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Brighton Corn Exchange dig finds 200-year-old burial site

A 200-year-old burial site has been discovered during redevelopment work at Brighton Dome Corn Exchange.

One skeleton was found earlier this week, but now nine graves have been uncovered.

The remains are in the process of being exhumed from underneath the area previously used as the venue’s mini conference room.

They are thought to be from a Quaker burial ground that existed before the Royal Pavilion Estate was built.

Alan Robins, chair of Brighton and Hove City Council’s tourism, development and culture committee said: “The remains are now being carefully exhumed and will be examined to determine more about the deceased before being re-buried or cremated.” Read more.

This is the transcript of the TED talk I gave in my English class this year:

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20w 3d - 7/21/17

I was a good daughter and saw my parents this evening. Mom gushed at the bump, asked questions about the anatomy scan (didn’t exist 25 years ago unless you had a high risk pregnancy or a lot of money), Dad was huggy but let Mom gush. He is having a hard time at work, so this is a nice change of stories for him.

I complained about my day. I should NOT have to deal with sexual harassment from 10 year olds to another child. I honestly don’t think they realized their words were that severe and would result not only in disciplinary action, but a mini parent-teacher conference too.

I also picked her brain about the one 3 yo I work with who has some kind of learning disability, but a mother who is in denial anything is wrong with her boy. She thinks he has autism (that’s her specialty) and agrees he needs help NOW. We do not have the space or resources to accommodate an autistic child without a certified TSS. It’s not happening. The facility is very open to working with state appointed TSSes any help, but when you are putting other children in danger because of tantrums and refusal to get your child help…that’s a big problem.

I’m so happy it is Friday. My main age group had 5 or 6 disciplinary write ups today alone. That’s insane.


Soooo… I don’t know if anybody would be interested in this, but after all of the watch parties last season, and getting to go to more games in person this year, my friend and I have wound up with an excess of Lightning branded swag. They’re little knicknacks, really, but I’d like to pass the extra stuff along to a fan who maybe doesn’t get to attend events in Tampa.

If you’d like to be the recipient of these nice little doodads, there are just a couple of rules. First, you should be following me. Pretty standard. Second, either reblog and/or like this post if you’d like to enter. Each person may have up to two entries, so whatever works for you. Third, you must be willing to share your address with me so that I can actually mail this stuff to you. Fourth, entries will conclude at 11:59 PM on November 1st. Finally, you must be a Bolts fan in some capacity. I obviously have no way to check this, really. But I’d like for a fan to get all of this stuff.

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ABS - CBN studio tour + It’s Showtime experience

I’ve decided to begin a new series called “ THE ITCHY FEET” Since I’ve been all over the place lately. I’d like to bring you with me on my daily shenanigans from my food ventures to my spontaneous Day out Gala mode. 

I’ve wrote about my previous experience on Family feud which I’ve queued on my long list of Not - so - Good experience. last July 4, 2016 - Monday we had a reservation at It’s showtime and by this time we were with our parents, so one thing for sure we will never get famished again. 

Before we head out, we had a quick breakfast at one of our favorite eatery. we had to ingest something since we knew that there will be no food to be consumed inside the studio because It’s prohibited. we arrived at passed 9:00 a.m and Tita Ruth was waiting for us at the entrance, we were dropped in front of Mcdo while my Dad was scanning for a perfect slot to park the car. Unfortunately, there’s a cut off and we had to run inside ABS to register, Tita Ruth, Mom, my sibs, Tita anne with her kids head off right away to registration office. after we signed up on the application Tita Ruth went back again to the entrance to fetch my Dad since we only have less than 5 Minutes left to register else my Dad will be cut off. 

we were asked to go inside a mini conference room to tackle about the do’s and don’t’s during the studio tour. Rikki (the tour mentor) gave us a pink evaluation paper which we have to submit by the end of the tour. she also let us watch a short presentation about the history of ABS. 

*I actually thought that the reservation will only include Showtime, nothing else, but looks like we signed up for a tour as well* 

so Rikki let us roam around in different sets, she spilled few information about what kind of material they’re using and how much a set would cost. below are the information she shared:

  • all sets were built with black wall and a magic cloth that will resist sound, they used it to avoid hearing the noise of other shows from the other side.
  • the most expensive set they’ve set up is One versus One hundred. she said ABS had to buy their own chopper helicopter just for the show. 
  • The next one would be, all sets are portable, they rehash most of it. 

During the tour, Rikki asked for entertainment, Tita Ruth was the only one who’s willing to volunteer to sing in front of everyone, after that. Rikki asked for More and my parents pushed my little brother to the shameless lime light haha he sang Give me love by Ed. 

The next destination was at the props area. a place where everything that is used in TV shows are perfectly preserved. on the other side of the room you will see this huge wardrobe. these costumes are Mostly used in ASAP and other shows. they are perfectly sorted. 

Our last stop was at Dolphy Theatre, It’s not that huge, It’s actually comparable to the size of realto, this is where a short wake of Wenn Deramas and Dolphy happened. (according to Rikki) 

Unlike on what we experience during Family Feud taping, where we stayed at the audience entrance without a proper ventilation and food, on this Holding area they treated us so well. there’s free food and we are centralized. you can also consume food while you’re waiting for the time.  

after few minutes of waiting we’re ushered by Rikki on the hallway, where we can view the actual monitoring of shows. we stayed there for like 20 minutes before the actual entrance in the studio. 

The moment we get inside the studio, we didn’t get to choose on where to seat, however we’re happy on where we are assigned. there’s a big distinction between the shoot of Family feud and the live casting of showtime. we are not forced to clap and do certain things. the floor director just remind us to enjoy and  just  show genuine happiness. He reminds us that we are part of the showtime family. 

while singing the showtime theme song we can’t contain our happiness. I filmed a short clip on my phone and will release it soon. It funny because my parents had multiple exposure on tv haha. by good fortune on that day the showtime family is complete! 

I’ll be honest here, this is the most annoying thing that I’ve ever seen on a daily. I always skip their prod. watching them live didn’t change anything towards how I feel about this boy group. 

During commercial break we’re instructed to do few necessities on the show. like when should we raise our score cards or what should we say during the opening of another segment. that’s it. 

Of course, you know this segment this is actually my favorite among all. It’s funny on  how they examine each Competitor and tried to even interrogate them to spill what’s their real occupation.

I remember my bet was contender number 3! 

after all the entertainment, prior to tawag ng tanghalan sa showtime,Mariel and Karylle had to read their spiel, there’s this Lady standing beside the camera man holding few manila papers where the script was written. the hosts are going to read it in front of the camera. that’s how it’s done.

they’re actually seated in front of us, so yes guys I had a short exposure too haha

during the break, while all the staff are busy setting up for tawag ng Tanghalan, the Judges are also preparing foer the last segment. 

during the introduction of the contenders 

The last segment!!! 

Fast Fact:

  • the tour cost 185 pesos only, includes free drink and food. 
  • the actors are way different in real life, they’re more serious and not that jolly ( somehow I could say It’s all scripted. )
  • they used wide angle camera lens that why the set looks big on TV but it looks really small in real life. 
  • centralized area 
  • you’ll never have the chance to get a single photo of the actors since after the show they’ll run backstage right away.