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First Date (Part 2)

Author’s Note: This is the last part of First Date. I tried to end it on a light note because my heart couldn’t handle anything too harsh. Whoops. Also Bucky makes a couple appearances because I love him. Be sure to read part one if you haven’t already & feel free to check out my masterlist! Also, Happy New Year! There’s a bit of New Year’s in this too. 

Request: Can I get an extra angsty one where Peter is tied up and the reader is tortured? He’s crying as he can’t do anything and the reader is screaming and crying out in pain in front of him?

Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

Word Count: 2864 (part two)

Warnings: it’s a biggie: fluff turned angst. blood, torture, agony, violence, kidnapping, one death, cussing


“Guys, I found them.” Bucky’s voice shouted into his comm. “Y/N. Y/N, doll I need you to open your eyes.”

You felt a warm hand on your cheek, finally a familiar one. Opening your eyes, you noticed a pool of blood forming around your feet. That’s when you finally let it all out. Your body shaking and trembling from the power of your sobs. Steve and Nat were the next ones to enter the room. Steve undid Peter’s restraints as Nat kept watch. Once Bucky finished undoing yours, your body slumped forward. You prepared for the impact of hitting the ground when Peter’s arms wrapped around your waist, holding you to him while he held you on the ground.

“I’m so sorry. God, I’m so sorry y/n.” his apology repeated over and over like a broken record, combined with the tears he was letting out. “It should’ve been me. God, y/n I- I-”

“WHERE IS SHE?!” Your father’s voice boomed down the hallway. You finally opened your eyes, looking right to see the body of the man who started it all laying dead on the floor. Tony entered the room taking in your bloody and bruised form, taking the mask off the suit.

“What the hell, Parker.” His voice oddly steady.

“Tony, I- They-”

“Get away from my daughter.”

“Mr. Stark, I-”

“Get. Away. From. My. Daughter.” he repeated one more time before leaning down, trying to pull  your now smaller frame from Peter.

But you pulled away from him, the cold metal of the suit being all to familiar to the tools, compared to the warmth Peter was ratiating. Your father straightened back up, looking over at Nat who sent him a sympathetic look.

“Guys, you should head back. They sent out a call and I’m pretty sure it’s calling for backup.” Clint spoke through the comms.

“Got it.” Nat replied.

Steve looked over at Peter still holding your trembling body on the floor, “We’ve got to go. Peter, you got the strength to walk and run?” Peter nodded. “Okay good. Tony, you can take y/n-”

“No.” your small voice interrupted.


“No.” You looked up at the red metal suit, not wanting it to come anywhere near you.

“Okay then..” Steve looked around the room, everyone getting ready to dash to the quinjet. He leaned down to your eyelevel, his face softening as he registered your panic,“Y/N, can I take you? Will you be okay with that?” You nod yes, feeling two strong arms pull you up from the ground.

Your feet lifted from the ground as Steve pulled you into a comfortable hold. He looked over at Nat and Tony, nodding his head to let them know he’ll keep you safe.

“Let’s go.”

The ship rumbled under your feet as you sat in the corner of the quinjet, Banner examining your injuries. You flinched as he touched you ribs, the pain shooting to your toes. They really got you good.

“Well,” Banner starts, looking up at the Avengers around him then back at you, “we should run some tests when we get back but as for right now, all you can do is rest. And take it easy, we should be back soon. And when we are, I’m pumping you with fluids, you’re lacking nutrients.”

He turned to Peter, who was sitting on the bench next to you. “Did you guys get any water or anything? Food? Rest?”

“Um, they would bring in water but only to me. She didn’t get anything. And, uhh,” he looked at you, seeing how broken you were. “Umm, she only slept when she passed out.”

Keeping your eyes on your lap, you felt Peter scoot closer laying a comforting hand on yours.

“Okay, I figured.” He let out a sigh, running a hand over his face, “We’ll run the tests real quick when we get back then you’ll be free to sleep as long as you need.” Banner turned towards the others, signalling them to give you some space.

