kid…” She said after a sip, making you nod again. “How old are you?”


“God…” She shook her head slowly, her expression full of disappointment. “You shouldn’t have gotten yourself all mixed up in this shit.”

Your brows met and you glared at her, hands shaking now. “I didn’t want to!” You were confused, scared and angry. From what you knew about Jerome, he would never take somebody with him to protect them.

You just wanted to go home, but you couldn’t.

“We’ve got a bed in the next room you can sleep in. If you want.” The woman told you, averting her eyes from you and taking a long sip from her drink.

You swallowed hard and nodded, trying to pull yourself together. Without another glance at the woman, you found your way to the room she pointed out and locked yourself in it. You didn’t sleep, you were too scared to.

You sat and waited.

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[pt1]She shrugged, "Whatever. As long as he doesn't get in the way of my work, he can stay." She came around to the other side of the bed, already holding thick, tough bandages and a sling. "Sit up. I have to change the angle so I can wrap it." Nico used his arms to push himself up, which made him wince, which the nurse ignored. Will immediately supported Nico's back with one of his hands. The nurse grabbed Nico's arm, pushing it backwards so that his shoulder was in place properly as if he had

[pt2]perfect posture. “Stay like that. Don’t move.” Nico nodded, biting his lip, muscles straining to stay in the same position. Will moved his hand subtly to support the small of his back, helping him. She started wrapping so that his shoulder was stuck in a resting position, the bandages binding from the joint and around his chest relatively tightly. She didn’t avoid touching Nicos chest with her fingers while she did it, which made him squirm. [pt3]“I’m finished.” She pushed his arm into the sling and then jostled him when she attached it around his other shoulder. By that time, Nico’s face was a sickly gray color and he was biting his lip to the point of drawing blood. “You’ll be fine. It just hurts because you’re so tense.” She told him, and then left abruptly. Nico immediately leaned backwards and tucked himself into Wills side, screwing his eyes shut. [Fin]
The nurse rolled her eyes. “Your body, your call.” Will squeezes Nico’s hand. The nurse was terse with her instructions, but Will approved of her wrapping job. “Don’t mess with it,” she tells Nico. “Wouldn’t want to be here longer. Someone else will be in with instructions.” Both boys sigh in relief when she leaves. Nico is looking at his arm. “It’s hard to move.” It wasn’t comfy. “How long again?” He adjusts a bra strap, glancing at hus chest. “Does this make them look bigger, Will? Can you tell?”
Will shook his head. He helped Nico back into the gown, and Nico found it was a lot harder to maneuver himself without being able to move his shoulder. He flexed his fingers a few times before Will gently pulled his arm out and repositioned it into the sling. Nico didn’t like the way the strap laid over his chest, or the way it dug into the flesh of his shoulder and at his neck. “How long do I have to keep it this way again?” Will sighed softly, adjusting the strap so it wasn’t quite as tight around Nico. “About a week, if it heals properly.” Nico scowled down at his now useless arm. Will was going to have to do practically everything for him now. “How am I supposed to do anything with only one arm? I couldn’t even get the gown back on without your help.” Nico hated being so dependent on Will. Will looked down at him, and instantly felt his stomach tighten in worry at how pale Nico was. “Will,” he called weakly, “I think I’m gonna be sick.”

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15, solangelo?

things you said with too many miles between us

“I still can’t believe Chiron wouldn’t let me come with you.” Will grumbled through the Iris message. He looked a mess of annoyance with his face red, his hair disheveled, and his arms crossed like a petulant child.

Nico thought it was cute.

The son of Hades rolled his eyes. “You know they need you there, Will. You’re camp’s best medic.”

“We have other doctors. You’re miles away from us! What if you get hurt? Who’s going to patch you up?” Will huffed, glaring at nothing in particular.

“I think I can handle myself.” Nico reassured. He was taking the long distance thing quite a bit better than his blond counterpart. But then again, he probably wouldn’t be so calm if Will was the one out on a dangerous mission while he was forced to sit by unable to help. 

