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@clarz​: “don’t leave me, you’re too warm.”

The line’s ringing before Niall thinks twice about it. It doesn’t even register until Bressie answers with a curious, “’ullo?”, and Niall has to look at the screen of his phone to figure out what’s going on.

Bressie’s contact picture is staring back at him – the one Niall took while they were in bed nearly six months ago, Bressie all sleep-soft around his eyes, cuddled up in Niall’s blanket – the one Niall desperately needs to change.

Anyway… Right, he called Bressie. ‘Course he did.

“Niall?” Bressie asks, when Niall doesn’t say anything right away.

“Hi, hey, Bressie,” Niall says, wincing at the way his voice gets all polite. That superficial voice he uses when he’s dealing with his boss. This is off to a great start, isn’t it.

“You rang?” Bressie prompts. Niall’s cheeks get warm. Right.

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did a beautiful mini-doc with @westwoodwestwood about #PHLEMUNS & my various work in design [link in bio for the full feature]

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The Komova mini-doc is now on youtube.

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so besides Daria, do you know of any other openly lgbt wrestlers? i'm gay and looking to be a wrestler, and it makes me really happy whenever i see lgbt wrestlers

it makes me really happy tooooo! i honestly believe that you can be a successful wrestler and openly gay (even if there are only a few examples that I can give you).

Apart from Daria Berenato

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there are a few that I know.

Kenny Omega - the most successful openly queer wrestler in the world

He’s one of the top wrestlers in New Japan (and the top foreign wrestler there). He’s the leader of the bullet club. He main evented Wrestle Kingdom (the second biggest wrestling show in the world) this year. And this interview where he says “a wife or a boyfriend” (i think he says “boyfriend” instead of “husband” because gay marriage isn’t legal in Japan) was for a mini-doc made by his company. He’s out and incredibly successful. 

Darren Young

(video here)

He was WWE’s first openly gay wrestler (the first wrestler to be openly gay to the public anyway). 

Anthony Bowens (thank you @werewolfgimmick)

He is in NXT right now and recently came out as bisexual.

Jack Sexsmith

He’s an indy wrestler and works for Progress Wrestling. Both the wrestler and his character are pan. I haven’t seen him wrestle much, but as his name suggests, his wrestling involves lots of sexual humor and, as always seems to be the case with gay wrestling characters, even the faces (altho not Dalton Castle), there is unwanted sexual touching and kissing of his opponents (i mention this just because it is a trope that bothers me a lot, but i’m not saying that Jack is bad or that he shouldn’t be wrestling in this way). he’s really popular in his company and beloved by his audience

Matt Cage

Indy wrestler. Don’t know anything about him, except that he’s openly gay.

Rosa Mendes

She came out as bisexual on an episodes of Total Divas in 2014. She’s retired now.

There are also other wrestler who may not have been out while they were active, but are out now, like Pat Patterson.

[Honorable Mention:

Dalton Castle! - the man who portrays him is married to a woman, but Dalton the character is pretty clearly queer. he works for Ring of Honor, is one of the company’s top faces, and has a title match later this year! The man who plays Dalton has said that the thing that separates Dalton from the queer wrestling characters that came before him is that Dalton isn’t trying to push anyone’s buttons or make anyone uncomfortable. He’s just being him.]

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9 for the kisses!! (If you're still up for it)

Distracting Kiss

“This is what you get for assuming,” Niall says, as the tiny plastic ball rolls merrily down the course, following the exact path it’s supposed to take. He watches it go, bouncing off the bumpers and leaping over hills before dropping into the funnel at the end. The funnel leads to a tunnel that delivers the ball neatly into the hole at the end. 

“Another hole in one,” Niall says with a grin.

“How was I supposed to know you were amazing at mini-golf?” Bressie asks, heaving a great big sign. “You didn’t tell me you golfed.”

“I don’t think mini-golf takes that kind of skill,” Niall says. “It’s more of settin’ it on the right path and letting it go.”

“Deeply profound,” Bressie says flatly, hopping down onto the lower level of the course they’re on. His ball is wedged up against the wall, so he has to stand on the ledge surrounding the green to position his club correctly.

It’s a sight to see, Bressie bent nearly in two because the golf clubs are so small and he’s so very massive. 

“Woulda taken you golfing for real,” he says, flexes his forearms the smallest amount. The ball still shoots off like he smacked it real good, bouncing wildly off the sides and missing the funnel completely. It follows the longer course before it skips right over the hole. “Fuck!”

“Language,” Niall chides. “There are children here.” Bressie flips him off before dropping down onto the green next to his ball. He doesn’t bother swinging, just uses the flat of his putter to put it into the hole. Niall claps to show his support. 

“Are you any good at actual golf?” Niall asks, once they’re at the next course. 

This one’s a little more complicated. He has to time his stroke with the windmill lazily turning in front of the small opening that leads the ball to a hole in one. If his ball bounces off the flat, wooden blades, or goes into a different opening, he’ll get a birdie at best. 

Which he doesn’t want. Since he’s gotten aces up to this point.

“Uhm, yes,” Bressie says, hovering close as Niall positions his ball where he wants, eyeing the angle. 

“Don’t mess me up,” Niall mutters, once Bressie doesn’t move away. 

“I won’t,” Bressie says lightly. 

Niall doesn’t believe him so he takes some practice swings to see if Bressie’s going to try and move. He doesn’t. Still suspicious, Niall draws back to actually hit it, ignoring Bressie in favor of timing the shot with the windmill blades.

He forgets to be vigilant when he takes his swing – Bressie leans over and kisses him on the cheek, warm and sweet and lingering. It startles Niall so badly, he puts too much power behind the shot.

The ball bounces straight off the blade with enough force to come right back up the hill to his foot. Niall turn to Bressie with a glare, cheeks scorching hot. Bressie grins at him, somehow managing to look both very smug and very fond.

“I demand a reshoot,” Niall says, stomach fluttering. 

“Your face is really red,” Bressie replies, and Niall hits him in the shin with his putter.


Paramore Spotify mini-doc

more of this please. MORE.


Me having the huge nostalgia for Digimon and slowly being pulled back into the fandom, along with being a huge fan of all the Pokemon variants, I realized that in some Digimon’s cases they already have some canon variants themselves! Even in most cases it’s just a slight change or recolor of the base Digimon ^^; But that said, I decided to make some of my own variants for Wizardmon, one of my fave Digimon of all time. A handful of these are based off magic based classes in DnD, and others based off video game references!!! (And a Harry Potter Ref…duh)

And because I don’t want this post to be SUPER long, I’ve made a Google Doc with mini descriptions for each variant!  

This was fun to do, took a few days but still fun! I plan to do Lucemon/Lucemon CM variants eventually and maybe…Myoitsmon if I can get some ideas for him.


Three different paint styles, one beautiful collaboration. See how three Aussie artists brought their vision in life in this mini-doc.


Wanted to share this really awesome mini doc of a 10 year old HOPES gymnast, Kailin Chio, who trains at Gymcats Gymnastics! Her long-term goal is to go to the 2024 Olympics. Ranked #1 in the nation for Level 8 and Level 9 I believe. Bright future for her.


Transgender Actress Erika Ervin On Her ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ Role

We couldn’t be more thrilled for “American Horror Story: Freak Show” to kick off for numerous reasons, and learning that the hit FX franchise will welcome a transgender performer just makes our excitement for the show more palpable.

For more on Erika’s remarkable life including her time as a lawyer and her encounter with AIDS in the nineties watch the full mini-doc here.