“Peter, can I speak to you?” you looked up meeting your dad’s tearfilled eyes.

Peter glanced to you, silently asking if you’d be okay if he left. Your eyes shot between him and your father as you nod your head yes. He gave your knee a quick squeeze, standing up and following Tony to the back front of the quinjet.

Letting out a sigh, Tony raked his hands through his disheveled hair. He started pacing, trying to gather the words to say to the young teen who spent eight days with his daughter as she was tortured right in front of him.

He finally spoke up, stopping right in front of Peter, “I told you to be careful. I trusted you to keep her safe.”

Feeling the tears well up in his eyes once more, Peter replied, “Mr. Stark, Tony, I tried. They- They said they’d been watching her for years. Ever since word got out you had a daughter.” Peter tried to shift the conversation from him, even though he too blamed himself. “They didn’t know who I was until she called my ‘spidey’ at Coney Island..”

“Why then, huh? I mean, I guess it’s better to have your daughter be kidnapped when there’s an Avenger with her to look after her. But there wasn’t. It was just a scared teenager who couldn’t do shit to protect her.” Tony’s face was hot, his temper rising but his voice staying steady.

Peter nearly choked on his words, “I- I tried but anytime I s-spoke up they’d hurt her. And the handc-cuffs were from your design. Strong enough to keep Cap locked.”

Peter could remember it so vividly. Your screams bouncing off the walls, clothes covered in dried blood. New blood falling constantly, he prayed you wouldn’t just bleed to death.

“I don’t care what it took Peter! You should’ve done something!”
“I DID! I KEPT QUIET TO NOT PROVOKE THE GUARDS! I SMILED AT HER SO SHE’D SMILE BACK, HOPING FOR A SPLIT SECOND SHE COULD FORGET THE PAIN! I DID WHAT I COULD UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCE!” Peter’s arms were thrashed in all directions as his voice skyrocketed, drawing everyone’s attention. Including yours.

Natasha struted between the two before the yelling match got too far, “That’s enough. Both of you. Y/N is still over there and the last thing she needs right now is you two screaming your heads off at each other.”

She turned to Peter with a stern look, “Go sit with her. She feels most comfortable with you right now. And you,” she jabbed a finger into Tony’s chest, “I need a word with you.”

When Peter was out of ear shot, Tony opened his lips to speak but was cut off by Nat, “No. Listen, we all know that kid would do anything for our girl. He’s heads over heels for her, there’s no denying that. And there’s not a doubt in my mind that he did much as possible. Now you, being the hot headed ass you are, aren’t going to help in the situation. Sorry, it just won’t.” Tony’s face fell, shifting his eyes back to where you sat on the bench, curling into Peter’s side.

“Did you see the look she gave me?” Tony’s normal confidence was absent from his voice as he spoke. “Did you Nat?”

“Tony, she-”

“No Nat. She looked at me like I was the one to tortured her. Like she couldn’t stand to be in the same room as me.. It reminded me of that day they brought her to the Tower. It took weeks for her to warm up to me,” His eyes drifted back to the redhead in front of him, “She took a quick liking to you. And Cap, but not me. And it feels like I’ve lost her.”

Tony shut his eyes, trying to stop his tears from spilling out. Tony Stark crying, that’s something that only you could cause. The previous playboy was not a softie whose heart was shattering.

Laying a comforting hand on his arm, Natasha spoke up, “Tony, I talked to her. She didn’t say much but she told me about the cold metal they used on her. Your suit reminded her of it. And-”

“She didn’t seem to have a problem with Tin-Man’s arm..”

“Can you shut up please? He didn’t touch her with his metal arm. He knew better. And as I was saying before you interrupted me,” she looked over to you, head buried in Peter’s chest, “They questioned her. About you and all your secret hiding spots. And since she’s your kid, she was stubborn and refused to give up any information.”

