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Digimon Electronics FOR SALE!

-Can take close up pics of packaging, screens, etc, and battery test vids if requested, but please don’t ask unless you’re actually interested
-Batteries not included/shipping cost not included
-Can accept payment by Paypal or Interac etransfer [within Canada]
-Can combine shipping with other sale items
-Feel free to ask me for feedback; I may ask for yours too
*Anything valued over $100 will be shipped with tracking
*This post will be xros-posted in multiple places

$100 USD - Pendulum Cycle V8 White
Very Good condition, opened to remove batteries. Inner box & manual only. Based on Pendulum 3/3.5 Nightmare Soldiers

$55 USD - Japanese Digimon Mini V1
Complete with box/good condition, opened to remove battery

$145 USD - Korean Pendulum Progress V2 Armageddon Army
Complete with box/essentially new (never used), opened to remove batteries

$100 USD - Japanese D-Ark Clear Blue V2
Complete with box/essentially new, opened to remove batteries

$200 USD - Japanese Pendulum V5.5 Metal Empire
Complete with box/essentially new, opened to remove batteries


MORE SALES: Digimon Part 1 | Digimon Part 2 | Pokemon

It’s saturday so Koujaku and Aoba stays in home together. When Aoba tries to cook breakfast for both of them, Koujaku has another idea and Aoba goes along willingly ❤

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Me, seeing great pricefield edits: “Nice!”

Me, seeing spanish sahara lyrics under the aforementioned great pricefield edits:

Weigh In 4.1.17

Starting weight: 242.1
Last weeks weigh in: 210.2
Todays weight: 207.4
Lost this week: 2.8
Total lost: 34.7

So I’m officially moved from ‘obese’ to 'overweight’ on the BMI scale. So mini goal #2 complete. :)
Next goal is to onderland at 199. Which is the smallest goal at only 8.4lbs to go till I meet it but will be the most difficult because I’m at the weight where I plateaued last time before gaining all the weight back plus some.
Also very excited to see past this point as I’ve never been there before as an adult. :)

Do you have trouble keeping your Tols’ and Smols’ proportions consistent?

Do you agonize over figuring out their exact height difference?

Have you ever wanted to know exactly how tol your Tol is??

Do you wish there were an easier way???

Download Grace’s Giant Height Calculator here!

All you need is a sketch of your tiny (it could even be a stick-figure) and an idea for their general size compared to your giant’s hand, face, or foot. The handy instructions will guide you through the rest!

Finding the instructions confusing? Just send me a message and I can guide you through it. You’ll be calculating heights in no time!

Are your giants on the shorter side? Here are special instructions for using the calculator to determine a mini-giant’s height:

  1. Complete steps 1 through 3 as above, but draw your character on the left instead. If the proportions of your giant are different from those on the left (more or less than 7.5 heads tall) draw your giant character as well with proper proportions, keeping your character’s head the same height as a head unit (☺).

  2. To find g, count how many ☺’s tall your shorter character is. You may need to write this as a decimal. Use as many significant figures as you want for accuracy.

  3. Solve the “Ratio” equation above to find how big your giant’s ☺ is.

  4. All you need to do next to find your giant’s height is multiply 7.5 by ☺. (If you drew your giant with different proportions, just use however many heads tall you drew them as)

Have fun!

Any calculations you find using this tool are yours to use however. No need to credit me for the math, the reference, or your final numbers unless you are redistributing the calculator itself, which you are free to do with proper credit. Thanks!

Patater Week (Feb 6) Get Together

you know how i said i wasn’t doing this

apparently i am a liar.

(all the week’s fics will go onto ao3)

They literally slam into each other at a roller rink.

It’s a You Can Play benefit thing for kids. Kent’s too busy watching to make sure he doesn’t run over one of the mini-tots that he completely misses the giant headed in his direction. And you would think, wouldn’t you, that a guy whose career involved balancing on knives on ice would take a check on skates as well as he did in an ice rink, but nope. Kent hits Alexei Mashkov head-on and sends them both into a pile on the ground.

The icing on the cake is Kent’s arm clotheslining a six-year-old on the way down.

So now he and Tater are both sitting on the side of the roller skating rink, holding matching cold packs to their faces while a small child stuffs tissues up his nose to stop the bleeding.

“I’mb gonna tell everybody at school that Kent Parsob hit by face!” the kid tells Kent happily, oblivious to his dad’s efforts to keep him from talking and thereby snorting blood everywhere.