Yeah, he could see Will’s point.

“What if you get hurt and you go to a hospital? Do you even have insurance?”

Nico snorted, shaking his head. “I promise I’ll just shadow travel back to camp if things get too bad over here, okay?”

“Shadow traveling when you’re hurt is practically a death sentence.”

Nico sighed in exasperation, taking a moment to stare into the dark woods around him, trying to calm the urge to reach through the Iris message and throttle Will. “Then what do you suggest, you problem-seeking dork?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know.” Will mumbled, shoulders sagging. All his annoyance seemed to leave with the gesture. “Just be careful, okay? Make sure there’s never a need for a hospital or doctor or any kind of medical attention. And- and my mom is only a few cities over, she’s really nice. Go to her if anything happens.”

“Will, nothing is going to happen. I’ll be back at camp in a couple of weeks at the most and then you can strangle me in a hug and wrap me in bubble wrap, okay?”

Will let out a long breath, looking exhausted. “I just- I miss you, Neeks.”

“I know, I miss you too.”

Okay, I have no idea how long these mini fics are supposed to be, or how dramatic so….I’m just doing whatever. They’ll all probably vary in length and theatricality. 

anonymous asked:

mini fic whatever, cuddling during the christmas season

december 21st, 2012 (morning) 

it was a game for little kids and the floor was lava. she and melissa used to bounce from chair to tabletop when her mother wasn’t home: “don’t touch the floor or you’re dead!” they used to use the bed as a lifeboat, like she and mulder were doing now.

the clock is brushing past 9 am on her bedside table but neither of them has moved. usually in the mornings she finds herself halfway across the bed, their limbs touching each other at random and reassuring points of warmth along her body. 

today is different and it is cold in the bedroom at the top of their house, and she’d woken up pressed against him like the apocalypse might start early, like the alien’s first order of business would be to pull him away from her again.

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Outlawqueen fanfiction second masterpost because the first one was focused on fics and i love to reread oq ff. 

In the first one i kind of forgot a lot of things, like naming the authors (i don’t own a brain sorry), i also forgot about the one-shots, and god knows we have a lot of them. So this post containts my favorites oq one-shots, on tumblr and so here it is, i’ll shut up now. (not really)

- Okay i’m totally not going to scream while i recommend this one. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” by @ninzied i’m just gonna leave this here. WELL NO I’M NOT I CAN’T KEEP CALM WHEN IT COMES TO THESE TWO SHOTS BECAUSE YES IT’S A TWO SHOTS : second part. Rated M obviously : Regina wants to surprise someone *wink wink* but ends up naked in Little John’s bed that’s funny. May i redirect you to other os by this amazing writer (ily please marry me) Clean (DIMPLES QUEEN) Condoms (Captain Hood) Jealousy (jealous drunk robin and oq on a break but spoiler smut) wait here’s the writer’s master fic list and you HAVE to read everything, it’s worth it. Also this : woman small parts of the same verse and BANDIT OQ YAS.  Oh god this post is going to be so dirty i’m really not sorry.

- 4.08 post vault post library by @outlaw-qveen  /(。♥‿♥。)/

- robin gets turned on by his wifey’s magic here

- walking dead au (PUTAIN je vous jure ce post devait pas être aussi porny)

- m i s s i n g y e a r *cries* : by @ardentcsshipper regina sneaks out of the castle to join her soulmate ESTABLISHED OQ IN THE MY 

- Stables : by @emily31594 oq redecorates the stables (no i’m kidding they fuck) also : os collection i cried.  Plus : fluffy fluffy fluff. She wrote a lot of os and has a lot of verse (Stables, Music, Color, etc.) read EVERYTHING HERE  i’m serious, like the JK Rowling of our fandom idk JUST READ!!!

