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we need a magnus mini series. 5 episode minimum. here’s why its a great idea

  • harry shum jr is more than capable of carrying the lead of a show. even if it weren’t just 5-10 episodes. he’s been in a lot of different things, as different types of characters. it would be amazing to see 
  • magnus has 400+ years of shit we could go through. we could see him find his way through some of histories greatest events? how great would that be?
  • we could learn so much about him, still give him screen time, but also use some of it to learn more about other charactrs (like maia, luke, raph, dot etc)
  • we could see him interact with young!maryse and see him make a snide comment about he couldn’t care less about shadowhunters and never will (more dramatic irony we all love) we could see him with young clary too. we could also see him first hear about valentine, and what he became.
  • did i mention he has a whole past we won’t get to see much of? like i understand timing etc but yeah.
  • we could even see him actually meet camilie, ragnor, raph, etc. we could see why he fell in love with camilie. sure she’s beautiful but she’s kinda always been a bitch, and saving his life once wouldn’t do it. we could see maybe she was kind and sweet to magnus at first. we could see her be his rock, like he said she was to simon. we could also see ragnor and magnus. how did they meet? how many times did ragnor have to comfort magnus bc of camilie? what about imasu? i would like to see him, and see his relationship with magnus. sure magnus was closed off because he’d been hurt so many times, but still, it would be interesting.  what about jem? or catrina? or literally anyone magnus has known before the start of 1x01?
  • boy name drops ALL THE TIME. did he actual know michelangelo? or is he just dropping names?(since magnus kinda lies about how old he is haha) what about the fact he and camilie crashed queen victoria’s coronation, how great would that be to see?
  • we could magnus outside of malec completely. they have done a decent job showing him with other people, and not just talking about alec, but not enough.

i’m sure there’s other but frankly i can’t think of any right now. feel free to add your own reasons


Broken by Earl Ware

momentum - 1

chapter 1

A blast of the rich scent of coffee and sweet pastries assaulted him as he stepped into the cafe.

He spotted the boisterous table of seven in the corner - they were hard to miss in the small coffee shop, especially with Naruto’s blonde, messy hair and Sakura’s pastel pink locks. A few of the group caught his gaze and waved at him.

“Sasuke’s here!” Naruto exclaimed and a chorus of cheers followed suit.

The man huffed in amusement and went to order his usual: black coffee with a hit of dark chocolate. The fragrant drink was one of the few things he looked forward to at the end of the week.

When he went to take his usual place at the table, he noticed that it was already occupied.

“Hey, Sasuke,” Rock Lee paused in his conversation with the stranger in his seat, “This is Hinata, she’s Neji’s younger cousin.”

She looked up at him with wide lavender eyes and offered a shy smile, “Hi Sasuke.”

He tilted his head at her in greeting and sat next to her, in the only open chair.

Sipping the smooth liquid, he discreetly watched the newcomer and pondered.

This girl was a Hyuuga? He thought to Neji and Hiashi, who was acquaintances with his father, and saw the resemblance in her pale irises and dark hair. But the personalities definitely did not match. She was kind of mousy and didn’t possess the frigid demeanor or casual detachment of her family members.

She was currently complaining about one of her classes to Lee, a sports medicine major and upperclassman that had already suffered through core courses.

“We just had our first exam and there was so much on it!” She sighed. “The whole class was there up to the last minute and I had to guess for the last five because I ran out of time.”

Rock Lee nodded sagely, “I heard Dr. Morino’s exams were quite difficult, but he does offer a curve.”

“Physics two?” Sasuke asked.

She affirmed in a dejected manner, “Unfortunately…”

“I’m taking it this semester too.”

“With who?” Interest sparked in her eyes as she fully turned towards him; they could bemoan that cursed class together.

Hinata was excited because she had trouble meeting new people since she’d entered Konoha University and it was like playing Tetris on hard mode when trying to meet up with her best friends. Shino was taking obscure entomology classes at unconventional times and doing research that had him out in the field often, and Kiba was balancing classes, helping out at his family’s kennel, and volunteering at the local animal shelter.

She was also kind of nervous because a lot of these people were new to her and her few usual acquaintances were busy. Gaara was studying for some big poli sci exam tomorrow and Tenten had work.

“Hatake,” he deadpanned.

Lee was about to comment, but got pulled into another conversation by Naruto, who boasted that he could beat the track star in a race.

Her cringe was apparent and she made a sound of sympathy. The silver-haired professor was notorious for being fashionably late to lectures and for being flaky in general.

“I take it you’ve heard of his excellent attendance?”

Her laugh was bright, pleasant. “I have.”

“Last week, he didn’t even show to administer our exam. The TAs had to and they were pissed about it - apparently he emailed them ten minutes before the test.”

