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Well these last few days I thought about making a mini comic showing the process of fusion between the Ancients, hi I thought of Sonic and Shadow, I wanted to finish it soon, but …
I wanted to end soon and the redesign of the transformation of Sonic and Shadow fusion had not entirely.
Although the design is ceciliavonjoy of Tumblr.
I hope you like but this incomplete.
While I am proud of funds scenarios, that cost me.:book-bounce: :lag:

Hello Everyone! Big News!

Earlier today Buzzfeed broke some fun news!

I get to do an 8 issue Mini series with Boom Studios!!  (publishers of such fine titles as Lumberjanes,Teen Dog,Bee&Puppycat, Adventure Time

Guess what the miniseries is?

That’s right! Help Us! Great Warrior! will be going on her biggest and grandest adventure ever!!

Read the announcement >>here<<

My best good friend Trillian Gunn will be coloring it! <3<3<3

You can catch a preview of it in the BOOM! Box Mix Tape Anthology which will come out in December!

The first full issue is slated to be released in February!

I hope you will all like it! Happy Thursday!


(requested by captainsemma)

Overwatch Ultimates (A Summary)
  • Genji: FINISH HIM
  • McCree: "It's high noon..."
  • Pharah: pew pew pew
  • Reaper: Press Q to win
  • Soldier 76: aimhacks
  • Tracer: A stickybomb that is only useful because she can rewind her own time.
  • Hanzo: weeb cannon(now with wall hacks!)
  • Junkrat: What was that sou- OH FUCK!
  • Mei: Some mini blizzard thing? idk
  • Torbjorn: Just admit he's a dwarf from WoW already
  • Widowmaker: Psst... I see you. :3
  • D.Va: rabbit mech go boom boom mini nuke!
  • Reinhardt: A normal hammer swing NOW WITH MORE STUN
  • Roadhog: pew pew pew?
  • Winston: You make smart gorilla ANGRY!
  • Zarya: slurp
  • Lucio: D-D-D-Drop the bass
  • Mercy: "Heroes never die."
  • Symmetra: Oh cool a teleporter! and YOU SHALL NOT PASS!
  • Zenyatta: LSD floaty healy orb thing
  • Ana: Come here little children, its medicine time!
  • Sombra: *boop* super hack
The Law Man

Prompt 9 of 642: Write about a time you broke the law.

Dean nodded as he pretended to listen to Benny talk about the “amazing” thing Andrea had done yesterday and got too much catsup on his french fries.  As he raised the fries to his mouth, a large blob of the thick red sauce slipped off the end and splattered on the table top barely missing his pristine blue uniform.  He made a face and grabbed one his brother’s napkins to wipe the mess up before it oozed over the edge of the table.  Sam didn’t notice (or didn’t care) because he was messing with his phone.  As usual.

“You need a date, brother,” Benny said for about the hundredth time in a month.  “But you never go out and meet people.  All you see all day are criminals and my handsome mug.  What exactly is it going to take to get you to go on an honest to God date?”

“Well there’s an idea: maybe I should date a criminal.”

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Check it out! This is a variant cover I did for the Ice King mini series from Boom! The series starts in January. This one should come out in February. I’ll post some of my other roughs and stuff for this later. 

Here’s all the info you need!

Retail Price: $3.99
Writer: Emily Partridge
Artist: Natalie Andrewson
Cover Artists:
Main Cover: Shelli Paroline & Braden Lamb
Subscription: Joey McCormick
Incentive: Chrystin Garland
Synopsis: Ice King turns to Marceline to help him become hip enough to join up with the cool wizards.