- this OHMYGOD THIS ONE PUTAIN :  it’s about cats and friendship AND HOOD MILLS FAMILY i can’t with this fandom i quit + THIS IS THE FIRST NON SMUT OS hallelujah 

- Angsty sad teary universe by @lolcat76 BUT SO FREAKING AMAZING (i get really passionate over fanfictions did you guys noticed?) W h a t s happening : Regina has a disease who blinds her, Dr Locksley (D O C T O R LOCKSLEY my panties are on fire) is her last hope. It only has two part for now, but i can feel myself dying over the next parts. I’m not ready. 

- Maskerade : by SinisterScribe MY FAVORITE OS EVER do i say that a lot i mean sorry but THIS ONE IS TRULY MY FAVORITE BECAUSE : missing year (if any of you hadn’t figured it out yet i’m a missing year trash), smut, bal, BUT HAHAAAA it’s not like any other bal guys i don’t know how to explain it to you but wow it’s just woooow okay just yeah THE WRITING (robin is dressed up as a beast and regina is dressed up as … naked???) the s e x yes 10k guys which makes me think of :

- 18k of smut or fifty shades of smut, but not the same kind of stuff bref lisez merde je vais pas tout détaillez 

- post 5x02 : Worthy written by Baker’s Dozen, Breaking In, What Happened in Vegas, etc. (oh and also the 18k smut) author @someonethatiamnot, you have to read everything but here’s a few : M Regina slips into speaking another language during sex, bi!Regina coming out, Camelot!Au oq enjoys themselves in public eheheh (when did this list turned out to be a rated M only), Roland being a cutie here, i could go on like this forever (。♥‿♥。)

- prompt : robin and roland are invited to a pool birthday party and they meet regina and henry FREAKING CUTE by @evaszambrano, from the same author : this is pretty funny and DIMPLES QUEEN

- Hero : small little drabble by @daggzandarrows she write a lots and it’s always so fluffy and au, check out her blog, second date au, college au + memory loss AU 

- This cute little au with Regigi getting her hand stuck in a machine idk  it’s cute, written by @feistyvagabond : you have too read everything she wrote, oq-ff tag on her blog (when did i became such a stalker?) give Robin’s dick some love (mdrrrr super classe) + she made some little porny drabbles like this one and this one +  d i m p l e s queen awwwn

- Regina recognizes Roland as her son by accident, i cried, by @onhowtobecrazy

- OQ playing house (•⊙ω⊙•) by @startravellerfiction

- Angsty 5a os by @desperationandgin also Library porn (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧, this is a os in 4 parts i think but it was never updated (still crying over this) (mini fic okay but who said i couldn’t recommand mini fics huh? no one, this is my post i do whatever i want) OQ AU PRE LEOPOLD SHIT, 3.21 smores : check out her blog (ff tag) it’s really good. Plus : regal believer (henry as a baby, just because.) and DILF. Also… Heat of You MISSING YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR smut (aka my favorite kind of os) - Whats happening : Regigi hates Robin that we already knew BUT she’s kind of attracted to him so she … takes care of herself while thinking of him :)))))) (she masturbates) plus : the writer is amazing may i recommend this one (oq talking dirty while having sex it’s hot i’m blushing) 101 dalmatian AU *cries* this fits our headcanon that robin really likes to go down on his soulmate.

- OQ + public displays of affection by @sgtmac7 (also swan queen and evil charming os for some of you who multiship here)

REGINA AND ROBIN MEET IN A MINOR CAR CRASH IN A RAINY MORNING by @wooutlawqueen, Robin’s first time at the theater or “Teen OQ bitching about being virgins for life and awkwardly deciding to lose it with each other.” (i love the writers of our fandom bc they are bold and very imaginative and crazy)

- “Prompt - Robin and Regina were married and already had a family together when Marian came back.” or a way to fix oq’s 5a storyline by @outlawqueen-fanfic

-  OQ: “i lost my little brother (or son) at the grocery store and you found him and now it seems like you two are best friends and he doesn’t wanna lose contact with you so it seems like i’ll have to get your number - at least your hella cute” au by @filledwithlight, just check out her Fanfic Masterpost (brillant)

- Awkward First Meetings by Room Service and After Hours’ writer : @mademoiselle-arel (one of the best series of os you’ll ever read so many aus so many feels)

- For the frenchies and everyone who parle français un peu : Seconde Chance, recueil d’OS grave trop trop bien, au, smut (strip poker omg), fluff, LISEZ.

