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NCT cheering you up when you feel sad

Ten:Look baby what I got for you! Your favorite candy!!!” Finally you let out a shy smile…You just can’t resist his charms…and that candy looks really delicious!

Taeyong: *attempts doing aegyo* *you’re not smiling yet* *tries one more time* You finally burst out into laughter…he does it so cute and prettily, that makes you forget everything!

Doyoung: *makes a video call* *shows weird faces* *you look confused* Finally you let out a big laughter making him laugh too at your reaction! He is really good at bringing your mood up! Such an adorable bunny!

Kun: *sends you a video message

If you won’t come over I’ll drink your favorite coffee…oups I already drank some!” You make an angry face but finally smile, now you want to hurry up and have a taste of that coffee from his lips… 

Hansol: *takes you out for shopping*

 “Choose everything you want, I’ll buy it for you…” he grabs a sexy outfit for you. At first you feel shy to change into it, but you go on with a smile and try it. He approves as how good and sexy you look…but he does it so seriously, that you can’t hold your laughter anymore…you are finally feeling happy again!

Jaehyun: *offers you a potato chip and while you open your mouth, he puts away his hand and eats it by himself, savoring it really loud*  You look at him a bit mad, but finally show a shy smile as you watch him eating! He is so cute every time he eats something, you want to cherish his smile forever!

Yuta: “Come here honey, let me show you something…” 

*attempts grabbing your hand, but you won’t let him* 

Tries one more time, while he brings it near his face and kisses it like a gentleman, comforting you at how beautiful you look when you are happy…you finally face him with a big smile! It’s impossible to resist to his charms…

Taeil: He’s not very good at cheering up other people, since he always looks awkward or makes weird gestures. This time he lets out his crazy inner self by making funny faces and it’s just impossible for you to keep you face straight…I mean, what’s with that tongue tease? He asks to be kissed too, after he made you laugh so hard.

Win Win: He loves non-verbal language and uses it every time he wants to cheer you up, since he knows that you laugh pretty hard at his funny way of expressing himself…by making those cute gestures. You go on with a smile and join him for playing…whatever he wants to play… 

Mark: First, he tries to pull-off a seductive expression, but then he faces your disappointed face and cracks up laughing…of course you laughed too at his cute failed attempted of making you think he was some kind of player…Well, in your eyes he is so sweet, you just can’t view him in any other ways.

Johnny: A masculine tall man like him doing aegyo is something you can’t handle…Your sadness goes away the moment you crack up laughing at how dorky-cutely looks making those face gestures.

Jaemin: *plays his favorite song* He starts dancing like a crazy excited kid pulling off some “manly gestures”, but you already laugh as soon as he starts bouncing. He is so adorable and his smile is really contagious…impossible to feel sad around this cutie pie.

Haechan: *shows you some moves, while he tries to act out seductively* You ask him to stop being so quirky since he is a still a kid, but he goes with it and you just can’t stop laughing at how mischievous he looks…

Jeno: Asks you if you want some food, while he stills chews up on some rice…you burst into a hard laughter at how funny he looks…and if it wasn’t enough even he laughs of his own derpy actions… He is so precious!

Jisung: He doesn’t need words or silly actions to cheer you up, just looking at him being adorable makes you laugh so hard! He knows his presence makes people feel happy, that’s why he sticks to his cute-sweet image! He does look like a baby-chick for some reason…

Sooo I’m almost afraid to ask, but do we know if Tina is going to make an appearance in the second movie? I know Jacob was signed on for four (although that’s just that he’s contractually bound to be available, not that they’ll necessarily use him), and that the next movie is set in Paris a year or two later and will have Leta. (Cringe) Do we not know yet if she’ll possibly appear, or will she definitively not? (I’m cry.)