Her mouth parted in shock. “That’s terrible! I feel bad for complaining about Dr. Morino.”

He chuckled at her reaction, “Well I did hear he was a hard ass.”

A slight nod in confirmation. “He’s… strict and his tests are near impossible but he’s great at teaching. Physics just isn’t my subject.”

She tucked her hair behind her ear as she lamented her less than satisfactory (in her opinion) performance in the course.

The blue-black strands seemed to subtly change in shade when they shifted and he wanted to observe the color closer, maybe run his fingers through the soft locks.

As soon as the idea struck him, he mentally recoiled from it. What the fuck? That was creepy. Those kinds of thoughts were the precursor to stalking her and later building a shrine out of her candid photos.

He kept his hands clasped to his cup, as if he didn’t trust himself not to act of that stray thought.

“Physics isn’t my subject either.”

When the rambunctious group walked to the dorms to turn in for the night, Sasuke and Hinata were drifting at the back, as they tended to do.

“We should study together some time.” The stoic man was staring straight ahead, the image of cool with his hands in his pockets.

“For physics,” he quickly added for clarity.

‘Smooth, Sasuke, real smooth,’ he berated himself, sweating at the potential of rejection.

She didn’t pick up on his apprehension and looked at him with a hopeful gaze. “Really?”

He stole a glance at her, “Yeah.”

The glow from her phone illuminated her smile as she asked to exchange numbers.

Post-CoHF Mini Masterlist
  1. (Clace) Taken
  2. (Clace) Pillow
  3. (Sizzy) Quiet Reassurances
  4. (Clace) Soundly Sleepless
  5. (Sizzy) No More Broken Possibilities
  6. (Clace) Proposals
  7. (Clace) Falling Up
  8. (Malec) Wedding

magnus bane and alec lightwood will be the most iconic couple on tv in 2017

not only are we getting a proper respresentation of an interracial couple, not only are we getting a queer couple… but we are also gonna see them actually fall in love, depend on each other, trust each other, fight for each other

AND at the same time we are going to see two badass and independent characters who have their own stories and are so much more than just a couple

Camping Mini Masterlist
  1. (Clace, Sizzy) A Weekend of Camping 
  2. (Clace) Alicante Holiday Camp Chaos 
  3. (Clace)Camping Trip Gone Wrong 
  4. (Clace) Snowed In 
  5. (Clace) Roadtrip 
  6. (Clace, Malec, Sizzy) Camping 
  7. (Clace) Camp Love Triangle 
  8. (Clace) Camp Wars 

**The order these fics appear in is random and is in no way related to which ones I think are better/would recommend.**

deepbutdazzlingdarkness  asked:

Malec for the OTP question meme: 1, 3, 4, 11, 12, 17, 24, 28 (you don't have to necessarily answer all of these I'm just giving you options haha.)

ha! i’m doing all of them

1: Who is the most affectionate?

Alec’s tendency to stutter, and stammer and lose his words around Magnus does not fade with time. Instead, Magnus just gets better and better at rendering him speechless. It works, but, as usual, Alec finds a way. With words, he struggles, but with his body, Alec is eloquent to the point of poetry. A quick brush of lips for ‘hello,’ and ‘goodbye.’ Tight hugs for ‘I miss you,’ or ‘be safe.’ A reassuring squeeze of a shoulder for ‘that was brilliant,’ or ‘i’m here if you need me.’ Deep, slow kisses for ‘i love you,’ and ‘i need you,’ and then, eventually, closed eyes and a bowed head for emotions too precious to name. 

3: Most common argument?

After Izzy’s trial, “the law is the law,” becomes less of a fact and more of an inside joke between Alec and Magnus because of how often it comes between them. As a shawdowhunter (or, more importantly, as the acting head of the Institute), Alec’s first instinct is to obey the rules, while, as a downworlder, ignored and condescended to by the Clave, Magnus’ first tendency is to artfully bypass them. Jace and Clary learn very quickly that the best way to get something done is to ask them both for help. 

4: Favorite non-sexual activity?

For 400+ years, Magnus Bane’s favorite thing to do has been to talk, to tell stories, to spin yarns that may or may not be true. After he meets Alec, however, his favorite thing to do is to tell stories to Alec. Alec doesn’t doubt, doesn’t poke holes in his stories, doesn’t wrinkle his nose in suspicion, doesn’t even interrupt Magnus (except to laugh). He just lies with his head in Magnus’ lap, a smile on his face, and his fingers entwined with Magnus’ own. And listens.

11: Who tops?

Magnus is too experienced and Alec is too curious for them to do anything but try every single thing that Alec can come up with. Which means they switch–almost every day, almost all the time. 

