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What kind of storage do you use for your makeup? Both at home and when on holiday. Love your blog! Xx

I was actually thinking of doing a whole vanity/bathroom beauty storage post soon since I just moved and got a bunch of storage/new ideas!

I personally just use a sleek vanity with storage so the top of my vanity can remain relatively clear. 

I have the MALM Dressing Table and most of my makeup is stored in the drawer separated by mini baskets and dividers that I got at Osh, the Dollar Store and the container store. 

On top of my vanity I alternate between things like

Muji Acrylic Storage

MelodySusie Acrylic Storage from Amazon, I also have a review of this here. (my personal photo)

Target’s Gold Vanity Organizer (my current choice of organizer), they have a few styles of this gold/glass organizer. They have some in gold and some in copper.

I like to find marble bathroom organizers or use empty candles to store things like brushes, eyeliners, mascaras, brow products.

This ones from Target, I took off the lid and use it for brushes!

For travel I’m pretty basic and utilitarian and just use these Flight 001 Clear Organizers because I can see the products inside and it’s easy to clean if something spills. I have two, one for skin care and one for makeup. The larger size holds surprisingly a large amount of makeup and I find myself struggling to fill it up completely even with brushes. 

kise better run ‘cause he’s gon get his ass whooped

based on this post over at incorrectknb [x]

Mini Drama ~
  • Mini Drama ~
  • Murasakibara & Himuro
  • Duet Series Vol. 8

Translation :

[in the Yousen locker room]

Murasakibara: [eating potato chips] Yum! Nothing tastes better after chocolate than some salty potato chips.

[door opens]

Himuro: Atsushi! You’re still here?

Murasakibara: Oh, Murochin. Wait a sec. Did you stay behind to do extra practice again?

Himuro: [opens his locker] Yeah.

Murasakibara: You just can’t get enough, can you, Murochin?

Himuro: Atsushi, have you been eating snacks ever since practice ended?

Murasakibara: Yep. Moving around makes me really hungry. I wish I could eat during practice, too, but Masakochin would get angry.

Himuro: Heh. I’m sure Coach wouldn’t be the only one.

Murasakibara: Hey, don’t you think practice has been super intense lately? Everybody’s way too fired up.

Himuro: That goes to show just how committed they are to winning the Winter Cup.

Murasakibara: Same for you, Murochin?

Himuro: Yeah, pretty much. I didn’t make it back in time for the Inter-High, so I’m thrilled about finally being able to compete. Besides, there’s a guy I absolutely do not want to lose to.

Murasakibara: Hmmm? Oh! My potato chips are all gone.

Himuro: Alright, then why don’t we head home?

Murasakibara: I wanna buy more snacks, so I’m gonna stop by the convenience store.

Himuro: Haha! I’ll go with you.

– –

[leaving the convenience store]

Himuro: You practically cleaned them out again this time.

Murasakibara: [munching] I’ll be done with these before you know it. What’d you buy, Murochin?

Himuro: Just a drink and a magazine.

Murasakibara: Hey, Murochin, when you said there was a guy you absolutely didn’t want to lose to, were you talking about the guy we met at the streetball tournament this summer? The stifling one with the split eyebrows.

Himuro: That’s a pretty harsh description. But yeah, he’s the one.

Murasakibara: Okay, but didn’t you say you guys were like brothers or something?

Himuro: Exactly. An older brother can’t lose to his younger brother, now can he?

Murasakibara: Hmm?

Himuro: There’s a very good chance that we’ll get to play against Seirin, Taiga’s school, at the Winter Cup.

Murasakibara: Only if they manage to win their way through the tournament, though. Well, I hate that guy, so if we end up playing them, he’s all yours, Murochin.

Himuro: Yeah. We’re going to settle this once and for all. Speaking of which, Seirin has another really intriguing player, don’t they? He played in the streetball game, too.

Murasakibara: Oh, you mean Kurochin?

Himuro: Yeah. And there was one more—I think his name was Kiyoshi?

Murasakibara: Kiyoshi Teppei.

Himuro: It seems like he’s also really looking forward to playing against you, Atsushi.

Murasakibara: Like I care. I hate him, too. He’s so stifling and overbearing.

Himuro: Hm?

Murasakibara: Even though we destroyed them back in middle school, he’s still playing basketball or whatever. I don’t get it at all. He really pisses me off. Makes me wanna crush him.

Himuro: That makes this easy, then. If we end up facing Seirin, I’ll crush Taiga, so all you need to do is crush Kiyoshi.

Murasakibara: Huh? Says who? If you wanna crush Mr. Eyebrows, then you’re more than welcome to, Murochin. It’s got nothing to do with me.

Himuro: That’s not true. Even if I manage to beat Taiga on my own, it won’t mean anything if we lose the game.

Murasakibara: What’s that supposed to mean? There’s no way we’d lose to a team like Seirin! So what if they’ve got Kiyoshi and Kurochin? I can crush them both with one hand.

Himuro: Yeah? Then that means I can focus everything I have on my matchup with Taiga.

Murasakibara: Murochin, you’ve always got this calm look on your face, but you’re annoyingly hot-blooded on the inside.

Himuro: I wonder about that. All I want is to beat Taiga in a no-holds-barred matchup.

Murasakibara: [sighs] I’ve heard enough. So long as we win the game, I couldn’t care less. Give it your best shot, Murochin.