- Pixie Dust Never Lies by Madam President and The Christmas Exclusive’s writer @repellomuggletum15 (yes EVERY ONE SHOT IS A MASTERPIECE)

I’m sure there are a thousand more i could add, but these are the ones i’ve read and reread so many times, check out the oq-ff tag on my blog, mostly os, or on tumblr, ao3, ff, etc. 

Bonne lecture (◡‿◡✿)

Part Two - Math Class

So whatever-im-trash wanted a part two, so here it is lol. Read part one here !
Beca called Chloe that night and they agreed to a tutoring session the next day after class. Since they didn’t have math that day, Beca didn’t see Chloe at all during school and she was starting to let her nerves get the best of her. She must have texted the girl not to come at least twenty times, but she never hit sent.

It was six past four and Beca hurried to her dorm. Chloe was gonna be there soon, and she didn’t have time to clean this morning. She needed to at least clear out her couch, so they’d have a place to sit on.

When she turns the last corner towards her room, she’s met with bright, blue eyes and a grin. Chloe. Chloe in light skinny jeans and a black and blue tank top, revealing way too much skin for Beca to handle. She already regrets asking for Chloe’s help. How the hell is she going to learn algebra when Chloe Beale is looking like that?

“You know, it’s not very charming to be late to a date you set yourself.” Chloe grabs her bag from the floor and waits for Beca to open the door.

“I’m not late, you’re just early.” Beca hears Chloe giggle behind her as she turns the key and unlocks the door, only then realising she was supposed to tidy up first. “Oh shit. Uhm, do you have one sec?” Beca squeezes herself through the small opening and keeps the door on a crack, her feet behind it so Chloe can’t come in.

“Beca, don’t be silly. My room’s probably worse.” Chloe barges through the door and Beca wonders how she even gets so strong. “Or maybe not.” Chloe’s eyes scam the room and Beca feels the need to apologize, but instead her eyes follow Chloe who’s walked over to her bed and is settling herself down, legs wrapped underneath her body, one hand behind her to keep steady, with the other she pats the place next to her, telling Beca to come sit down with her.

Beca follows this quiet order, wondering once again what spell Chloe Beale has over her that her body moves instantly at her sign.

Chloe starts with the second question, as they basically finished the first one in class. Or maybe just Chloe did.

Chloe starts to explain the basic rules to algebra first. She must have noticed Beca doesn’t even understand what variables mean and why they don’t just use numbers instead of letters. Beca tries her best to focus, she really does. But occasionally she gets lost in Chloe. Nothing particular, just watching her talk makes Beca wonder where she learned this. In class, when Beca wasn’t paying attention? Maybe her father is a math genius? Although she looks like royalty, so the family is probably rich, which means they don’t have time for the kids. Did they hire someone to help Chloe study? Or did she just teach it herself? Was she a natural or did she spend days and nights locked up in her room with nothing but math books? Maybe it’s hidden somewhere in the girl’s childhood. Maybe she had a cousin or an uncle she looked up to who was into maths, or maybe-“


The girl blinks a few times and realizes then that she’s been staring directly at Chloe while daydreaming about her background.

“You have to pay attention.” Chloe laughs and lets herself fall back onto the bed. “I’m hungry, do you have any food?”

Beca barely hears the question, eyes fixated on how the hem of Chloe’s top has moved up, now showing her abdomen.

“Whu-, uhm yeah, food.” Beca jumps up from the bed. “Uhm, I don’t actually have anything.” Beca says embarrassed. Chloe is here in her free time, trying to get Beca to score higher than an F this time, and she can’t even feed her. “I’ll order something.” Beca quickly decides. “How do you feel about pizza?”