In terms of dynamics, however, it’s Magnus. It isn’t that Alec doesn’t like to rough him up a little every once in a while (he does–Magnus has both the hickies and the finger-shaped bruises to prove it), but that he doesn’t ever need to be the one in charge. Magnus doesn’t have to either, but when he’s with Alec, who wears his pain and his frustration (and his eagerness to please) as openly as he wears his wounds, it’s hard not to slip into that role. Harder still is pretending to ignore the way Alec responds to it, the way he blooms like a flower in the sun under the subtle, almost unconscious demonstrations of Magnus’ care–a quiet instruction here, a calming gesture there, a whispered word of praise as often as he can get away with.

Eventually, Magnus stops pretending.

12: Who initiates kisses?

Magnus has spent too time holding himself back, and Alec has spent too long suppressing his emotions, so for a long while, kisses between them come far and few between. Instead, they orbit around each other like stars, softly bumping knees and brushing fingers, gazing at each other’s lips and contenting themselves with a soft (and safe) kiss on the cheek, until one night it becomes too much and they crash into one another, knocking over wineglasses and weapons alike in their eagerness.

After that, initiating kisses is not a problem. Stopping is the hard part.

17: Who says I love you first?

It wakes Alec up in the middle of the night, knowing he loves Magnus. He can feel it–in the cool evening air, the shiver in his skin, the silk beneath their bodies. He holds the knowledge close to himself for a long moment, marveling at the rightness of the feeling, and smiles down at Magnus’s sleeping form, still curled towards him. 

I love you, Alec whispers–still quiet, still in awe at his own unbridled emotion– and sees Magnus’ mouth quirk upwards. His eyes narrow.


“In my defense,” Magnus begins, quickly untangling himself from the sheets, “A, you are a very loud thinker.”


“And B…” Magnus places a hand on Alec’s bare chest, right above his heart. His eyes are soft. “I love you too.”

24: Who whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear during inappropriate times?

It’s barely 1pm on a Tuesday afternoon when Magnus finds Alec in the Institute, slamming his fists into a punching bag like it’s Valentine himself. “If that’s what they teach in stress relief classes here, I’d get my money back,” Magnus murmurs, smiling as he comes into the room. “Pounding that bag won’t make you feel any better.” To be honest, he’s thinking clandestine kisses, perhaps a quick massage or two.

But Alec turns around slowly (too slowly), and backs Magnus into the wall like a hungry predator. “Would you prefer I be pounding something else?” he asks, and only barely manages to smother his laugh when Magnus goes bright red from the tops of his cheeks to the middle of his chest.

And just like that, Alec feels just fine. 

28: What do they do when they’re away from each other?


Worry and bury themselves in work to pretend they’re not worrying.

midnight-wonder  asked:

Hey there. I think I remember once reading a Malec fanfic in which Robert beats Alec and Magnus takes care of him but I'm not sure. Have you come across it possibly and if so could you let me know?

I found a couple that sound similar to what you’re looking for. Hope this helps!

Alec knows Robert has never approved of his relationship with Magnus, but lately, Robert has been showing him just how much he disapproves. How will Jace take this event though? Isabelle? What about Magnus himself? 

(All-human) How do you fix it when you realize that your best friend’s bruises are not in fact from sparing with his brother like he always said, but instead from his father beating him up? How do you fix what you never noticed until way to late?

(Alec Lightwood/ Jalec/ Malec) Okay, so this is a story where Alec’s dad actually hits him because of his relationship with Magnus, I hope you’re going to like it and I’m not really sure why I like to write about such things but I do so - please tell me what you think so I can write more chapters! I don’t own anything, you all have Cassandra Claire to thank!

Alec tells his parents about his relationship with Magnus. But what can you do when your own parents don’t accept you the way you are? Malec one shot.

anonymous asked:

Hello! :D Are there any AU fanfics where Magnus is a fashion designer??

I’ll make a list below! Also, the last fic in this list is one where Magnus is studying fashion design and not exactly a fashion designer, but I put it in anyways. Hope this helped!

Magnus Bane, fashion designer and owner of the most wanted fashion magazine is looking for a new photographer. Alec Lightwood, internet sensation for his photography blog is looking to take his work to another level. What happens when both worlds collide? can they make it work and reach what they want? All Human.

Sequel to ‘Prestigious’. One-Shot. Four years have gone by for the photographer Alexander Lightwood. Now the time has come to take another step with certain fashion designer and magazine owner.

*EARLY SUBMISSION FOR MALEC WEEK ON TUMBLR* Day Three: Isabelle gets sick and can’t make an interview that could be the turning point for her fashion career. Alec offers to go in her place, to meet the famous fashion designer Magnus Bane at Java Jones and put forward the questions given to him by Isabelle. Alec knows nothing about fashion but can Magnus change his mind?

