Here’s baby Willow! She is my 7 week old Australian shepherd and Bentley’s baby sister. I will be [hopefully] training her to be my PSD, as well as involving her in some dog sport and other adventures that come our way.

The problem with owning a dog who's too clever for her own good....

Faith knows that if I drop something or knock an item off of the table, she picks it up and delivers it to me. No command needed. I’m here working on a project and I have a bunch of colored pens scattered on the small table. Pens are knocked off occasionally, and Faith happily dives to the ground in order to retrieve them to my hand. After about 10 minutes of not dropping anything, Faith got this bright idea in her head to JUMP ON THE TABLE, GRAB A PEN, THROW IT ACROSS THE ROOM, AND RUN TO RETRIEVE IT FOR ME.

This dog is incomparable, I swear!

Swung by Berg & Berg’s trunk show/pop up shop to say hi to my friends Andreas & Jacob, and to have a look at their clothes and accessories. Ended up with this turtleneck, but in a different colour + something extra for a friend who’s birthday party is coming up.

If you live in/around Stockholm I’d recommend you to pay these guys a visit. Their trunk show is open tomorrow as well.