Honestly I know the story is going to focus on Grindelwald/Dumbledore/etc and that’s fine (…I guess…) but I am 100% invested in this ship and I’m gonna have a mini fangirl tantrum if they set us up for sweet shippiness between this couple then rip the rug out from under us. :c Especially because the franchise is “FANTASTIC BEASTS and…”, not “Wizarding World War 2: Episode….” So it would be disappointing to say the least to see Newt delegated to a secondary character. And the setup at the docks was just so clear that they’d be keeping in touch and seeing each other again within a year (and he used the bookname she suggested!!!!!gdhdg!!!). *flails*

(And yes I know it’s canon they’ll eventually get married, but that doesn’t mean I want to wait four or six or eight years to see a movie where they actually get together! Are you kidding??? Slowburn is fine but I want to S E E it unfold in a constant progression)

Ramble over

Mini fangirl moment

Have you ever just been and watched a movie, then felt so empowered afterwards? Like I’m so ready to do stuff and be motivated and be amazing??

Doctor Strange just did that to me.

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Me and my friends just spontaneously went and watched it. I said yes to the idea immediately because I’ve been looking forward to seeing it ever since I heard of it. I’m a big fan of Marvel movies.

Idk it was just everything I loved rolled into one? The designs were fantastic, with the special effects and cinematics. I’m also a sucker for anything involving space travel or futuristic travel and the such.

On top of that, Cumberbatch is one of my favourite actors and the thing I love about watching him is because he makes me remember why I used to love drama so much. Seriously I wish I could get back into acting, I love it.

And the music… oh don’t get me started. I’m studying screen music, and I wish I could have been a part of it. The music was so dynamic fitting along to all the fighting routines and the dramatic inception of locations.

Ugh I’m having fangirl moments right now, and all for the best reasons. It made me feel so g r e a t . Been a while since I saw a movie that made me feel that, I will definitely be purchasing it on dvd and waiting anxiously for his appearance in the next Thor.


Be My Princess 2: Royal Attire Icons ( )

Behold my icon offerings, I am now going to go and get distracted by Seduced Me.

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Whenever I read the Izzy Lightwood imagines I have a mini fangirl attack because Emeraude Toubia, the actress who plays her, is dating Prince Royce, one of my favorite artists ever and they are so cute together ☺☺☺

I absolutely love Prince Royce!! He’s one of my favourite artists as well



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Ok, this is super random, but you're my favorite hq blog and I like sharing headcanons with people. So I saw this fanart of older Noya with his hair down and I was like, "Omg, what if he had a huge growth spurt in the summer between his second and third year and shot up to be almost as tall as Tsukki and decided he didn't need to make his hair spiky anymore?!" and I had a mini fangirl attack. And then I imagined Tanaka and Hinata freaking out with Noya over how tall he is. :P

Aww, thanks a lot! I’m glad you shared this headcanon!!

There are late bloomers, and then there’s Nishinoya. There are normal human beings, and then there’s superhuman Nishinoya whose growth spurts go beyond the physiologically possible. 

A Tsukki-height Noya-san would be an uncontainable noodle. There’s no stopping him—with his new height, he’s reached Ultimate Senpai Status. Think his energy will, at long last, distribute and dilute throughout his body? Nay. For Noya-san, the only option is for his energy to increase tenfold to fit his new body size.

Nishinoya puts down his hair, until Tanaka intelligently says Wait, Noya-san, think about it: if you keep your hair up, you’ll bE TALLER than Tsukishima.

Hinata yodels in agreement, and Nishinoya never puts his hair down again.

On the contrary, think about a shrinking Tsukishima. He wakes up 159.3 cm. His sass and intellect condense into this dangerous, concentrated ball inside of him, and the world is not ready. 

“N O // C O N T R O L” — A One Direction Saga (PHASE 3 / Liam)


Liam Payne …

Ultimate fighter.


In it for the fame & money.  

