mini dan howell

i just want to say, dan has a right not to share the whole “week in March” thing

we don’t know what it’s about and for all we know its could be something super duper personal and hard for him to talk about, or it couldn’t and he just is uncomfortable sharing it just yet

give him time, if he wants to put off telling us about it, we NEED to respect him

“Dan! Dan! We made the top ten!” Phil cried, cupping his lover’s cheeks. Dan’s eyes were wide and wet, and his throat was closed off. All he could do was wrap his arms around Phil’s neck and smash their lips together. They, in that moment, realised that they had made it. They were okay.

Me: Life is going well so far. Nothing really distracts me anymo-

Favourite Person: *exists*

Me: God bless. Here is my death. *falls into hell*


As you walked into your house from a rather tough day, the one and only thing you wanted to do was to wrap yourself in a cocoon of warm blankets to lull you to sleep but you still managed to call out Dan’s name like usual right as you walked through the door. “Hey pet,” he said as he walked towards you, but the moment he saw your face his lips turned down in a frown as he asked with concern, “What wrong?” The mere sound of his concern brought all your emotions upfront as you tried to look away as the tears rushed all at once towards the rim of your eyes. Not even two seconds had passed but you felt Dan’s warm, protective arms wrap around yours. “Shh, shh, shhh, don’t cry hun,” he whispered as his soft lips kissed your forehead.

“I’m such a failure,” you cried out, “I never do anything right and every person I meet I hurt. Why am I even here?” “Don’t say that,” he said firmly, “you’re here because you’re strong, and you’re only human. We all make mistakes so don’t give up on yourself. I love you, okay?"While you continued to cry in his arms out of pure emotion from how touched you were of his words, you felt Dan’s hand gently comb through you hair as he softly kissed your hair, whispering soft I love you’s in your ear that made everything feel just that easier to deal with since he was by your side to hold you when you needed him.

16:~ Daddy’s insane (Part 1)

(Not that type of daddy you kinky lil shits)

As i stood washing the remains of the dinner just consumed of of the cream coloured plates my mind wondered. Was he ok? Is his mental state improving?

“Mum?” y/s/n voice echoed past through my questioning mind. I wiped my hands on the nearest dish cloth and went to where he was. 

Y/s/n was still sat at the dinner table however in his hands he held a photo album. The book must have been fairly old because the edges creaked as it was moved. My eyes focused on the photos that were slotted into the pockets, Shit, he shouldn’t be looking there.

“Where did you find that?” I said a reached for the album. Y/s/n slid the book away from my grip.

“Mum who is this man?” He asked seriously.

I mentally cursed at the fact he was asking about him. “Nobody.” 

He raised his eyebrow at me, “Really, then why is he kissing you in this picture while you hold you hand up to the camera.”

Y/s/n was extremely clever meaning he could easily call my bluff. I guess it was time to tell him. 

“Ok, you are right, that man isn’t a nobody. His name is Dan Howell.” I sighed wishing i could keep this a secret for longer.

“How did you know him?” 

“Well i was engaged to him…”

“Oh, what happened?” He asked with light sympathy in his voice.


Tears slipped down my face as i watched him a wait his verdict, his body adorning a white straight jacket. Even though he was terrifyingly crazy he still looked scared, vulnerable.  

The jury returned to the jury box to deliver their answer. My heart thumped in my chest and my stomach churned. I kept feeling the urge to vomit, it wasn’t because of the trial. Each time a glanced at Dan his eyes were already locked on me. What was going through his mind right now? Was he worried?

“Jury do you have your verdict?” The judge said. My pulse grew even quicker. 

A middle aged women stood up and cleared her throat. “Yes your honour. We the jury find this man to be guilty.” 

A whimper escaped my throat. No!

“Daniel Howell you have been found guilty of Mass murder by a jury of 12 men and women true. You shall now serve a life sentence in a maximum security unit with no chance of parole. Do you have anything you want to say?” 

Dan lifted his head and smiled up at me before looking at the judge. “Yes, Fuck you!” He laughed menacingly. The prison guards grabbed hold of him. 

More tears fell out of my eyes as i processed everything the judge was saying. 

“The prisoner shall now be taken away to the allocated place of imprisonment where he shall serve the full term of his sentence.” The judge bellowed over the sounds of Dan’s insults and swears. 

“The court is now dismissed.” The judge rose and walked away. 

I couldn’t move, my heart was shattering as i watched Dan being dragged away kicking and screaming. There was nothing i could do to save him. Dan was crazy and now he was going down for it. 

The doors closed behind the mass of people taking my love away. 

~Present Day.~

“Mum, how many years ago was that?” Y/s/n asked staring at Dan’s face in one of the pictures.

“Um 11, why?” He pulled his brows together and looked at me. 

“So just before i was born?”

I swallowed hard, i really wished he wasn’t this smart sometimes.

“Mum, Dan’s my dad isn’t he?” 

I felt my heart stop, i had to tell him. 

“Yes y/s/n, his is.” 

Y/s/n stood up from his seat at the table and placed the album back on the self. He turned to face me and breathed deep. 

“I want to meet him.” 

A/N: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! There will be a part two to this and i know it wasn’t scary but i suck at writing scary stuff so i thought i would do a psycho Dan mini fic.  

On the “Important Video”

Okay, so as many of your probably know Dan and Phil are releasing an ‘important video’ which will presumably come out tomorrow. Many people are excited and discussing possibilities for what the video will be about. And what a lot of us are hoping, is that phan will come-out

And if I am honest I am pretty dubious about that happening. But no matter what happens, whether they come out (assuming phan is real) or not we need to be respectful

Just because you are not happy with Dan and Phil’s announcement, whatever it could be. Doesn’t make it any less important!!

Some people are saying Dan and Phil will just do something that’s ‘spon’ or talk about their book, or their merch, or something of that nature. So if it ends up being one of those (which it probably won’t because I think Dan and Phil have said its not about that) don’t act like Dan and Phil lied. Whatever the video is about, it is obviously important to them.

*mini rant over