“I love pizza.” Chloe answers with a sweet smile and within half an hour, they’re enjoying the food, both lied down on the bed, laughing over teachers and stupid assignments.

“You want the last piece?” Chloe asks while chewing away her last bits.

Beca can only laugh. They each had one pizza, but the girl must’ve eaten at least half of Beca’s pizza as well. “No, you take it, please.”

“What?” Chloe asks, already biting down on her next slice.

“Nothing!” Beca exclaims. “I just never would’ve thought you could eat so much. I mean, you look very.. You’re very.. You know? Very fit.” Beca regrets her stutters and choice of words as soon as they’re out. She hopes the redhead might not have heard her whispering she looks fit.

When she doesn’t get a response, her eyes meet Chloe’s and she notices her cheeks are flustered. Did she just make Chloe Beale blush?

“You’re cute.” Chloe finally brings out, licking her fingers clean. “I didn’t think you’d ever get the nerve to ask me out.”

“I didn’t ask you out.” Beca sniffs confused.

“Oh, so you don’t wanna go see a movie after we’ve finished this?”

Beca’s lost for words, but her lips turn into a smile and maybe that’s enough for Chloe, because suddenly she comes closer and closer. Beca closes her eyes just before their lips crash together, ad Beca mentally thanks Mrs. Devour for assigning them together.

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prompt: dean and cas fighting over the remote

“You’re killing me here, man,” Dean complains, sinking backinto the couch and folding his arms across his stomach. “I’m all for the, y’know,protect nature, go green shit, but I’ve got limits. We’ve been watching this stupid documentary for over an hour.”

“It’s not stupid,” Cas says, almost prim. He’s hunched over a little, elbows resting on his knees, chin propped up on his fist. Onscreen, some stuffy British guy is droning on about the salmon population and their breeding grounds. Waters. Whatever. “And, besides. I sat through six episodes of Dr. Sexy with you last night. You owe me.”

“You like Dr. Sexy!” Dean protests. Cas turns his head to squint at him.

“Not when we watch more than an episode at a time,” Cas says, before turning his attention back to the television.

Dean huffs and eyes the remote, safely perched on Castiel’s thigh. He’s wearing an old pair of Dean’s ratty flannel pajama bottoms, a little too big and a little too long. Dean won’t say it out loud, but it’s friggin’ adorable. He’s been putting off taking Cas to the nearby Goodwill or the Walmart further out of town because seeing Cas in his clothes—helping Cas take his clothes off when they retire for bed—makes him almost giddy.

Cas shifts a little, rolling his shoulder—the ghost they’d been hunting the past few days had gotten one up on him and thrown him into a wall, leaving him with a nasty bruise—and grimacing. Dean unfolds his arms and rests a hand between Castiel’s shoulder blades. He kneads the tense muscles there gently, and Cas sighs and tips his head back, humming in appreciation.

“C’mere,” Dean says, slipping his hand around Castiel’s side to settle in the slight curve of his waist. Cas sinks against his side willingly, head coming to rest on Dean’s shoulder. As he draws his knees up, the remote tumbles back into his lap. Dean’s hand, loosely settled against Castiel’s waist, twitches. The remote is just a few inches away.

Onscreen, they show a close-up of eggs being ejected from the female salmon’s body. “Seriously?” Dean says. “I do not need to see this shit. C’mon, Cas, who cares about a documentary about fish? What about the food network? I’m pretty sure they’re having a Cupcake Wars marathon or something, you love that show—”

“I want to watch this,” Cas insists. “It’s a fascinating exploration of the life cycle and importance of salmon in their biosphere.”

Dean pulls a face. “I am not watching this for another hour,” he says, and when Cas pulls away just far enough to level a glare at him, he tightens his arm around Castiel’s side and pulls him, yelping, over his lap.

