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We’re about 1 week out from the first official practice for the 2017 World Championships in Helsinki. The anticipation is building and I’m both excited and nervous, as usual.

As I mentioned in my earlier post I made some Yuzuru button pins and left over stickers and key chains from Skate Canada for any fellow fans who will be in Helsinki. I’ll post on Tumblr where I’ll be watching practice or where I am in the arena for anyone who would like a set, or anyone that just wants to say hello.

I made one jumbo banner to hang in the arena, let’s see if the staffers actually contact me this time to return it (I never got contacted and lost the one I turned over in Boston for them to hang - so if you want yours back, either ask or take it down yourself at the end of the event).

During the Yuzuru’s SP I’ll be holding the purple “Let’s Go Crazy” mini banner and for the FS I’ll be holding the “Hope & Legacy” one.

October 20//2:59PM Hello! I am so sorry for my absence, but life and band and stress have absolutely taken over resently, but everything is beginning to slow back down so I should be on and posting more often!

“Drive” Drabbles Masterlist

Just a mini masterlist for this little drabble series thing I got going on. I’ll update as I go, there will be 7 here when they’re all done!

1. Home (T’Challa x Reader)
2. Stillness (Steve Rogers x Reader) 
3. Baby (Clint Barton x Reader)
4. Coffee (Bruce Banner x Reader)
5. Kitten (Natasha Romanoff x Reader)
6. Hero (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
7. Lava (Scott Lang x Reader)

You Feel Like Home

Tytuł i link do oryginału: You Feel Like Home

Autor: ItsLivvvy

Zgoda: jest

Paring: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson,

Korekta: Kayka :)

Banner:  Mini :)

Opis: Nie mogłem go zobaczyć, ale zdecydowanie mogłem go kochać

Od tłumaczki: Tym razem mam dla Was abo. Pierwszy rozdział pojawi się prawdopodobnie w sobotę.


Rozdział pierwszy

Rozdział drugi

Rozdział trzeci

Rozdział czwarty

Rozdział piąty

Rozdział szósty

Rozdziały zostały sztucznie podzielone przez tłumaczkę.