“Prep for landing.” The AI announced, pulling everyone’s attention.

Attempting to process what Nat had just said, Tony made his way to the nearest seat to buckle up for landing.

The tests took forever and the you could still hear the beeping from all the machines Banner hooked you up to. Now you sat on a chair in the waiting room, knee bouncing up and down at a rapid pace. Your eyes shot to the door to your left as it opened, revealing Peter, Clint, and Natasha.

Nat took a seat next to you, “Hey solnyshko (small sun).”

You sent her a small smile, looking over to Peter. Getting the hint, he took a seat on your other side, hand finding yours instantly. Natasha watched as you visibly relaxed.

“Hey kid,” Clint spoke up, a sympathetic smile on his face.

You looked at his, about to reply when Banner arrived with a few test results.

“Okay, y/n,” he looked up from his clipboard, taking in the other people in the room. “Oh, hey guys, didn’t see you. Now back to y/n.”

He turned back to you, listing your injuries, “You lost quite a bit of blood but it seems like you’ll be okay. Nothing to worry about too much there. You’ve got a couple bruised ribs and mostly just deep cuts that will heal on their own. You’re still lacking nutrients so I’d prefer if I could get an IV in you now rather than later.”

You nodded along to what he said, though weren’t too keen on having another needle being poked in you. But you agreed to the IV, feeling weak enough due to your “lack of nutrients.”

Banner got your room ready and called Cho in to take over, she was better when it came to needles.

Onced the fluids started flowing, visitors were allowed.

Peter and Steve were the first to arrive.

“Only twenty minutes guys, she needs to rest.” Banner left the door ajar, running off to who knows where.

“Hey, doll,” Steve spoke up from his spot at the foot of your bed, Peter making his way to the chair near your head.

“Hey Stevie,” you croaked out. God, you really needed to get the strength in your voice back.

Letting out a slight laugh at the nickname, Steve continued, “I know it’s still a bit soon to talk about what happened but y/n, if you need someone to talk to you know where I am. I’m sure Peter here is great and all,” he sent the boy a cheeky grin, “but who can beat a man with over 90 years of experience?”

“Haven’t you only experienced like twenty-something years? Weren’t you kinda unconscious for 70 of them?”

Glad that you still had your sarcasm, Steve shook his head, eyeing the kid next to you, “How do you put up with her?”

Looking over at your bruised face, Peter spoke up, “I don’t even know. I’m pretty sure it’s another superpower I’ve got.”

A knock sounded at the door, drawing your guys’ attention.

“Sorry to break up the fun, but 20 minutes is up. Say your goodbyes, y/n needs rest.” Banner sent a quick smile before making his way down the hall again.

“Red or blue?”

Scanning the two boxes, you squint your eyes in speculation, “Blue.”

Pushing the blue box your way, Bucky said, “No switching. You’re stuck with the blue one whether you like it or not.”

Looking up at him with suspicion, you took off the lid pulling out a sketch with the signature S. Rogers in the bottom corner. You examined the paper, it was a replica of a group picture you all took after New Years last year. Clint and Natasha were blowing noise makers. Wanda and Vision were spinning noise makers. Thor and Steve were sipping from their asgardian mugs. Bucky and Sam were shooting off poppers. Your dad had his arm wrapped around your shoulder sporting New Year’s glasses similar to your own. You were laugh at Peter who looked ridiculous in one of those giant New Year’s hats. Everyone was laughing and the sky in the back was littered with fireworks. Definitely a favorite memory.  

“I’m not sure who to thank, you or Steve.” You say, punching Buck’s flesh arm.

Rubbing his arm in mock pain he replied, “Actually you should thank that little boyfriend of yours. Ever since the.. incident, he’s been having Steve drawing his ass off. This was one of the rejects, but I figured you’d still liked it.”

“Well I do, thanks Buck.” You looked up as Tony made his way into the room.

“Hey pumpkin.” He said, plopping down next to you on the couch.