“Got it,” Liam spoke plainly, his tone of voice all business. Cocking a brow, she watched as his lips curled into a delicious smirk and he ended the phone call. He slid the metal cellphone into the back pocket of his low hanging jeans. “You ready, baby?” he asked the girl standing before him. Her hands were wrapped tensely around the barrel of a gun. She brought her gaze up to meet his before giving a single nod of her head. The broad-shouldered Brit stepped closer in the small space of the freight elevator. He looked at the woman he loved, staring deep into her eyes for any signs of hesitation. Parting her lips to speak, he silenced her quickly with a firm kiss. “I love you, Y/N,” he mumbled into her open mouth, letting the words trail down her throat with her sharp intake of breath. The elevator chimed in warning as the enclosed cart reached the lowest level of the hotel. One last look shared, Liam smiled and lowered his black ski mask. The stretchy fabric concealed his identity and so, the girl too followed his lead, and lowered her own mask to cover her face.  

As the heavy metal doors slid open, the pair walked out, hand-in-hand. Each of them kept their weapons drawn tight against their thighs, strolling cautiously down the deserted cinderblock hallway. Liam gave a sharp nod of his head, motioning for her to follow him through a closed doorway.

“Freeze. Don’t move,” Liam’s voice was gruff, muffled only slightly by the mask drawn over his head. A man sat on a long wooden bench inside the underground locker room. Dressed in only a pair of baggy gym shorts, she knew instantly this was their target. Nodding his head once more, Liam directed the petite girl with silent gestures. Dropping the hand that still clutched hers, she wound her way confidently to the back of the bench. Just as she’d practiced with Liam, she pressed the barrel of the gun forcefully into their captives’ back.  Holding the weapon steady between the man’s bare shoulder blades. Liam smiled behind his mask. Moving in on the man with a harsh swing of his right arm. The punch he threw nearly knocked the man off his seat.

“Keep my girl company for me, wont ya mate?” A low, satisfied chuckle escaped Liam’s throat as he tore the shirt from his back. He shimmied from his black jeans to reveal a pair of his own boxing style shorts. With a playful swat to his girlfriend’s ass he turned his back and strolled out the door. Chucking the ski mask through the door behind him, he was gone.

As the girl watched him go, she was reminded of all the times she’d seen him take on another man in a fight ring. His stance was always strong. Power oozing off of him in blood and sweat. Still he almost looked vulnerable. Watching every punch and hearing the squelch of body parts clashing made her so nervous she nearly got sick. The time before now remained most vivid in her memories. The smell that lingered now— in the stale basement air— instantly transported her back in time.        

Liam’s sweat dotted face came into view. A quiet sigh of relief flooded from her lungs at the mere sight of him. Stepping through the doorway of the hotel room, she saw the cut marking the skin beside his upper lip. A bruise had already begun to form around one eye. “How was the fight?” she asked meekly, standing to greet him. He didn’t speak a word. He only looked at her. His eyes roaming up and down her body. Stalking closer, she could see this look in his eyes. Like a fire had been ignited in the depths of his golden brown irises. He was radiating lust even before his hands reached her waist and his body locked hers against the nearest wall. His lips were ravenous, leaving a trail of adrenaline and passion over every inch of her skin. Strong hands roaming wildly — Gipping. Feeling. Memorizing — the planes of her responding body. Her breath quivered when his teeth tugged on her earlobe. His voice was like silk when he spoke. Dripping slow like honey against the warmth of her neck, “First rule of fight club, baby…” he softly growled, “don’t talk about fight club.” His words were a command. Dominance seen on his face as he lifted her small body off the floor, while his lips sealed across hers. He moved across the small room, dropping her once more. Her body landed with a subtle bounce on the duvet-covered mattress a moment later. A mewl left her parted lips. Sighing and clutching the bed sheets between tensed, whitening knuckles. Liam slotted himself against her, using his own body to pleasure her in ways that left her shaking.    

Time moved too slowly. She found herself pacing the grimy tiled floor before the place where her captive still sat. She had taken the time to bind his hands behind his back before Liam had left the room, remembering the way Liam’s fist collided harshly with the man’s jawbone. She’d heard something crack, but cringed away before her eyes fully took in the scene. Violence wasn’t her thing — Although, Liam certainly was — but Liam had a tendency to be violent. She was in love despite his wild temperament. And, well, love often made people do some pretty fucked up shit. The sound of footsteps echoed down the corridor, bringing her attention to the doorway just as Liam strolled back in.

