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Pairing: Aiden x Reader

Prompt: “Your cute when you mad”

Summary: Some random flirts with you and Aiden gets mad.

Side Note: So this is the opposite of the Isaac one I did recently so instead of you getting mad it’s reversed. Hope people don’t mind that this is also a short one as well x

It was gym period, Coach insisted that everyone even the people who didn’t play lacrosse to meet him out on the field. You weren’t one for the gym, in fact you had a strong dislike for sport all together. Lining up next to Stiles he gave you look indicating that whatever Coach had planned wasn’t going to be fun, next to you was your boyfriend Aiden. He was apart of the Alpha pack along with his twin brother Ethan and even though you weren’t an alpha like them, they still considered you to be apart of the pack as well.

“Alright listen up! I want each and everyone of you to get into pairs, I don’t care who you choose just move you asses and find yourself someone. After you have all managed to do that, there are several mini circuits set up by me, and I do not want to hear I can’t come from anyone’s mouth, you hear me? Now get going and I expect every pair to complete all the circus by the end of the period”. Coach instructed.

You picked Lydia to pair up with and started on the circuit near where you guys were standing. Lydia went first and nailed the entire thing, next it was you and the struggle from jumping over one hurdle to the other was quite real.

“Come on Y/N you can do this” Lydia yelled from the starting line.

You turned back to give her a smile, you underestimated the distance between the next hurdle causing you to crush into it and nearly trip over. Lydia came running over to you to make sure you weren’t hurt, “Are you okay” she asked.

“I’m fine just didn’t see the next hurdle” you said brushing your clothes down.

Some guy was near by and walked on over to you and Lydia, “I saw what happened, are you okay?” he asked.

Lydia gave you an awkward smile. You didn’t know what to do, the guy was just being polite that was all. “Yeah I’m fine, you didn’t have to come over here”. you said.

“How could I resist coming over to make sure a beautiful girl is okay”. he said in a very flirty manner.

This situation was starting to turn uncomfortable really fast and you prayed that Aiden would notice and come over. But it seemed like he was too busy being competitive against his brother.

“Well I’m fine so Lydia and I are just going to move onto the next circuit” you said grabbing Lydia’s hand and walking towards the next one.

The guy didn’t seem to get the hint and followed, Lydia and you exchanged a look.

“Look Y/N and I just want to finish these circuits so we can go get changed, do you mind?” Lydia told the girl.

“I was just trying to be helpful” he replied back.

“Now you can go be helpful somewhere else” Aiden appeared beside you and placed a protective arm over you.

The guy looked at Aiden before responding, “Who are you?”

“I’m her boyfriend, and I suggest you walk away”.

A alpha werewolf against a human wasn’t going to end well, so you grabbed Aiden’s hand and his posture relaxed.

“You must not be a very good boyfriend if you didn’t even come to your girlfriends aid, when she nearly tripped”.

The tension was starting to rise, and the guy was obviously taunting Aiden which he was walking right into. “My girlfriend can take care of herself”.

“Okay Aiden let’s go, yeah?” you said to him pulling him away from the guy.

“Yeah listen to your girlfriend”.

You leaned in to whisper in his ear, “Be the bigger person Aiden”.

He looked back towards the guy and grabbed your hand walking in the other direction. Lydia followed and met up with Stiles and Scott who were watching the entire thing along with Ethan. All five of them gave you and Aiden some privacy.

“Your cute when your mad, you know that right?” you smiled at him trying to get his mind off of the guy.

“When someone comes onto my girl you better believe I’ll get mad”.

“My alpha hero” you laughed.

He smirked pulling you into a fruitful kiss. “Come on let’s finish these ridiculous circuits” you said to him.

The two of you joined the others and continued completing each course that was set by Coach. Thankfully the guy didn’t bother you for the rest of the period, thanks to Aiden glaring every time he even tried.


Full bod no equipment workout!!! 🏡🏡💃🏼
Can be done at home, on holiday, at the gym at the beach wherever u fancy 🤗
When I go away tomorrow I will be doing lots of these kind of workouts cos I won’t have access to a gym for 2 wks and altho I will miss weights 😭 sometimes they just not available and mini circuits like these will get me through 🙂🙂
But ofc I won’t be training everyday, holiday is for chillinggggg 😎
1️⃣oblique dips
2️⃣alternate plank and leg lifts
3️⃣jump lunges into squat jumps
4️⃣walk outs
30 secs per exercise, 4 sets of each 😚😚
Credit: @meggan_fit_music #workoutvideo #fitspo #fitfam #bootyworkout #homeworkout #workout #gymsharkwomen #squats #motivation #dumpadouchebag (at Tower Bridge)

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