mini brains

  • Psychic: *Reads my mind*
  • My Brain: AAAAAAH!
  • My Brain: 🎶Comin' outta my cage and I've been doing just fine🎶
  • My Brain: If a man were to eat his own stomach would he be full?
  • My Brain: Note to self - buy pencils
  • My Brain: When's the next MCR conce-oh, right.
  • My Brain: I want to die.
  • My Brain: Just reblog ONE more post.
  • My Brain: I freaking love Dan and Phil.
  • My Brain: asdfghjkl;
  • My Brain: wtf am I doing
  • My Brain: Yer a wizard Harry
  • My Brain: What if my hairdryer is a mini Transformer???
  • My Brain: I should reply to that text…NAH!
  • My Brain: Ew, something smells.
  • My Brain: 🎶Falalalalalalalala🎶
  • My Brain: Hehe…fish farts.
  • My Brain: …………
  • My Brain: Newton's 1st Law of Motion states that an object at rest will stay at rest unless acted on by an external force.
  • My Brain: [Insert dirty joke]
  • My Brain: I wonder what this psychic is thinking.
  • My Brain: 😊😩😑😘😂😒😟☺️😀😔
  • My Brain: My boyfriend is too cute 😍
  • Psychic: What the f*ck?

Spock using his finger to trace phrases like “I love you” in Vulcan on McCoy’s back when they’re lying in bed. Bones being amused, thinking he’s just drawing little meaningless squiggles, completely oblivious to the tender words Spock is softly outlining on his body.


I zoomed in one of Art’s books to see if it really is as suspicious as everyone says and lo and behold~~~

So even if Re:_Art may won’t be able to have his job back as a superintendent he can always go for professional basketball, right? ;)

The ‘mini brain’ guiding your gut

The image above shows silver stained nerves in the large intestine of a mouse.

The gut nervous system can function independently of the central nervous system and is often referred to as a ‘mini-brain’. These nerves are vital in maintaining normal digestive function; however research suggests that gut nerves are also involved in the immune response.

Changes in the way your gut works have been associated with all manner of conditions from obesity and diabetes to inflammatory bowel disease and depression. BBSRC-funded PhD student Victoria Kinsley from University of Manchester is looking at nerves in the gut.  Her research aims to clarify how individual variation in nerve function can influence susceptibility to disease and therefore increase our understanding of the human response to inflammation.

Image credit: Victoria Kinsley

My dad three days ago came here & its been bad ever since. Has severe meningitis, had to mini strokes in the brain, lung collapsed, been sleep for three days. I lost my mom when i was 12 years old & this hit me unexpected & im not ready to see this man go. So please join me in prayer for full recovery. God we need you now and right now.

Thank you for your prayers to whom ever shares this. We need all the prayers we can get.


gosh! i am surprised you would request that! but very pleasantly surprised, an’ all. i sure love brainsvirge. and mini-brains clones. so here you go! brains is demonstrating a lil remote control UFO he’s about to give to lil’ fermat. virgil, as the strong father, is the one who provides all piggyback rides.

thank you for asking so nicely, lovely stranger! i hope this’ll do.


- A Single Tear book launch - 

Saturday, 7th May at 6pm. 208 High Street, Northcote, Melbourne. 

I am excited to announce the launch of ‘A Single Tear’, which is the documentation of Arteles Art Residency in Hämeenkyrö, Finland and bonus post-residency Berlin sabbatical. Finally bound in physical form, A Single Tear is a complete collection of drawings, photographs, re-visited studies and paintings. All original artwork from A Single Tear will be available to purchase on the night at low to mid ranges prices, along with signed copies and Mini AST themed Brain Dumps, Bootleg Boiler Room Set by DJ Gumby and celebratory beers and cheers-ing in the courtyard. 

See you there!

; )