“Make the call,” he said before spitting a mouthful of blood to the floor. He held up a bag for her to see. Phase three was an accomplished success. A smile of relief washed over her and she rushed forward to kiss his blood stained lips.   

[Authors Note: This story is 100% fiction. As a writer I do not condone or intend to glamorize any acts portrayed in this story. // This is an ORIGINAL, ONE DIRECTION AU // WRITTEN & DEVELOPED WITH THE HELP OF classyansassy]

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mini-prompt--Anna waking up in the middle of the night and needing to bake cookies RIGHT NOW.

Thanks Karis, Hope you like it!

Words: 585
Rating: K with an extra side of fluff

“….Anna?” Kristoff mumbled groggily as he reached out for his wife. He’s fully awake when his seeking hand finds her side of their bed not only empty but cold to boot.

She’s probably gone down for a snack, he smiled. She’s always on the hunt for something sweet, even in the middle of the night. He threw on his robe and slippers and padded his way through the castle down to the kitchens.

He opened the stout wooden door and blinked, the harsh light of all the kitchen’s lamps stabbing at his eyes. Once he cleared his vision he blinked a few more times for good measure, not quite believing what he saw.

Anna stood at a work table, its entire surface covered in trays of cookies. There were gingersnaps, peanut butter, sugar, oatmeal raisin, chocolate, and more. She had a piping bag in one hand and a fierce look of concentration on her face as she attempted to ice a sugar cookie. She had a molasses-stained apron tied over her favorite dressing gown and nightgown, and her hair looked like she had at least gotten some sleep.

“Anna?” Kristoff questioned, bemused.

“Bother!” she grumbled as she placed the offending cookie on a side plate. She quickly grabbed another and started icing, her tongue sticking out as she decorated.

“Share?” Kristoff asked, reaching for an oatmeal raisin cookie.

“Don’t eat those! Those are for show. Eat these,” she gestured to the side plate. “I set them aside for you and Elsa. They should be ok even if they didn’t turn out as nicely.”

“Mmmmm,” Kristoff hummed in appreciation. “They turned out fine by me.”

“Thanks,” Anna smiled softly, and then turned her attention back to her attempts at icing the sugar cookies.

“So why the sudden urge to bake?”

“I just wanted some cookies.”

“Some? You’ve made at least seven dozen cookies, feisty.”

“Ok, I really wanted some cookies.”

“In the middle of the night?”

She shrugged, “I couldn’t sleep.”

Kristoff frowned, concerned. “This is about more than cookies, isn’t it?

Anna looked down as she worried at her bottom lip. “It’s just… what if I’m not good enough?”

“Your cookies are the best, love.”

“Not at cookies. At… at…” a tear ran down her flower-dusted cheek as she placed a hand on the swell of her belly.

Kristoff gathered her into his arms and held her close, one hand rubbed soothing circles on her low back while the other stroked her wild mane of coppery hair.

“You’re going to be a wonderful mother, Anna. And our children will be just like those cookies there.”

“The ones on the screw-up plate?!” she asked incredulously.

“Those cookies on the trays are all perfect. Like you said, they’re for show. They’re nice and all, but they’re for guests we barely know. But those on the plate you set aside especially for the ones you love. They’re more than just for show. Sure, they may not be as polished and precise, but they’re just as good. Better, even, because they’re unique. Special. And perfectly tasty on the inside.”

“I think you got lost in your metaphor,” Anna giggled.

“Hush, you,” Kristoff grinned, popping another cookie into his mouth. “You know what I mean.”

“Yeah, I do.”

His hand slid down to rest over hers, over their child growing strong beneath her heart. “And do you believe me?”

Anna looked up into her husband’s face, so full of love and confidence in her. “Yeah,” she smiled. “Yeah, I do.”