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Little Rey - Luke Skywalker

One of my friends gave me this idea to write an imagine where Rey is the readers daughter. Luke on the other hand isn’t her real father but Rey sees him like that. Hope it’s good and sorry for not posting so much lately, i’m slowly starting to run out of ideas :( i’ll try to get better, i promise!

You can hear laughter in the hallway, and you know right away who it is. The sweet laughter came from Rey, your five year old daughter. You could now see a shadow coming closer, the shadow of Luke and Rey. Luke walks into the living room with Rey who’s wearing a pilot helmet on his shoulders. “Mommy!” she cheers. “Hi sweetie” Luke walks up to you and gives you a quick kiss. “Eeuw gross” Rey says as she covers her eyes. Both you and Luke chuckle. “So, how has your day been sweetheart?” you ask as Luke lifts her down from his shoulders. “It’s been so good! I got to meet other kids, I got to see daddy teach them new tricks with a lightsaber, it was like whum whum whum” she held out her little arm and moved it around while making the lightsaber sound, her way too big helmet falling down over her eyes. Luke wrapped his arm around your waist and he was smiling as he listened to Rey talking about her day together with him. “And then they got the learn how to defend themselves” she says as she pushes up the helmet a bit. “I want to be like you daddy one day, I want to be a pilot just like you and a jedi” Luke smiles as he gets down on one knee in front of her. “I’m sure you’ll be a great pilot and a great jedi, I promise that I’ll teach you everything I know one day” Rey’s smile grows wide and sparkles comes alive in her eyes. She throws her arms around Luke which almost makes him fall backwards. You cover your mouth with your hand to hide a small laugh. “You’re the best daddy I’ve ever had” Luke chuckles before he pushes up her helmet which had fallen down over her eyes again. “Ah Master Luke it’s so good to see you again” C3PO walks in which causes Rey to turn around fast. “3PO!” she cheers. “Congratulations C3PO, you just got her attention” Luke says as he gets up again. “Oh dear” C3PO says. “Come on 3PO I wanna show you something!” Rey cheers as she starts to run towards her room while making “pew pew” noises, because that’s how an X-wing sounds like according to her. “Why can’t she play with R2-D2?” C3PO mutters as he walks after her. 

Luke wraps his arms around your waist before he gives you a sweet kiss. “Is it true? Will you help her to become a jedi? Is she force-sensitive?” you ask. Luke nods. “She is and I will help her” you can’t help but smile. “That’s great, you’re her biggest role model, she’s always wanted to be like you, and now it will happen.” Luke smiles as he strokes your arm with his gloved hand. “The force is strong with her, she’ll be a great jedi, I’m sure of that” he then places his hand on your stomach. “How’s the baby?” you can all of a sudden feel the baby kicking, which causes Luke to smile. “Well it seems like the baby got really happy now when you’re here” you say as you place your hand over his. Luke was nervous at first when he got to know that he’d become a father. You told him that he’d be a great father. You could really see that Rey liked him a lot so why wouldn’t this child do it? Rey have liked Luke ever since the first day she met him and she never asked you about her real father. She sees Luke as her real father. You love their relationship, she likes to be around him and she’s really clingy around him sometimes. “I can’t wait to meet our new little friend” Luke says before he kisses you again, the kiss is so sweet and you never want it to end until- “Master Luke and Y/N” C3PO…always manage to interrupt you during your special moments. Luke breaks the kiss and sighs. “Yeah?” C3PO looks into Rey’s room before he looks at you and Luke again. “It looks like little Rey fell asleep on the floor” C3PO leaves as both of you walks into her room. And there she is, sleeping on the floor with a stuffed little wookiee in her arms. You carefully pick her up and lay her down in her bed before Luke pulls up her duvet, he then gives her forehead a kiss. “Wow, she’s tired” you say as you lean your head against Luke’s shoulder. “Yeah, it’s been a long day for her” he says as he wraps his arm around you. You can’t help but smile as you see Rey hugging her little mini Chewie in her sleep.

anonymous asked:

For the last week I have been super tired: I've been getting home and falling straight asleep, and sleeping for 12+ hours. On Friday I had a very important history report due, which I hadn't done any of bc I'd had no time to do schoolwork bc I'd been sleeping. My teacher was very disappointed in me, but gave me an extension until Monday. It's now Saturday, and every time I try to start on the report, I have a panic attack and just start crying, and I can't do it. I really don't know what to do.


School is tiring especially the last few weeks before the end of semester. I have never slept over 12 hours (my maximum was 10 hours…). If you are sleeping this much is most likely due the amount of school work, maybe work, lack of sleep during the night and other factors.

It is good that your teacher is somewhat understanding and gave you an extension, but the teacher is still expecting your report on Monday.

Starting the Difficult Task:

This report may be stressing you, but you will feel much better when you hand it in. Starting it is the most difficult task. Regardless what it is, starting something is difficult. 

You not necessarily need to be super motivated to get started on the assignment. You just need focus. Have tried working on your assignment with some background music? 

- 8tracks, Youtube and Coffitivity are just some sites that I listen to when I have to write an essay, complete an assignment. The essays, assignments are not fun but the music seem to help with the stress and make time flies by quicker.

* If you like Rain, rainymood is a good site.


As long as the report is completed, your teacher will be content(depends also on the content of the report). You might not want to work on it all in one shot because the task seems difficult and extremely long. 

For this reason, I suggest that you use a timer(Pomodoro Timer, 30/30 app) and follow this system. Work for 25 minutes on your report and then take a 5 minute break. Repeat for about four times and take a long break. 

You might not be able to focus for a longtime especially with the stress about less than half and hour should be alright.

  • Example:
  • 25 minutes of work: Work #1
  • 5 minutes break: Break #1
  • 25 minutes of work: Work #2
  • 5 minutes break: Break #2
  • 25 minutes of work: Work #3
  • 5 minutes break: Break #3
  • 25 minutes of work: Work #4
  • 15 minutes break: Break #4(Long Break)
  • and repeat..

Snacks + Drinks:

It will be difficult to write your report on an empty stomach. I suggest that you have some small snacks on your desk (chewy bars, mini candy bars) and some kind of drink (water, coffee, hot chocolate, tea). This way, you will be able to eat something if you do get hunger without having to leave your desk.


if you wish, changing locations can help. Although, I do not suggest working on your report on sitting on your bed(you might be sleepy). I have seen some people work on your reports at café, kitchen tables, outside, even on their bedroom floor. 

EDIT: jayturion​‘s advice: “ To the Anon who was talking about sleeping too much: I was in the same boat and this is actually a sign of depression and/or various anxiety disorders. If you’re crying/having panic attacks about the reports I would consider talking to a school counselor or mental health professional, it helped me so much! :) Please remember that, although both are important, your mental health is more important than school! <3″

Best of Luck.


SweeTarts are the best.

At my house this year we have three styles of SweeTarts to dispense:  mini-chewy globes and two varieties the size of large pills. Do you remember the ones that were the size of Oreo cookies? How about the ones that came in rolls?

My teeth ache just thinking about how many big SweeTarts I ate as a kid. Well, that and I keep eating the tiny ones I’m suppose to give to kids tonight. The tartness is also making my tongue hurt.

If the costumed children don’t start showing up soon the SweeTarts will be gone. Who knows what I’ll have left to give out then. Think anyone will notice?