“Hey dad,” you replied, showing him the drawing.

Bucky grabbed the red box, getting up from his spot across from you, “I’ve gotta go, Steve signed me up to train a few new agents. I’m saving this one for your birthday!”

“Bye Buck!”

Placing the drawing back in its box, your dad spoke up “How are you?”

Sighing at his question you replied, “Dad, I’m fine. I’m good even! It’s been a month since the whole… thing. You don’t have to ask me how I’m doing every second.”

“I know, I know. It’s just,” it was his turn to sigh, “I was so worried I lost you. Or that you wouldn’t come back to me. Or that you might get distant again.” He trailed off at the last part.

You understood where he was coming from. It took you a week before you started talking more around him. It wasn’t like you blamed him for it, hell the only person you blamed were the damned guys that took you. But it was just hard to see Tony after he was the subject of all your questions. Most days, you needed Peter to remind you that your father was the one who found your location and initiated the search. That he was the one who fought the hardest to find you. Once you started feeling comfortable with the fact that what happened happened, you were able to drop back into reality. As if there wasn’t an awkward stage between you and your dad.

“I’m not gonna get distant again. Besides, that therapist you all forced me to see was pretty helpful. And Peter’s always there to talk to.”

“Ahh yes, Peter.” He playfully rolled his eyes at the mention of the boy who could never seem to be more than ten feet away from you.

“Yes, Peter.” You giggled out. “And speaking of the devil..”

Just then Peter walked into the living room, hair combed back nicely and a single flower in hand. He noticed you raise your eyebrow, nodding towards the flower.

“Hello, Mr. Stark.” He announced, stopping right before the two of you.

“Mr. Parker.” he smirked back.

“Ms. Stark,” Peter reached for your hand, pulling it up to his lips gaining another eye roll from Tony.

“Ugh. Do that again while in front of me and I’ll take the suit.” Tony got up from the couch, leaning over and planting a kiss on top of your head. Taking in your confused expression.

“Peter, did you not tell her you were taking her out?” He turned to the now skittish boy.

You eyed the two in front of you, looking down at your grey sweats and hoodie. You couldn’t just leave right now, you still needed to shower.

“I- I thought you were going to tell her.”

“No, Peter! I told you not to worry, I won’t tell her. Whatever, have fun kids. And Peter I swear to god, if anything h-”

“Don’t worry, sir.” Peter pulled up the sleeve of his jacket revealing a web slinger, “I’ve got precautions.”

Shaking your head, you get up to your feet, “So this all seems very sweet, but also very unplanned. I’m gonna hop in the shower while you two ladies continue chatting.”

“Don’t take too long! Our second date starts in thirty minutes!” Peter called out.

“Second date?” Tony asked, not noticing you stopped at the doorway, peering around the corner to watch the last of the conversation.

“Yeah, I mean, our first date was a bit of a mess. But it was still our first date.” Peter took a seat on the couch, patiently waiting for you.

“Oh.. I didn’t know these were dates. Well, here’s to a better date than your first.”


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I really want to know Arya’s reaction to learning that Gendry has been going along with Lady Stoneheart’s plans. Arya has a strong sense of justice and does struggle with guilt when it comes to killing thoose she;s not positive deserve it. I She would not approve of killing every single Frey man (remember Lannisters ruined her life, but Jaime and Tyrion were never on her list. She doesnt really put blame on groups, shee normally goes with specific people.) and she would not approve of the killing of Brienne, Pod, and Hyle Hunt. 

I tend to go with the idea that Arya will give Catelyn the gift of mercy and you can find tons of metas on it, but no one really talks about Gendry’s role in it. I’d be surprised if he does not know what is going on and i’m not sure if Arya would be upset or not that he went along with it. I do wonder if he knows that she is Catelyn Stark and goes along with it because of his relationship with Arya. 

Any thoughts?