Himuro: Of course. I’ll defeat all of our opponents, Taiga included. For the sake of Yousen’s victory.

Murasakibara: Mmhmm. Hm? [rifling through the convenience store bag] Huh? I’m all out of snacks!

Himuro: What?! All the ones you just bought?!

Murasakibara: Yeah. I’m still hungry, so I’m gonna make another trip to the convenience store.

Himuro: Hey! Atsushi! … If only he could apply the same passion he has for snacks to our games, too… Heh.

[ Credits to Grimmfeather ]

  • 赤司征十郎(CV: 神谷浩史)
  • 『黒子のバスケ』SOLO MINI ALBUM Vol.7 / 赤司征十郎

Resignation? // Akashi - Midorima - Takao


A mini modern scene in 1:12 scale. 

The lamp, gold tray and blue basket are 3D printed from The succulents are from TheMiniatureGarden on Etsy. My guinea pig, Olly, is from HandmadeByNovember on Etsy. And somehow I did it, I wove the wicker basket by hand!

More info and sources at

bts buying you underwear [gif reaction]

a/n: i was out buying new underwear last night and my friend was being complicated when she was trying to pick out which ones she wanted hahaaha


seokjin: he be all confident with telling the store clerk what you like and would need right away, and they would envy you for having such a boyfriend goal!

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“these are the styles that she likes and wears. i’ll buy these!”

yoongi: he would definitely be flushed with all the underwear looking at him and just groan to himself grabbing whatever he sees without caring what size they are

Originally posted by mn-yg

“i don’t know what’s worse. buying you underwear or pads.”

hoseok: he would prance around the store with a mini basket slung on his arm, picking out every cute undies there and also go oh la la at the bras, grabbing you some new ones just in case. 

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

“she would definitely love what i picked out for her! they’re so cute!”

namjoon: would have definite confidence until he enters the store and walks over to the undies section and just pause, because it’s like entering to a world of wtf. as he tries finding you some, he just comes off too suspicious and the employees gotta ask if he needs help.

Originally posted by hakyeontv

“i’m sorry if i come off looking weird. i just… i need help buying my girlfriend’s some new panties.”

jimin: instead of trying to find you some on his own, he’d just politely ask the employees for help.

Originally posted by bwipsul

“thanks for your help! i’m sure my girlfriend will love what you all picked out.”

taehyung: it’d be like wonderland in there for the undies sections, and he would pick out each style, color, and even get distracted by the bras on mannequins when trying to check out. 

Originally posted by hellosarang

“so, do you like the ones i bought for you? i made sure to get them in every style and color!”

jungkook: makes it to the front door of the store and turns back around.

Originally posted by sugutie

“you’re wearing my boxers, and i don’t care what you say.”

Bringing this back because why not

There’s so much going on here but just look at that little girl grabbing onto Kuroko’s shirt. Just look at her.

Kuroko would be such a magnet for the shy ones. Those kids who have a hard time speaking up and always get picked last for team sports, but within five minutes they are trailing after him like ducklings, addressing him as “nii-chan” and hanging onto his every word. He’d be so patient and gentle and praise them for every shot they make because he can see they’re all doing their best.

While the mini-basket event descends into joyful chaos around him, Kuroko winds up generating this bubble of peace and serenity on the crowded court. He’s the first person to pay attention that every kid warms up properly and stays hydrated, he knows where all the first aid kits are and helps peel apples and oranges for them when it’s break time.

After some time Kagami emerges from his own side of the court and is like, “Oi, Kuroko, where are…?” and hey, there’s Kuroko, kneeling down to put a band-aid on a little kid’s knee while she drops a crown of daisies on his head, and then Kagami has to go lie down because this? Nobody prepared him for this. This is not okay.

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Greetings and hello, to all of my Fruits Basket followers! It’s been a long time since I posted anything Fruits Basket related on here.

Anyway let’s jump right into it! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ♡

I went to Comic Con today! And while I was there, I visited the Yen Press booth, and you wouldn’t believe what they were giving away?

That’s right, the mini Fruits Basket another folder, that was included in an earlier of HanatoYume magazine. The catch is that you had to buy a volume of Fruits Basket CE. Which isn’t really a problem with me, since I’m always ready to throw my wallet at Takaya-san. Lol!

That, and I needed volume 4 anyway. So in a way, it’s a win win. (^_^)☆

Along side all that, here is the “I feel so Grateful” page for Furuba CE vol 4.

Here, Takaya-san talks about the infamous hand injury incident, but with a little bit more detail. She even leaves us with a cliff hanger in the end! Can you believe that?! D:

We’ll have to wait till volume 5 for the shocking conclusion!

Well that’s all I have to say for today. But before I go, I just wanted to say that chapter 6 of Fruits Basket another is up on Hana LaLa! Will we ever get a English translation?

Well, only time will tell.

FINAL EMPEROR〜Absolute Existence Remix〜
  • FINAL EMPEROR〜Absolute Existence Remix〜
  • 赤司征十郎(CV: 神谷浩史)
  • 『黒子のバスケ』SOLO MINI ALBUM Vol.7 / 赤司征十郎


Mini Drama ~Kise and Kasamatsu~ English Translation

This is English translation to an audio performed by Kimura Ryouhei and Hoshi Souichirou that kachimatsu blessed us with by posting.

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