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Part Two: “Not a Breakup”

Blair and Bressie have been friends for years, but recently their relationship has taken a turn. It’s fun at first then anxiety starts to creep in. Is this how she loses her best friend?

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I had completely forgotten the salad in front of me as I stared down at my phone. When it buzzed at me and I tapped the screen, I didn’t realize what a stressor it would be.

Hey, I miss you. Dinner tonight? I’ll cook.

It was a simple question that required a simple answer, but I just couldn’t figure out what to respond. I’d successfully ignored and avoided Bressie over the last two days, but now that he had asked me a direct question I knew I couldn’t continue this. He knew what he was doing too, enticing me with a home cooked meal. I couldn’t stand to cook for myself and he knew that well.

Not only that, he said he missed me. Boy did he know how to make a girl’s heart skip a beat. A guilty feeling settled in the pit of my stomach. He hadn’t done anything really wrong to make me push him away. My mother always said I was fantastic at avoiding things I didn’t want to deal with, especially when it came to uncomfortable or unfamiliar emotions. The pet names conversation was top of my list to avoid at the moment. 

“Hello? Blair? Earth to Blair? Ya there?” Deidre waved her hand in front of my face and I blinked for a minute. “You spaced out on me!”

Deidre was the one who’s phone number had scored me half-priced personal training for a bit. She and Michael had broken up about two years ago, but we were still good friends. Due to the nature of her breakup with Michael, she rarely hung around my other friends that knew him and Bressie, which made her the perfect confidant. Deidre was the only one of my friends who knew that Bressie’s and my relationship was more than just friendly.

“Sorry, just got a text,” I shrugged and went back to stabbing at my salad.

“I’m guessing it’s from Bressie?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

I sighed, “Yes it’s from him. He wants to make me dinner.”

“Do you have any idea what I would do for a hot guy to make me dinner?” she challenged.

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“Freedom!” Lacy exclaimed, looking around the house. After Castel had helped set up their mini fridge, he and Blair left. “We. Are. Finally. Free.”

“I kinda miss everyone,” Shania said, shrugging. 

“It’s been like five minutes,” Lacy said. 

“Five minutes too long,” Shania mumbled. “I can’t believe I let you talk me into this dorm thing. Who’s going to make me food?”

“I’ll teach you how to cook,” Lacy replied. “Or, you know, you can eat cereal and instant noodles.”

“Living in a house with a whole bunch of other students our age…” Shania scratched her head. “There will barely be any privacy.”

“Can you stop trying to talk yourself out of this? You’re here. We’ve got our room assignments and we’re going to stay here for the next 3 months. We are going to make friends, go to parties and chill.”

“Okay,” Shania mumbled. But partying, making friends and chilling were out of the question. She’d be studying, while Lacy hung out. It wasn’t that she didn’t like hanging out with people, but she promised her dad that she would get straight A’s so that she could get into a good graduate program. She owed him that much. 

“SMILE!” Lacy poked Shania’s cheek. “This year is going to be amazing. Trust me. Maybe we’ll even get you a boyfriend.”

Shania groaned. “Lace, no.”


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