Kent gives him a weak thumbs up. At his side, Alexei makes a noise that might actually be a giggle.

“You so cute with kids,” Alexei says.

Damn language barriers, Kent thinks. “You mean I’m good with kids. And I’m not that great. They just like me because I’m ridiculous.”

“You are very ridiculous,” Alexie agrees. “But I’m choose right word, ‘cute.’ You are cute being with kids.”

Kent thinks the head-on collision must have knocked something loose in both their heads. He twists sideways and gapes, the effect of which is probably lost due to the ice pack covering half his face. “I’m sorry. What did you just say?”

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disneyismyescape’s mini disney movie challenge
→ day one: pick a movie - wreck-it ralph


mini moleskine 12-13/?
found my other 2 completed mini moleskines and they are from two years ago and it is great to look back and see how I improved (or not)

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"What's your favorite animal?" "Panda," Will answered. "They're so cuddly and soft, and they pretty, too." Nico rolled his eyes. Of course Will liked soft cuddly things (though that didn't explain why he liked Nico). "My turn. What's your favorite food?" Nico mentally flinched. His favorite food was this cookie that his mom used to make, though he couldn't remember the name. Will waited patiently. Nico took a deep breath, answering. "These cookies. I can't remember the name, but my mom made them

.“ He tried to ignore the sudden cramp in his gut that had nothing to do with his cycle. Will seemed to read the discomfort in his face, placing a warm hand on Nico’s. “I bet she made the best cookies. My own mom always ends up burning hers.” He laughs, and Nico smiles. He likes it when Will talks about his family. He’s never really bothered to ask before. “What’s your mom like?” “Is that one of your questions?” Nico gives him a look. “She’s amazing. Awesome.” Will laughs; Nico loves the sound.
Nico opened his mouth to ask something when Kayla popped her head in. “Hey, Will, could you help us out for a minute? Promise it’ll be quick!” she said. Will sighed before turning to her with a smile. “Sure.” He turned back to Nico. “I’ll be back in a sec,” he said, standing up. “Take your time,” Nico replied. It was endearing how irritated Will seemed at their game being interrupted.

Nico sighed quietly when Will left, taking a deep breath to try and ease the lingering feeling of nostalgia in his gut. He didn’t need to get upset because he thought about his mother’s cookies. Will didn’t need to deal with Nico being pathetic. Shaking his head, Nico cleared his thoughts. He waited patiently for Will to finish whatever it was he was doing, silently counting the tiles on the ceiling. He had no idea how long Will was gone, he had gotten up to fifty before he lost track and started counting again. Something rolled uncomfortably in his stomach and Nico winced, wrapping an arm around his abdomen. He wanted Will to come back. Grunting, Nico sat up, intent on refilling the hot water bottle on his hips and retrieving the medicine. He put his feet on the floor, swaying and lurching to the side.


A small practice comic between my two O.Cs!! Chris isn’t the best at comfort but he really tries to distract Viktor from the bad stuff. Viktor really appreciates it.

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Leonard so uses Christmas songs all the time like he could knock on a Barry's front door and he would just yell "who is it " and just you will hear " BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE "

YOU KNOW WHAT HE ABSOLUTELY DOES THIS, he also goes caroling outside barry’s door in the middle of july, with 2 mugs of hot cocoa (complete with mini marshmallows) in hand, and he doesn’t leave unti lbarry opens the door and either slams the door in his face or lets him in bc hes just so Tired

I have a box of mini waffles for children complete with pictures of sesame street characters on the box bc I’m cheap & they were on sale & I’m an adult & I can buy anything. like I could just go to the store & buy $35 worth of chips & nothing else. I won’t do that but I could, you know? I could

@seekingoutfriday replied to your post “5, 12, 33, 42 for Finch!”

I’m glad you included Bear in Harold’s concept of family and home :)

Listen Bear may be a whore, but he’s Harold’s whore. 


She’s pretty weird - I mean, why’s there a rose in her mouth??? Also, she thinks she’s some sort of royalty or something, slacker! She wears a crown and lives in a castle like she’s a queen. It’s totally super odd.

Buuuuuut…. Mayor Kuma doesn’t really talk to anyone outside of town for some reason. Meeting new could people be good for her, so…uuuughhh, I gueeeess I can share this blog with one more person. Go knock on the door of her ‘castle’ and make friends, as long as you don’t forget about your favorite me!!