mini boom

Well these last few days I thought about making a mini comic showing the process of fusion between the Ancients, hi I thought of Sonic and Shadow, I wanted to finish it soon, but …
I wanted to end soon and the redesign of the transformation of Sonic and Shadow fusion had not entirely.
Although the design is ceciliavonjoy of Tumblr.
I hope you like but this incomplete.
While I am proud of funds scenarios, that cost me.:book-bounce: :lag:

Overwatch Ultimates (A Summary)
  • Genji: FINISH HIM
  • McCree: "It's high noon..."
  • Pharah: pew pew pew
  • Reaper: Press Q to win
  • Soldier 76: aimhacks
  • Tracer: A stickybomb that is only useful because she can rewind her own time.
  • Hanzo: weeb cannon(now with wall hacks!)
  • Junkrat: What was that sou- OH FUCK!
  • Mei: Some mini blizzard thing? idk
  • Torbjorn: Just admit he's a dwarf from WoW already
  • Widowmaker: Psst... I see you. :3
  • D.Va: rabbit mech go boom boom mini nuke!
  • Reinhardt: A normal hammer swing NOW WITH MORE STUN
  • Roadhog: pew pew pew?
  • Winston: You make smart gorilla ANGRY!
  • Zarya: slurp
  • Lucio: D-D-D-Drop the bass
  • Mercy: "Heroes never die."
  • Symmetra: Oh cool a teleporter! and YOU SHALL NOT PASS!
  • Zenyatta: LSD floaty healy orb thing
  • Ana: Come here little children, its medicine time!
  • Sombra: *boop* super hack

anonymous asked:

Just curious but why the name Ea Skyrah?

I love this question! Ea Skyrah is my pen name I’ve chosen for myself.
My nanny used to call me Ea when I was little since it meant fire in her Celtic origins. Not because I had the attitude (although that is questionable) but because I microwaved a spoon, and BOOM, mini fire (nothing was harmed though). However, she had an accent, so it sounded like Ee-uh, and it’s how I pronounce it (instead of Ee). I chose Skyrah because I loved the meaning behind the word: eternal and immortal. One day, I hope my writing will be remembered in such a way (I hope to publish my own original work in the future). Hope that answered your question :)


more variant covers for the pink ranger mini-series by boom! studios + a description of the plot

Kimberly has retired from the Power Rangers to pursue life as a professional gymnast, but Zordon calls her back for one last mission to defend a mountainside where a long-resting, ancient, evil Zord lies dormant. To get back into the action—and, for the first time, lead her own team—Kimberly has to dust off the rust, plus create a practical, handmade outfit in the process!