Levi went to Erwin’s game.
He has a mini banner to cheer for Erwin (and the team, of course).
Hange won’t stop teasing Levi.
Levi and his mini banner motivated Erwin greatly.
Mike won’t stop teasing Erwin (cause Erwin often stares at the bleachers every break time)

Result: Erwin (and Mike, and the team) won.

(Also, Erwin skipped out early on the team’s celebration to make out with Levi)

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Mason ▤ Henry

Envie um simbolo para um personagem reagir a outro personagem… ♒ = Mentindo para eles.  

                        MINI CONTO 02 - MASON BANNER X HENRY PYM

— Desculpa, mas qual foi a pergunta mesmo?  — Henry se vira, ainda sentado na cadeira do laboratório que dividia com Hazel em nossa base, tentando ( sem muito sucesso) fazer uma expressão inocente.

— Eu perguntei quem foi que pegou os doces que eu deixei guardados no armário da cosinha lá em cima.

— Ah sim! Claro, claro. — Ele responde de forma nervosa, tentando ao máximo disfarçar sua mudança de atitude. — Olha, eu não sei. Mas eu tenho quase certeza de que foi o Logan. Ele estava aqui mais cedo, e você sabe, o Stark adora fazer um lanchinho de vez em quando….

— Não acho que tenha sido ele. — Cruzo os braços em frente ao peito, encarando Henry com um olhar severo, na tentativa de faze-lo admitir que havia pego meus doces. Sei disso porque JARVIS me disse quando questionei. Mas ele obviamente ainda não sabe.

— Eu não tiraria ele como suspeito tão rapidamente. — Pym continua, ainda tentando solidificar sua história. — Mas se não foi ele, com certeza foi o Sam. Ou a Scarlly.  Ou a Mayday! Deve ter sido ela, sabe como ela gosta de chocolates.

Me inclino um pouco, me apoiando nos braços da cadeira para ficar cara a cara com ele. Henry, por sua vez, tenta se afastar um pouco.

— Você sabe que nenhum deles veio aqui hoje! E quer saber, eu sei que foi você, Pym. Não precisa mentir. Eu não vou ficar bravo, se você admitir.

— Eu não sei do que está falando.

Fecho os olhos e bufo.

— Sugiro que tenha aulas com a Scarlett, porque você é um péssimo mentiroso.

— Mas eu não…

— JARVIS me disse que foi você.

Henry franze a testa.

— Se já sabia, porque todo esse drama?

— Henry!

— Tá bom, tá bom!! Fui eu sim! Os meus acabaram ontem e, você sabe, só consigo me concentrar se eu estiver comendo alguma coisa e ai…. ai eu vi que tinha uns no seu armário e eu achei que não tinha problemas em pegar. Sinto muito.

Por mais que eu estivesse irritado, eu não conseguia ficar bravo com Henry. Então tudo o que eu digo é:

— Da próxima vez, só diga a verdade. Okay? Como eu já disse, você é um péssimo mentiroso.

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Hi there! For the prompt thing: Either Bruce/Tony/Steve or, if you don't like that one, Tony/Steve/Thor? Thank you for doing this, your rare pair writings are always my favorite :D

“It will be such a great photo though!” Tony gestured emphatically as he tried to reason with his boyfriends. “We’ll break the Internet.”

Bruce shook his head but couldn’t tamper down the smile that wiggled onto his face at Tony’s behavior. “I’m not interested in breaking the Internet.”

Steve nodded in agreement. “It also probably isn’t a good thing to do either.”

Tony rolled his eyes. “We wouldn’t literally be breaking the Internet. We’d just be causing mass hysteria—the good kind.”

“How is there a good kind?” Steve asked.

“You’re changing the subject,” Tony accused. He huffed and did a close imitation of a pout. “All I want is a picture of you lifting a bench over you head, Steve. Is that really so much to ask?”