“Dean, what the hell—?” Cas starts, but Dean’s already plucked up the remote, trying to hold his squirmy armful still. “Don’t you dare,” Cas snarls, and he breaks loose of Dean’s grip long enough to lunge for the remote. Dean shouts in surprise and holds it high over his head, fumbling at the buttons. The channel switches to something loud, bright, and colorful—a children’s show.

Cas snatches at Dean’s wrist, pulling it down towards him with a look of intense concentration on his face. “Oh, no you don’t,” Dean mutters, and he tips forward; their combined weight drags them down off the couch, and Dean lands with an oomph on Castiel’s chest, the remote locked between their hands.

“Give it back, you troglodyte,” Cas hisses, pushing at Dean, but he grabs for Castiel’s free arm and manages to lock it down at his side. Cas is squirming, trying to get his feet planted for leverage, trying to tear the remote free of Dean’s grip.

“Name-calling already?” Dean says, breathless. Cas actually pokes his tongue out, the giant baby, and then manages to get a knee up between the two of them. With a grunt, he pushes up, and almost before Dean realizes what’s happening, he’s on his back, Cas’s knees pinned to either side of his waist. “Asshole,” Dean grunts, trying to keep the remote out of Castiel’s grabby hands.

Cas manages to pin his arm down, hand locked around his wrist, free hand clawing at the remote. Dean keeps his fingers squeezed tight, knuckles white with the pressure. Cas isn’t a skinny dude, and his weight centered on Dean’s lower belly is making it hard for him to concentrate—not to mention the sight of Cas, pink-tinged and panting with exertion above him.

Dean grabs at Castiel’s waist with his free hand, slipping his fingers beneath the hem of Castiel’s overlarge shirt and skittering them lightly against his skin. Cas yelps, practically jumps like he’s been burned. Dean pushes his advantage, lunging up into a sitting position and yanking his other arm free while Cas is distracted, and then he makes his assault. Holding Cas firmly against him, he skitters his fingers along his sides, up to his armpits and down to the slope of his ribs, until Cas is convulsing with laughter, gasping, “Wait—no—Dean, damnit!—D-Dean, I s-swear—”

“Say you’ll let me change the channel,” Dean demands. He tickles his fingers across a particularly sensitive hollow between Castiel’s ribs, and Cas practically shrieks in laughter, twisting to get away—but Dean shifts to press Cas up against the couch. He’s not holding Cas so tightly now; he could get away if he tried, but he’s gasping so hard with laughter that he can hardly do anything more than pant Dean’s name.

“Never,” Cas manages to gasp, and Dean pulls out his trump card, running one hand down Castiel’s leg until he gets to the arch of Castiel’s bare foot. Realizing what he’s doing, Cas tries to yank his leg away, but his knee collides with the couch behind him. Grinning in triumph, Dean twitches his fingers against Castiel’s sole. The yelp Cas makes—the look on his face—is enough to make Dean start laughing, too.

“Say you’ll let me change the channel!” Dean says again, pushing Cas back, tickling him relentlessly.

Dean—! Fine! Fine, just—ack! Dean!”

Dean pulls his hands away, holding them up in a position of surrender. He grins at Cas cheekily, taking in the pink cheeks and the heaving chest and the sweat-dampened hair sticking to his forehead. “Ha,” he says. “No more documentary shit.”

Cas glares at him, but his lips are twitching into a smile. “You’re absolutely ridiculous,” he says, but his voice is fond. “Fine. What’re we watching?”

“Y’know, since I brought it up—I kinda do wanna watch Cupcake Wars,” Dean admits, and Cas laughs at that, putting his hand over his eyes. It makes Dean want to kiss him, so he does, leans forward and takes Castiel’s bottom lip between his, suckling gently.

When he comes up for air, long seconds later, Castiel is smiling at him, eyes crinkling at the corners. “Are you going to let me up so we can change the channel?” he asks, teasing.

“Not yet,” Dean says, leaning forward again to press his mouth to Castiel’s jaw, nipping gently. “Cupcake Wars can wait for a couple of minutes.”