“He reminds me of a cat, almost.” Isabelle raised her eyebrows at this.

“A feline?” She smirks.

“Please don’t.”

“So what’s he like, then?” She asked impatiently. Alec thought back to his first encounter with the strange man, how he felt as if intimidation and fascination to him combined to a new level and made him a little weak at the knees.

Mail Keeps Coming to the Wrong Address AU Contains fashion designer! Magnus and university student! Alec.

Human AU . Alec works two jobs, lives in a crappy apartment and is a disappointment to everyone around him. Magnus is the hottest fashion designer in New York who can’t seem to forget the blue eyes sales man. Yes its cheesy and cliche and full of fluff 

This is based after the characters from The Mortal Instruments have finished High School, Alec is a English teacher at the local High School. Magnus is a fashion designer and runs a magazine named ‘Glitter and Glamor’. Alec has a huge crush on Magnus but Magnus never takes much notice of Alec, can Alec get Magnus to see him or will they never be together? I DON’T OWN TMI!

Magnus has always relied on his instinct, but picking up pretty hitchhikers is just asking for trouble.
Part 1 of Maybe We’re A Love Story

AU. Magnus is a successful fashion designer and he has it all. The fame, fortune, talent, beauty. What could go wrong? Oh, that sexy yet so average blue-eyed boy working at a coffee shop. Alec doesn’t have the best life, he was raised in a violent orphanage and is now re-contemplating suicide. How will Magnus handle this? More importantly, how will Alec?

Magnus Bane is the top fashion designer in all of the United States, but despite all of this, he still doesn’t know his photographer until barging into his office one day. He’s struck immediatly to the bone with this blue eyed, black haired man and sets off to win his affection. But when a rival company tries to unseat Magnus’s fame, they target his blue eyed weak point. M for Yaoi

Alexander Lightwood is newly retired from his service in Afghanistan after being impaired by a roadside bomb. Also recently out of the closet, Alec struggles to come to terms with his “new” self, both mentally and physically. Then comes Magnus Bane; loud, out and proud, covered with glitter from head to toe and just happens to be the owner of the prestigious store chain “MB”, and a photographer as well. After Magnus is asked to do a photo shoot to raise money and awareness for those living with prosthetics, their two worlds come crashing together. Alexander finds himself accidentally catching the attention of Magnus Bane…
Not that he’s complaining.

Alec Lightwood is ready to spend the rest of his life teaching and living at a hidden boarding school. Magnus Bane, world famous fashion designer, once had all he needed; a dream career, someone to love, a happy family… but then came the loss… a loss he hopes to fill with model Camille Belcourt. But what happens when two worlds collide? Malec AU with the Blackthorn kids 

Malec fic. Alec is a freshman with a music scholarship. Magnus is a sophomore majoring in fashion design. And they seem to keep bumping into each other. Apparently, they are meant to be together. But will the secrets of Alecs past threaten everything? M rated for later chapters.

anonymous asked:

Hi, do you have any royal malec fanfiction?

I’ll make a list below! 

50. Knights AU
Lydia knew. They all knew, she believed, what was going on between Prince Magnus and Sir Alexander Lightwood. That’s why she was going to deliver the news to him in person. And yet, now that she was here, she couldn’t bring herself to knock on the door.
Because she knew, and she was bringing him a lot of pain.

The Lightwoods have long since been cursed with corruptibility. In the year of the Angel 1645, Robert made a deal with the devil himself. In exchange for the security of his position, he took an oath to give one of his children. Now the Prince of Hell has come to collect. 

Alexander Lightwood is the Crown Prince of Idris, eldest son to King Robert and Queen Maryse. As the heir to the crown, he is betrothed to Lady Lydia Branwell, daughter of a high-born Baron. Their match is one smiled upon by all throughout the kingdom, for what is not to adore about a young couple, calm and gentle and undoubtedly prepared to rule the lands fairly when the time comes.There are, however, two people who do not smile upon this union. Two people whose hearts are entwined in a forbidden love, doomed to be apart despite how desperately they yearn for each other.

Merpeople and humans dislike each other, but this does not stop Alec Lightwood from dreaming about the idea of being human and living in the human world. After he saves a young Prince - Magnus Bane - from drowing, he makes a deal with a powerful sorceress to become human. Alec will need to get Magnus to fall in love with him in three days or he will lose his soul and belong to the sorceress for the rest of his immortal life.
Part 3 of Magnus and Alec - Disney Version

Magnus Bane is a royal in the 16th century, who’s being pressured to find a spouse before he rules the kingdom, and/or gets “undesirable”, as his father puts it. He’s narrowed it down to two options, but is stuck on where to go from there.