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H-hello, everyone! It has been quite some time since I’ve *ahem* answered any questions. Do forgive me, I’ve been trapped in a ghost proof box this entire time and just recently escaped. But I am back and ready to answer more of your questions. For the time being, I have disabled any more asks from coming in because I have too many to handle but once I’ve answered a good amount I will open them back up again. Thank you for your patience. 

STARFISH BRA: The Awkward Aftermath~

That awkward moment when the starfish doesn’t seem to want to let go.

wtf am i even doing any more?? XD

After I’d drawn the first little comic I was like ‘lol what if the starfish won’t let go?’ and this is the aftermath.

Open it in another tab for better quality. Since some of the font is a bit small

STARFISH BRA = the first page and the start of this madness :D