“No, you want him to lift a bench over his head while you and me sit on it,” Bruce corrected. “And considering either one of us can fall off said bench while he’s holding us, which could result in Steve dropping the bench because of the shift in weight or surprise, thus leading to all three of us getting injured, it would be unwise for us to do so.”

“What if I built a bench with a back and seatbelts?” Tony asked.

“How about I just pick you up and carry you around for the next five minutes?” Steve asked.

Tony mulled over the offer. He nodded and threw open his arms. “Okay.” He grinned. “Carry me like the delicate treasure that I am.”

Steve rolled his eyes, but did as asked.

Bruce bit down on his bottom lip to keep from chuckling.

Tony hugged Steve around the neck and smirked at Bruce. “Just so you know, I’m going to get the Hulk to carry me too one day.”

“Please don’t. He might crush you on accident.”

“Worth it.”


We’re about 1 week out from the first official practice for the 2017 World Championships in Helsinki. The anticipation is building and I’m both excited and nervous, as usual.

As I mentioned in my earlier post I made some Yuzuru button pins and left over stickers and key chains from Skate Canada for any fellow fans who will be in Helsinki. I’ll post on Tumblr where I’ll be watching practice or where I am in the arena for anyone who would like a set, or anyone that just wants to say hello.

I made one jumbo banner to hang in the arena, let’s see if the staffers actually contact me this time to return it (I never got contacted and lost the one I turned over in Boston for them to hang - so if you want yours back, either ask or take it down yourself at the end of the event).

During the Yuzuru’s SP I’ll be holding the purple “Let’s Go Crazy” mini banner and for the FS I’ll be holding the “Hope & Legacy” one.

Newsies Pride JackCrutchie

Here are you @newsiestober Pride. Wow, I actually wrote something for once. It’s a miracle. Hope yall like it also it’s edited in a rush because I’m trying to go to bed before midnight but now there is a mosquito in my room and I’m mad at that.

“Where’s the purple face paint?” Jack called out to Crutchie who was changing in the bathroom. It was his first pride but he had to have purple paint otherwise his pride flag cheeks would be ruined.
“I don’t know, check under the pillows or something.” The entire morning Jack was frantic. It was his first pride to Crutchie eighth. He hobbled out of the bathroom just finishing his own makeup, and picked up the pillow to find the paint.
“I swear that wasn’t there a minute ago.” Jack defended himself.
“Sure it wasn’t.” He said sarcastically then pulling Jack into a kiss before finishing his makeup. Once there were finished getting their shared room was a disaster. It was like a  unicorn threw up rainbows and shitted out a galaxy. Crunchie sent a quick picture to Race and the others reminding them to hurry up. As expected Davey was already on his way there and the text woakRace up.

As they were on the train with all the regular morning commuters Jack could hardly hold his excitement. They receive some looks as people made their way on the train because by the makeup, colorful shirts, and Cruchie mini pride banner on his crutch it was obvious where they were going. Luckily none of the looks were bad as they were quite a sight to see. Jack was bouncing it didn’t help that the red bull he had drunken earlier was just now kicking in.
“Wow, I’s think that this is the first time I’ve seen cowboy Jack Kelly not playing it calm, cool and collected.” Cruchie was enjoying how the excitement for his first pride was affecting his boyfriend.
“I don’t know. I’m just excited that’s all. I’ve always wanted to go but it never worked in my favor. Ill calm down. I can be cool.” He leans against the train car pole just as the train came to a stop. Captain Jack fell flat on his face. A small smear of pink was left on the ground. That composer he had a moment ago was completely gone as it was there stop and he could see the station filled with color. Crutchie had to lead him off the train because he was in aw.
Upon the street an everything was even better then Jack could have possibly dreamed of. Crutchie love to see Jack expression. It wasn’t often that the newsboy leader was speechless.
“God I love you so much.” He whispered to himself still staring at Jack we then turned to face him.
“Not as much as I do.” He pulled Crutchie into a kiss right in the middle of the street. A freelance photographer caught the moment on camera and that is the second time they made the front page.