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Fresh Start - Date Night

A/N: Part 14 of my ‘Fresh Start’ series. This is a Mechanic!Dean x Single mom!Reader AU. Once again I have to thank my wonderful beta @thorne93. She helped me out alot with this part. Hope you guys like it. Happy reading.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Balthazar, Beth, Jess, Bobby,

Warnings: Language, and fluff.

Wordcount: 4100 (wow.. sorry)

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You were a bit confused when you woke up friday morning and it was past nine. Beth never slept this long. You pulled your robe around you and walked down the hall to her room. No one there. Strange. The smell of pancakes and coffee hit your nose and you followed it down to the kitchen, the scene you witnessed melting your heart. Beth sat on the counter next to the stove where her uncle were flipping pancakes and putting on a show. The sound of laughter filled the room as he flipped one too high and it got stuck on the roof, Beth was almost falling of the counter from laughing.

“Shit! You can’t tell your mom about this.” Balthazar playfully pointed his finger at her. “And don’t tell her i said ‘shit’,” he added. He started jumping up and down to try and get at the food hanging from your ceiling.  “You have to help me, I can’t reach.”

“But Uncle B, I’m not tall enough either.” She giggled.

“I just have to lift you then,” he said matter of factly. He lifted her over his head and she started swatting her tiny hand trying to get at the pancake.

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Halloween 2017

These are the once I could see for sure, you can see a few others but ti’s hard to tell what they are and even more to see who they are.

Jonathan Toews – Greek Soldier turned to stone by Medusa

Lindsey Vecchione – Medusa

Patrick Kane – Austin Powers

Amanda Grahovec – Possibly Vanessa Kensington (Austin Powers)

Duncan Keith – Pennywise

Alexandra Stewart – female clown (inspired by ‘It’)

Brent Seabrook – Bugs Bunny (from Space Jam)

Dayna Seabrook – Lola Bunny (from Space Jam)

Patrick Sharp – Maverick (Top Gun)

Abbey Sharp – Charlie (Top Gun)?

Brendon Saad – Dr. Evil (Austin Powers)

Alyssa Wozniak – Dr. Evil/Mini Me (Austin Powers)

Corey Crawford – The Grinch

Kristy Muscolino – Cindy Lou Who

Richard Panik – Harry Potter

Nikola Panik – Ginny Weasley

Alex DeBrincat – Nathan Scott (One Tree Hill)

Lindsey Bice – Haley James Scott (One Tree Hill)

Tanner Kero – Archie (Riverdale)

Taylor Kero – Veronica (Riverdale)

Jordin Tootoo -  Gomez Addams

Jennifer Tootoo - Morticia Addams

Tommy Wingles – Jack Gatsby (The Great Gatsby)?

Molly Wingles - Daisy Buchanan (The Great Gatsby)?

John Hayden – Bacon

Anton Foreberg – Dalmatian

Jessica Sorlander – Cruela De Ville

Michal Kempny – 80’s guy

Michal Kempny’s girlfriend – 80’s girl

Ryan Hartman – Fishstick Man

You guys are the absolute best! ❤️ I’ll add this under the photo so it’s easier for everyone to see :) thanks again guys!! 

Episode 2: "The Sex Tape of Mini Me"
John Podesta's Pizza Party
Episode 2: "The Sex Tape of Mini Me"

John Podesta’s Pizza Party - Episode 2: “The Sex Tape of Mini Me”

This week Lena Dunham’s fantasy abortion is discussed, along with Vine star Baked Alaska coming out as an alt-right anti-semite, and then it’s everyone’s favorite topic: racism! Racism galore! So much racism to discuss. Doesn’t it just give you a boner, Tumblr? 

Oh, and as for the title – Remember Mini Me from the Austin Powers films? His real sex tape is uncovered, watched, and analyzed. 

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Real Talk

When Pidge gets her Father and brother back I fell like, yeah it’d be happy and all. Yaya happy times! But how much does someone wanna bet her dad is gonna ground her? Because I full heartedly believe he’s gonna ground her. Not harshly or anything more of a you-left-your-mother-in-order-to-sneak-into-the-Garrison-and-yeah-thats-cool-and-all-but-you’re-fucking-fourteen-Katie like he’s proud but kinda obligated to ground her. No experiments for a week!

Also Matt just keeps calling her Mini Me and making Austin Powers references. He doesn’t stop. He won’t stop.

Mr. Holt kinda taking over as Space Dad. Shiro deserves a break.

Him and Coran become besties.

Matt, Pidge and Keith talking conspiracy theories like mad.

Like give me the space fam after they get more additions.

Like Matt makes sure Pidge goes to bed at reasonable hours.

Him and Mr. Holt telling the Paladins to be safe when they go on missions and helping Coran fix up the ship.


From my follower pic XD Enjoy the plush!

Bananas Wit: Hey, Berry! Look what Sweet Disaster made me!
Berry Isthmus: A sculpture of you asleep on the job. How accurate.
Bananas Wit: It’s not a sculp—! Why must you belittle my Mini-Wit?
Berry Isthmus: Isn’t your Mini-Wit already little?
Bananas Wit: Okay, this conversation is over!