mini elephants


Record player, instax mini camera, string lights and record clock from Amazon
Candles and candle stands from bath&bodyworks
Dresser, Picture line, lava lamp and giraffe picture frame from target.

Headcannon that Lance has a Chihuahua

No, no, you don’t understand. Just imagine:

- Lance finding this shivering, 2 lb baby dog in an ally near his apartment and getting his heart completely melted

- Lance taking her in and cleaning her up and naming her Nina

- Lance utterly surprised at the fact that, for some off reason, she doesn’t bark

-Nina picking up on Lances Spanish within a few months and reacting to Spanish commands just like English ones

- Nina laying on Lances shoulders until she’s fully grown (read: five lbs) and can’t fit anymore

- Turns out she looks less like a Chihuahua and more like a condensed Labrador, how the hell does that happen

- Nina turning into a fuzzball as she grows up

- Nine walking all over Lance when he lays down

- Nina using the back of Lances couch as her own personal Nina HighwayTM

- Nina’s nail sounding like a thousand mini elephants when she walks on Lances wood floor

- Keith stopping for the first time (Lance forgot something) and not even noticing her until he sits down on the couch and Nina jumps up and “holy shit where’d you come from?”

- Nina just staring and Keith for a bit then climbing on his lap, curling into a ball, and going to sleep

- “Lance, what do I do?!” “Oh boy, sorry, you won’t be leaving for a bit.” 

- Lance thanking Nina when Keith finally leaves because he ended up getting asked out on a date and fuck yeah best dog ever

-Nina just automatically moving to the side wherever someone walks her way because Lance’s stepped/sat on her too many times

- Hunk making her dog treats whenever he can

- “You’re gonna make my dog fat!” “Then just walk her more often!”

- Nina barks for the first time 

- It’s at Pidge

- They do not get along. At. All

- Nina warming up to Shiro and crying when he leaves

- “Come on! You don’t do that for me!” *blinks* *sighs* *walks into Lances room and takes over Lances pillow*

- Allura dog sitting for Lance when he’s out of town because, holy quiznak, is that tiny creature the cutest think in the world

- Coran putting bows in Nina’s hair

- Lance flipping his shit when he sees them

- Nina pawing at Lances eyes when he forgets to feed her or let her out

- Just. Lance with a Chihuahua, guys, Lance with a Chihuahua

The tapir’s nose and upper lip combine into a flexible snout like an elephant’s trunk. It can be used as a snorkel when the animal is underwater and as an effective tool to detect odors wafting through the dense forest. This prehensile mini-trunk (by elephant standards!) is used to grab branches and strip off the leaves or to help pluck fruit and put it directly in the tapir’s mouth. It also adds an air of mystery to the tapir—at first glance, it’s hard to tell just what this creature is! (photo: Debbie Beals)