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I have a request can you make a scenario where Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Marko, Law, Kid, Doflamingo, Mihawk, And Sir Crocodile S\O giving birth to their child but their S\O end up dying because of some complication they had leaving them to take care of their child alone. sorry if it to cruel.

Some of these I will explicitly state the gender of the baby. Others I will not. It’ll be a surprise~!

Luffy: He was absolutely devastated. It was honestly a wonder he hadn’t gone into a catatonic state, like when Ace had been killed before his very eyes. Luffy was screaming and sobbing, pounding his fists onto the deck of the Thousand Sunny, crying for any and all to hear as he mourned the loss of his lover. The mother of his child.

His child. The thought stopped him for a moment, and he ran back to the infirmary. His legs shook beneath him and he felt weaker than he ever had in his life. But when he saw Robin holding a little bundle after helping Chopper deliver the baby, the tears formed anew in Luffy’s eyes. He reached out and, once Robin instructed him on how to hold the baby, held tightly to the infant cradled in his arms. This child was his. And it was all he had left of his lover. He would never let anything bad happen to them.

Zoro: After hearing the news, Zoro fell to his knees right there on the deck of the Thousand Sunny. He couldn’t believe what he’d heard, but he knew Chopper wouldn’t lie to him. Somehow, someway, his lover was dead. And there had been nothing he could do to protect her. He felt like a failure. Tears fell freely from his eyes and onto the deck, until he hear the clicking of Chopper’s hooves as he approached. In his arms was the child that had been born and Zoro found himself staring in disbelief. According to the doctor reindeer, the baby was perfectly healthy. Zoro surprised even himself with the relieved smile that stretched across his features. He knew he would do better and protect the child, for their sake.

Sanji: He was choking up, unable to control his emotions. He felt like he should be smoking a whole pack at once, he was so full of grief. His love, his darling ____ was gone, and there had been nothing that he could do to prevent it. Sanji felt like this was somehow his fault. If he hadn’t gotten her pregnant in the first place, she wouldn’t be dead. She would be alive, and smiling, and he would still be able to hold her in his arms. Chopper approached the grieving blond nearly an hour after the delivery, and Sanji noticed the little bundle in the reindeer’s arms. He wasn’t sure he could handle seeing the baby. Not after losing the love of his life. But when he looked down, all he could see was his precious _____. Their child looked so much like her already, with the same nose and even her eyes. Sanji could feel the tears welling up again as he reached out to hold his child and he could see a light in their eyes that gave him a new hope. He swore then and there that he would always protect that light.

Marco: He wanted to scream, cry, ANYTHING  to bring his lover back. Instead, Marco was left in stunned silence as everything seemed to happen too fast. One moment she was there, and he was telling her how amazing she was for giving birth to their child. And the next she was gone. The ship’s nurses had done everything they could to save her, but it was all in vain. Hours later found Marco sitting at the bow of the Moby Dick, a nearly-empty bottle of rum in his hand as he stared out into the sea with hot tears streaming down his face. Thatch had been the one to find him there, and the Fourth Division Commander took the rum and replaced it with the squirming bundle in his arms. Marco looked down at the child as a fresh wave of tears fell from his eyes and his daughter reached blindly for his hand.

“She’s beautiful,” he whispered, his voice slurred a bit from all the alcohol he’d had.

“She’s gonna need her dad,” Thatch answered, and Marco doubled over with the baby girl still in his arms, sobbing and making all the promises in the world for her.

Law: He couldn’t even move. He’d done everything, EVERYTHING  in his power to try and save his lover. But once she had started hemorrhaging, even the greatest surgeon in the world couldn’t stop the bleeding. His hands were still covered in her blood while a machine nearby droned with the loud, monotone beep of a heart that had stopped. Law didn’t want to believe what had happened, and waves of immeasurable guilt washed over him until he collapsed to his knees in the middle of the operating room. He barely registered his crew moving his lover from the room, too engrossed in his failure to save her with tears flowing freely down his cheeks. He hadn’t felt a loss so powerful since Cora-san, but he was a grown man now. And he couldn’t scream to the heavens like he had as a child. A different cry carried into the room, loud and shrill enough to pierce his ears, and Law looked around to see that Penguin had reentered the room with the newborn baby in his arms.

“He won’t settle,” the other man said sheepishly. “We thought you should see him.” Law felt like he didn’t deserve to, but he held out his arms anyway to take his son from Penguin. Fresh tears fell from his eyes as the infant cried loudly for only a moment in his arms before falling quiet. If Law weren’t a doctor, he would call the expression on his son’s face contemplative. He knew then and there, staring down into the pale eyes of his newborn son, that he would make sure to never fail him.

Kid: Everything Kid was feeling manifested as pure, unadulterated rage as he flew off the handle, destroying everything in his path. Parts of the ship would be left in shambles for him to repair later, once he had calmed down. That wouldn’t be for a long while. Kid didn’t remember much of what happened after he’d heard the news of his lover dying from complications during childbirth. He only knew that he came back to his senses after Killer had all but wrestled him to the ground.

“Just look at her!” the Massacre Soldier had yelled, and that had been when Kid realized Heat was standing nearby with the newborn child. When Kid laid eyes upon her, his daughter, he could already see the same fiery hair he’d been born with. Nobody judged their captain when tears fell from his eyes as Heat carefully passed the baby girl into Kid’s embrace. If this little girl was all he had left of his lover — who was the only match for his violent personality — then he would keep her from any and all harm.

“I’ll fucking kill anyone who comes near her.”

Doflamingo: Donquixote Doflamingo was furious. How the hell could she have died? He’d had the best doctors tending to her. She’d been at the peak of health. So how could this have happened? How could he be left alone again?! And especially after his lover had been so excited to raise their child together, to make him every bit as great as the noble blood dictated he should be. Doflamingo couldn’t bear it, and shot the doctor who had been in charge of the delivery. Clearly there had been a failure, and he couldn’t allow that to go unpunished. He was going to shoot the nurse as well — clearly she should have done more for his beloved — when he saw the infant in her arms.

“Give him to me,” Doflamingo ordered, and the woman nearly tripped over herself in fear to deliver his son to him. The infant boy had managed to sleep through the gunfire as Doflamingo shot the nurse at that point, and he knew his son would grow up to do great things. “You’ll rule with an iron fist.”

Mihawk: There was no visible change in the expression on his face. His cool demeanor had not faltered, but underneath it all, Dracule Mihawk was roiling with more powerful emotions than he had felt since he met his lover. And now she was gone. He felt as though a part of him died inside, but even that could not bring tears to his eyes. It wasn’t until he saw his child for the first time since the birth that the emotion penetrated the stoic wall of his facial features. A lesser man would have felt hatred for the being that took his beloved _____ away from him, but all he could feel was love for the child that he would raise.

Crocodile: Crocodile had lived a jaded life and had seen the cruelty of the world firsthand. He’d even been the cause of some of that cruelty. Perhaps this was his penance, he mused, to have his lover die giving birth to their child. He’d long-since grown used to such cruelty. Clearly the gods were punishing him. He assumed the newborn child would have died during the birthing process as well. It would only be fitting for the world to strip him of everything he hoped for. When a loud wailing could suddenly be heard, Crocodile almost didn’t dare to believe what he was hearing. The midwife entered the room with the wailing child, holding out to him. For the first time in many years, Sir Crocodile was in awe. His child had survived. The cruel fates hadn’t taken them away from him. He wasn’t going to squander the opportunity presented to him.